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Author's notes: I'm experimenting with how to incorporate Danmaku into the fic as part of an RPG version of the official game's version. The idea this time is to have spell cards act like a multi-turn combo that locks the user in that combo until the spell card breaks from damage to the user, or after many turns pass then the spell card will be stored away and ready to be used again. I'm just experimenting with how to make Danmaku work in an RPG style, so if it doesn't work, feel free to send in ideas on how to make it work. One thing though, Damion does NOT know how Danmaku works, so he'll learn how to battle danmaku style RPG later in the fic.

Damion and Wriggle arrived at Misty Lake after a while of travelling. Specifically, they stopped in the area that started to show signs of a snowy hell.

"I'm sorry I can't take you any further because of the cold, but I hope this helps you" Wriggle said to Damion.

Damion patted her head. "Thanks, this was a big-enough help. I'll repay this favor one day, but I need to take care of some urgent business right now. I expect to be in and out of the mansion quickly"

Wriggle giggled at the praise and returned to the forest.

"Now then, let's dance!"

Damion charged like a wild bull into the winter wonderland that Cirno created around Misty Lake.

Visibility was bad, but good enough for Damion to see enough ahead of him to know what to expect.

"Uwoooooooaaaarrgghh!" the young man roared as he rushed around Misty Lake. While doing so, he also ran using his 'Flame Rush' combo to attack any monsters he came across. He was cloaked in his sphere of flame. It was as if inside a hamster ball, bowling down enemies.

Most of the monsters in the area were alerted to Damion's roar and rushed to confront the young man. The majority of the monsters, though, were snowman patrols. Upon contact with the flaming Damion, they instantly melted in defeat.

One by one, the patrols melted as they tried to attack Damion. However, the damage Damion was taking from his own combo was now beginning to take a toll on his health.

"If I can clear a few more of those bastards… then…" Damion thought to himself as he continued racing around and rushing the snowmen patrols with his combo attack.

This was working quite well as he was taking down a lot of them in a short amount of time.

Eventually, the combo stopped altogether, and Damion realized it a minute after running around with the cold. Soon, he had to retreat back into the forest area to escape from the pursuing snowmen patrols.

Hiding behind some trees outside the snowy boundaries, Damion rested to catch his breath and recover his health lost from the combo. Then, from the snowmen patrols he took out, he gained a level and became slightly stronger out of experience.

Some of the snowmen patrols that did follow the young man outside the Misty Lake snowy boundaries checked the forest area for the assailant (Damion). Getting an idea, Damion hastily climbed a tree to hide in the leaves.

Fortunately for him, he found peaches in the tree he was hiding in. "Not much for breakfast, but I hope these do" Damion thought to himself as he ate the fruit.

Looking down, he saw the snowmen patrols running by the tree without even looking up. Damion figured that they were simple-minded and only created to search ahead of them.

Once the pursuing snowmen patrols were out of sight and in the woods, Damion decided it was time for him to make his move. Grabbing some of the peaches from the tree for later, he pocketed them for later and then jumped down from the tree.

Being as quiet as he could be, he snuck back into the wintery area of Misty Lake.

Unfortunately, when he got to the lake, he was greeted by an ice fairy that was not happy to see him. This ice fairy had ice shards for wings, and was about as big as a human's arm length. Realizing he was caught, Damion prepared himself for battle.

"You idiot! How dare you take away my toys and melt them!" The ice fairy shouted to the young man.

"Who's calling who an idiot when all I'm doing to trying to get to the Scarlet Mansion without any intention of hurting you!" Damion shouted back.

"I AM THE STRONGEST! That's why I'm calling you an idiot!" the ice fairy shouted back.

"Alright, just prove to me how strong you REALLY are in a fight" Damion declared, preparing himself for a fight.

## Fight against Cirno ##

Damion started out by using 'Scan' on the fairy. Various information became clear to him: This ice fairy was named Cirno. She claims to be the strongest, but that's just her ego talking. She obviously absorbs ice magic, but is weak to fire. She repels Death magic. Her stats in comparison to Damion were about average, meaning they were on equal terms stat-wise. She likes to freeze frogs and play with said frozen frogs for a hobby, but will occasionally get yelled at by a goddess for doing so. She may be full of herself, but she has a hard time understanding how logic problems and intelligent questions work; meaning she's not that bright. Being around her naturally causes anyone and anything to become cold or frozen. Despite her flaws, she's quite childish in nature.

Like every important female that Damion scanned, Cirno blushed bright red and yelled, "PERVERT!"

"Here we go again…"

"What do you mean 'again', you pervert!"

"It means that whenever I try to get an idea of who I'm up against, I'm always being called a pervert for just getting combat data!" Damion shouted back.

"Still, it's rude of you to do that, pervert!"

"Stop calling me that! What did you think I was looking at anyway?"

"Perverted stuff"

Damion sighed and took a deep breath to calm himself down before anything would happen.

"Let's just fight so I can put an end to this snowy hell" Damion ordered her.

Cirno took her turn to cast 'blizzard' spell onto Damion. What happened was that she quick-froze the air around her to form ice shards. She then shot them at her target (Damion).

Damion wasn't fast enough to dodge all the ice shards, so some of the hit the young man in the legs and arms. His arms started to form ice and freeze.

Damion's turn came up and he decided to use a combo. Shuffling his feet agains the snowy ground until he reached dead grass, he began to build up friction to heat his feet. Eventually, his feet caught fire. "My feet burn with a fiery passion, 'BLAZE KICK!'" Damion called his attack. Jumping towards the ice fairy, he gave her a speedy kick to her stomach area. The damage was moderate to her, despite her weakness to fire; about a sixth of her health went down from the attack she took.

"Damn it, I'm the STRONGEST!" Cirno yelled as she began her turn. She took out a spell card from her pocket and called it out loud, "Freeze Spell: MINUS K!"

The air around Cirno became more frigid and cold. The cold was beginning to affect Damion and reduce his speel. Various ice shards started forming around the ice fairy and each one shot itself towards Damion. The ice shards exploded upon impact with Damion, drastically decreasing his body temperature all the while.

"Hahahaha! Now DIE!" Cirno yelled maniacally as the danmaku spell rapidly hit the young man.

Eventually the onslaught came to a stop temporarily. Damion lost about a tenth of his health from the assault.

Damion began his counterattack by using 'Fire' spell on himself. He essentially shot a fireball above him for it to come back down and hit the young man. The damage he took from his own spell was about five percent of his maximum health.

"Why would you attack yourself, stupid?" Cirno condescendingly asked the young man.

"Unlike you, who is used to the cold, we humans freeze easily in the cold. Don't you know anything about biology?" Damion answered back sternly.

"Biology?" Cirno asked, stupefied.

It took a moment before Cirno realized it was a simple question.

"Idiot! Stop asking me those questions!" she yelled suddenly, giving up on the question she was asked.

She then used her turn to go for another round of danmaku. More ice shards were formed around Cirno, and they shot themselves at Damion. Like before, the ice shards exploded and drastically decreased the victim's body temperature.

"Good, it's time" Damion thought to himself.

"Time to show you the power that bested your playthings so easily, 'Strongest' one" Damion taunted as he prepared his combo attack again.

Six flames surrounded Damion, and began circling the user until it became like a barrier around the young man. Damion then charged at the ice fairy at full speed. He ran into her several times, dealing damage with each ram into her. As an added bonus to dealing damage, Damion's combat stats temporarily increased. However, the recoil to Damion increased with each tackle into Cirno.

Cirno lost about two fifths of her maximum health while Damion took about a fifth of his maximum health in recoil. Fortunately, the attack broke Cirno's spell card and destroyed it.

"Ack! My spell card! You'll pay for that!" Cirno shouted as she began her turn.

The ice fairy was furious at the loss of her spell card, but she pressed on with the battle anyway. As such, she used her turn to cast 'Blizzara' spell on him.

Like 'Blizzard' spell, 'Blizzara' was an upgraded version of the former spell; ice shards had edges and were sharper, bigger in size, and colder than before. The difference was that 'Blizzara' spell had the ice shards explode AROUND the target, freezing the air around him, and then the ice shards reform to attack the chilled enemy. The damage to Damion from this spell was approximately two sixths of Damion's health.

"Damn it, even more cold?" Damion cursed aloud.

"Heh, let's see you survive THAT, you idiot!" Cirno smirked, thinking she won.

Damion, despite the cold, bathed himself in a glow of green healing magic; 'Cure' spell, to bring his health back up to almost seven tenths of his max health.

"No fair, using a spell to heal yourself!" Cirno complained.

The ice fairy used her turn to pull out yet another spell card. "Freeze Sign: PERFECT FREEZE!" she called out. Some of her health was restored upon using the spell card; about a fifth of her health was cured. In addition to the health increase, she began shooting various color orbs of ice across the battlefield. Damion was surrounded by the colorful ice spheres. Then, Cirno froze her ice spheres in place. Cirno then began shooting several weak 'Blizzard' spells at Damion. While that was happening, the frozen ice spheres that surrounded Damion began moving around at random.

"Oh my, aren't you in a pinch, young man"

Damion looked around for the source of the voice. Cirno looked around as well, but Damion had a hunch he knew who was talking to him.

He was right; it was Yukari Yakumo. She was halfway out of a gap created above the battlefield.

"Go away, you old hag! I'll beat him and prove I'm the strongest. Then, after beating him, I'll take on that vampire, Remilia, and prove I'm the STRONGEST!" Cirno declared to Yukari.

Cirno's spell card was still in effect, and Damion had to be careful of his surroundings so he doesn't get hit by too many of the frozen colorful ice spheres.

"I would advise you avoid the danmaku spheres from spell cards, Damion. They hurt like hell!" Yukari advised Damion.

"The hell are you talking about? I'm more worried about dying of hypothermia than whatever this 'Danmaku' thing is" Damion shot back.

Yukari scoffed at the thought. "Quite foolish, battling youkai without any spell cards to counter theirs"

Damion was now multitasking several things at once: dodging Cirno's spell card ice spheres, contemplating what Yukari meant by spell cards, and focusing on trying to maintain his own body temperature. Despite the cold, Damion was still battle-capable.

"Someone is going to have to explain spell card and 'Danmaku' to me as soon as I beat up Cirno" Damion practically yelled at both of them.

Then, Cirno's spell card assault came to a stop this turn.

Damion saw this as a chance to fight back. He, once again, summoned six flames around him. The flames circled around quickly until it formed a barrier around the young man. Then, Damion charged at Cirno at full speed. He ran right through her using his flame-coated body as an attack. Once again, Damion's combat stats were temporarily raised, but he lost a fair bit of health as well.

Cirno was down to a third of her health while Damion was down to half health.

Fortunately, that attack also broke Cirno's second spell card.

"I'm not done yet!" Cirno yelled to Damion.

Then, Yukari added her two cents to the battle thus far. "Not bad, handling yourself without spell cards or use of Danmaku"

Damion ignored her and prepared himself for Cirno's counterattack.

Cirno used her turn to cast 'Blizzara' on Damion again. Ice shards formed around her and shot themselves at the young man. The ice shards exploded in the area around him, creating a much colder atmosphere around him. Then, the ice shards reformed and attacked Damion by jamming themselves into his skin.

Damion used his turn to cast 'Cure' on himself. Bathing himself in green healing magic, his wounds began healing quickly.

"No fair, using that spell again!" Cirno called out.

The ice fairy began her turn to shoot another volley of 'Blizzara' spell at the young man. Fortunately, Damion managed to dodge the spell before the first part could surround him in the ice circle.

Yukari Yakumo, on the other hand, was watching the battle between the young man and the ice fairy come to its climax soon.

Damion cast 'Fire' on Cirno, shooting a fireball at her. She was quick enough to dodge the spell, and avoided damage altogether.

"Freeze Sign: Icicle Fall!" Cirno shouted as she pulled out a third spell card. One tenth of Cirno's health was restored upon using the spell card.

Several 'Blizzara' spells branched out from behind Cirno and attacked forward like a wall closing in to trap the victim. The ice spells went through and passed by Damion. Then another wave of the same combo went by to encircle the young man. There was yet a third wave, and it approached Damion similar to how the first two waves went by. Then, there was a fourth and final wave. Instead of approaching Damion, it positioned itself in front of the young man.

"Checkmate, you pervert!" Cirno declared as she used her spell card power to send all four 'Blizzara' spells from the spell card into Damion.

Unfortunately for Damion, he was encased in a block of ice.

During Damion's turn, six flames started circling around the young man, and the ice melted as the flame also acted to bring Damion's body temperature back to normal.

"FLAME RUSH!" Damion roared as he charged at Cirno once again. Like before, he slammed himself into the ice fairy repeatedly at lightning-fast speed. This was now an all-out battle between fire and ice. Between Damion's struggle to stay warm in Cirno's environment of arctic-like surrounding, and the battle between fire and ice spells, the battle was starting to come to a close right now. Yukari Yakumo was also feeling the tension as the human and ice fairy were fighting.

Like before, the damage dealt to Cirno was strong enough to break her spell card. This brought Cirno's health down to a fifth of her maximum health. The damage to Damion in recoil was also a fifth of his maximum health. In addition to the recoil, Damion's combat stats increased slightly.

"This is getting interesting; you took down three of Cirno's spell cards without using danmaku or using magic bullets. I'm impressed, human" Yukari complimented the young man somewhat amusedly.

"I'm not done yet! I AM THE STRONGEST!" Cirno declared once again. This time, she pulled out another spell card and called it to use: "Hail Sign: HAILSTORM!" Like the other spell cards before her, it restores some of her health, approximately one tenth of her maximum health. This brought Cirno's health up to a third of her maximum health.

The spell card cast so many 'Blizzard' spells that it seemed like it was going to affect the weather completely. Rather, there were many, MANY 'Blizzard' spells prepared from the spell card that Cirno took to higher air to use the spell card. Then, she shot down her pre-prepared 'Blizzard' spells down in quick succession to create a blizzard of the spell with the same name.

Damion had a hard time enduring the spell card attacks. Rather, he was not holding up against the tactic that well. As such, he lost about a tenth of his health.

Damion used his turn to cast 'Cure' on himself and restore some health. His health went from a quarter of max health to nine-twentieths (45%).

Cirno's spell card onslaught continued from before. More pre-prepared 'Blizzard' spells fell from the sky in a blizzard-like fashion. Like before, Damion endured the attacks, taking the full force of the spell card and surviving. Though, his body temperature fell from taking the blizzard attacks, and thus lowering his speed. The damage to the young man was approximately a tenth of his maximum health.

Damion, once again, cast 'Cure' on himself to bring his health back up to a little over half his maximum health.

Cirno's spell card was still in effect and working to attack the young man. Once again, Damion was bombarded by a myriad of 'Blizzard' spells raining down on him in an actual blizzard style of attack. The damage to the young man was approximately a tenth of his maximum health.

Damion figured he had enough health to make a counterattack with his trusted combo. "FLAME RUSH!" Damion roared as he cloaked himself in a barrier of fire, once again, and jumping up towards the ice fairy and ramming into her with his head.

The attack took out a fifth of her maximum health once again. Like the other times Damion used the combo, he gained a small boost to his combat stats at the cost of a large chunk of his health. Cirno was down to one tenth (10%) of her health. The attack also broke her spell card.

"Impressive, three spell cards down and you don't know how to use danmaku? You're an interesting human, Damion" Yukari added, this time more sincere as she watched the battle from the safety of her gap. Of course, she was talking directly to the young man.

"Let me focus, youkai of the gap" Damion thought to himself.

Cirno used her turn to cast 'Blizzara' on Damion. She quick-froze several ice shards and fired them at the young man. Upon getting within range of the target, the ice shards exploded, leaving behind very cold air surrounding the young man. The purpose of this first part was to lower the body temperature of the target. Then came the second part of 'Blizzara' spell: ice shards reformed in the area surrounding Damion, and rammed themselves into the young man.

Damion's health decreased by 5% from being hit by the spell.

The young man responded to the attack by using 'Cure' on himself to regain some health. His health spiked from a fifth of his maximum health up to two fifths (40%).

"I'm not done yet, human. TAKE THIS!" Cirno yelled, pulling out another spell card. "Snow Sign: DIAMOND BLIZZARD!"

Unlike the spell cards before, this one had to be her deadliest thus far. Instead of 'Blizzard' or 'Blizzara', the spell card summoned 'Blizzaga' spells. Even worse was how the third level ice spell acted: In a large area, the area quick froze to temperatures that could potentially kill anything with hypothermia. Then, the area would be frozen into an ice block and then shattered. That's just the 'Blizzaga' spell by itself.

The spell card cast several 'Blizzaga' spells at random, the spell would appear anywhere and quick-freeze anything that gets caught in the ice blocks that form in the space it would attack.

"Try and survive THIS! I am the STRONGEST!" Cirno challenged.

Then, Yukari's interest in the battle spiked. This had to be the climax of the battle to see how the young man would survive Cirno's deadliest spell card. "How will you survive the terror of the cold, human?" Yukari Yakumo teased the young man in amusement.

Now the odds were against Damion; the temperature of the battlefield was rapidly falling, Cirno's spell card practically made her go berserk with her deadliest attack so far (Blizzaga). To make things worse, said deadliest spell will attack at random in random spots in the battlefield.

Ice began forming in the spot Damion was standing in, and he noticed this at the last second before being encased in the ice block.

"That was too close" Damion thought to himself as he nearly got himself trapped in what could've potentially had been a death trap. Unfortunately, his avoidance with the death trap was short lived, as ice began to form in front of, behind, in the same spot, and on the sides of Damion. The young man's only method of escaping was to jump high enough to get out of the spell's range of effect. Damion noticed this, just before it was too late, and jumped high enough to avoid being trapped in the spell. Thankfully, Damion was able to dodge all the spells this turn.

"Please let this attack finish off Cirno for good" Damion prayed in his mind as he started up his combo attack once again. "FLAME RUSH!" Damion declared. Cloaking his body in a barrier of flames again, he jumped up towards Cirno and rammed into her with his body. Cirno was unable to dodge the attack in time, and ended up taking the full force of the combo attack.

This time, Cirno's last spell card and health dropped to zero fighting capability. Damion's health decreased from the combo's recoil, reducing his health from (45%) to a quarter of his maximum health (25%).

Thanks to the battle, Damion went up two levels (Most of the experience he gained came from taking out the spell cards Cirno used). As a result of the battle, Damion became slightly stronger out of experience. Also, thanks to being in the cold for long enough, Damion learned how to use 'Blizzard' by observing and taking hits from the 'Blizzard' spells.

## Victory against Cirno ##

"Oh my, you actually won without spell cards or using danmaku" Yukari responded to the feat the young man pulled off. In fact, she was slightly impressed.

In addition to the victory, the atmosphere in the area began to warm up back to normal, the ice-based monsters melted due to the environment heating up, and Cirno was knocked unconscious.

Dropping to the ground, he sat down to take a rest and recover from the cold battle against the ice fairy. He was panting from the battle he just won, and grabbed the small ice fairy.

Just as the area was warming up, a familiar face appeared from the forest area; Wriggle.

She was running away from the deer monsters that attacked her, and even her insect friends were way overpowered by strength of the monsters.

"I wish I could help her, but I'm out of mana and health" Damion thought to himself as he noticed Wriggle fleeing.

"Tired already from the battle against Cirno?" Yukari asked the young man teasingly.

"Just give me… a minute… to catch my breath" Damion panted between fragments of the statement.

Yukari humored his request and waited until he was rested enough.

After a while, Damion was recovered enough to stand up (He still was holding onto Cirno though).

"Alright, you're rested and recovered from the fight. I congratulate you for being one of the first to fight a danmaku battle WITHOUT using danmaku or spell cards. Something like that doesn't happen very often" Yukari said to Damion.

"Can you please explain to me what the hell Danmaku and spell cards are?"

Yukari began her explanation of how the system worked; it's a game of sorts where two people, usually youkai, shoot bullets at one another until the opponent gives in and surrenders. There's also a rule about how to end fights: if one contestant uses all their spell cards and said spell cards are defeated, then the battle immediately comes to an end regardless of the loser's remaining combat abilities. Spell cards gave the user a variety of benefits when used. Those benefits could range from anything between a buff in the user's stats, to health being restored, or debuffs towards the opponent, or any other effects that come with the spell card being used. Though it seems that with the monsters coming from the Hakurei Border being the type to use melee instead of Danmaku, the system has only recently been changed slightly so that danmaku spell cards last for a while, then stop temporarily to give the opponent a chance to counterattack the danmaku spell card. The change went into effect just as Damion arrived.

"In other words, Danmaku is when you shoot your opponents, while dodging their bullets?" Damion asked.

"That's correct, young man. Shall I teach you how to use Danmaku?"

"No, I think I'll stick with good old fashion melee and magic until this monster problem settles down"

Before the conversation could go any further, Cirno regained consciousness.

"What happened?" She asked in confusion and disorientation.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Your lack of strategy cost you the battle, Cirno" Damion answered the ice fairy.

At that moment, Cirno realized the situation she was in; being held by the person who defeated her.

"LET ME GO, YOU PERVERT!" Cirno shouted, struggling to escape Damion's grasp.

"If I was a pervert, I would've done things that would've humiliated you" Damion shouted back to her.

Yukari had an evil grin on her face. "So, now that you bested Cirno, what are you going to make her do? In danmaku battles, the terms of a fair fight are put into effect in favor of the winner"

Damion was confused. "What do you mean?"

"It means that since no terms were made, the battle doesn't have any significance or rules that the loser has to stick to"

"I'm saved" Cirno sighed in relief.

Damion, on the other hand, had other ideas.

"If we had set the terms before the battle, then I would've made one term clear; disperse the wintery hell you set up"

"One thing though, that term was going to happen whether it was officially declared or not. Cirno created the 'wintery hell' for her own amusement, and defeating her was the key to undoing that problem" Yukari added.

"Now I fell like an idiot for hearing this AFTER learning about how danmaku works" Damion muttered quietly.

"That's right, you idiot. Unhand me right now!" Cirno demanded.

Surprisingly, Damion complied and set her down gently.

"I will defeat you another day, human! Just you wait!" Cirno declared before flying off into the lake area.

Yukari just smiled and giggled lightly.

Damion noticed the change in Yukari's behavior and asked about it.

"What's so funny?" he asked sternly.

"It's just that Cirno has taken a liking to you in her own way"

"Huh? Her, liking me? I don't see how that's possible. She declared me her enemy just before flying off into the lake"

Yukari then straightened to be more serious.

"Cirno may act like that, but I know her and many youkai better than they think they have others know them. She's full of pride, but I can see past that and I saw that she doesn't know how to reach out to you to become friends" Yukari lectured him.

Damion took a moment to digest the information. When he realized what Yukari meant by Cirno wanting to become friends, he was surprised.

The feeling of surprise didn't last long as Wriggle ran by with yet another deer monster chasing her.

"Damn it, Wriggle!" Damion cursed as he rushed to help his friend.

"Did he befriend Wriggle?" Yukari thought to herself as she retreated into the gap she made and opened another gap in the sky above the forest area where Damion was headed.

"Lead him here to me and I'll take care of those monsters!" Damion yelled ahead to Wriggle.

While running, Wriggle heard Damion and acknowledged his plan.

With a change in perspective, Wriggle jumped up into a tree and bounced off in the opposite direction, flying past her pursuers (Two deer monsters). The two deer monsters skidded to a stop and turned around to chase Wriggle.

Wriggle ran until she was behind Damion, and hid behind said person.

Then, the two pursuers skidded to a stop in front of Damion.

"If you have your friends with you, now would be a good time to bring them out" Damion muttered to Wriggle.

The bug-girl nodded and whistled to summon her insect friends.

*Wriggle became a (GUEST) fighter for Damion's team*

"Time for me to try out this spell I learned from defeating her" Damion said aloud as he prepared to use his new spell, 'Blizzard'.

Similar to how Cirno cast the spell, Damion began to use the spell in the same manner. Using his knowledge of magic, he used his magic to quick-freeze the air around him to form ice shards.

"Wait, I know that style of casting 'Blizzard'!"Wriggle commented as she saw Damion use the spell.

Then, with a thrust of his palms, Damion fired the ice shards at the deer monsters. Unfortunately, the spell was only able to attack one target.

Once the spell was over, it was Wriggle's turn to attack. She used a combo attack with the first insect swarm she summoned. "Attack Order!" Wriggle called out. Her combo attack had her command the first insect swarm to attack, bite, ram into, and generally go all-out against the deer monster Damion attacked.

Fortunately, the duo managed to take out the first deer monster together.

It was the second deer monster's turn to attack, and it charged at Wriggle Nightbug. Once in close range, it jumped and gave her a kick to the stomach area. Wriggle was pushed back a little after putting up her guard.

Damion's turn came next, and he used it to try out a combo with his newly acquired spell.

In his left arm, he summoned a ball of darkness, and in his right was ice. Then, Damion smashed the two elements together. The result was the two spells growing and growing until it became a subspace of some kind.

"WINTER OF THE VOID!" Damion called out, using his new spell combo.

The darkness subspace was terrifying enough by itself, but then the temperature of the victim rapidly decreased, ice began to form on the victim's body and vital body parts. Ice shards began forming and flying around the subspace around the target, IN ADDITION to the darkness beginning to shrink. The subspace surrounding the victim began to shrink and shrink until it imploded.

The deer monster that once stood there lied dead, frozen, and covered in darkness.

"That combo… was so COOL!" Wriggle cheered.

Damion then realized that the combo drained a lot of mana out of Damion, roughly a quarter of his maximum mana. There was one other side-effect of using the combo: Damion's speed stat temporarily decreased for the battle.

"Damn it, these combos are way too unstable with somewhat unexpected side-effects" Damion muttered.

"Oh my, so you and Wriggle Nightbug are friends?" Yukari asked the two, popping out of a gap above them.

"Yukari! What are you doing here!" Wriggle asked the gap youkai out of fear.

Damion sighed. "Look, would you mind not butting into my life every five minutes, Yukari? I'm kind of busy with a few things at the same time here and there"

"This is definitely most unexpected; you have a thing for Wriggle, who is often seen as disgusting and unpleasant to be around, aren't you, Damion?" Yukari teased.

Wriggle was taken by surprise by the tease, but said tease didn't go over well with the young man. "Yukari Yakumo. I respectfully ask that you refrain from making wild speculations and spreading false information like that" Damion asked her somewhat irritatedly.

"Aw, that's no fun" Yukari teasingly answered.

"How would you like it if I called you the same thing that Cirno girl called you? What was it… old hag?" Damion shot back with his own sense of teasing.

"I really should teach you some manners against those who are more powerful than you"

"I think you realize by now this stalemate we're in, Yukari. You don't like being called an 'old hag', and I don't like being called a pervert or being called intimate with people"

"Guh, you have a point"

"Well then, I propose we just, say, leave each other alone until there's something REALLY IMPORTANT that needs to be discussed, like important people dying or a village being attacked"

"Proposition accepted"

With that, Yukari retreated into her gap and sealed said gap behind her.

Wriggle was somewhat affected by Yukari's tease.

"Now that things are settled down here, it's time for me to figure out how to cross the lake and get to that mansion" Damion muttered as he walked towards Misty Lake again.

"Wait, how do you plan to cross the lake? I haven't seen you able to fly, and I'm kind of worried" Wriggle voiced her concern.

"I'll probably make a raft made of trees or just swim across" Damion muttered aloud.

"Do you need help finding sturdy trees?" Wriggle asked the young man.

"That'd be a big help"

Nodding, Wriggle and Damion began working together to cut down trees with their respective abilities; Wriggle asked her insect friends to help gnaw at or eat away at the base of trees to bring them down. Damion, using his new spell, froze some of the base of some of the trees, and began attacking the frozen spots. This would've sounded like crazy for Damion to do, but he knows that attacking something that is frozen has a chance of being shattered. Applying that knowledge to trees, that means that he can break apart the base of the tree without the need to cut it.

Once Wriggle managed to fell one tree, she had her insect friends eat a large chunk of the tree to lighten the weight of the tree. Wriggle wasn't that physically strong, so it would've been difficult for her to move her tree to Damion.

Damion, on the other hand, already used his 'Blizzard' spell to carefully freeze unnecessary parts of the tree to shape it into a boat.

Damion was busy working on carving the boat with his ice spell, freezing the parts and then breaking the ice, shattering the unnecessary parts off. Then, he had to focus on the inside of the boat.

"Are two trees going to be enough?" Wriggle asked him.

"Depends on if you want to tag along into the Scarlet Mansion, Wriggle" Damion shot back to her.

"EHHHH!" Wriggle screamed. She thought Damion would need two trees to make a boat, but now it's become clear to Wriggle.

Damion sighed as he froze out the inside of his tree to carve out a hollow for him to rest in. Using his fist to break the ice, he shattered the unnecessary parts off the tree and completed making his boat.

"Um, you know… I could just fly over the lake and meet you there" Wriggle admitted suddenly.

Damion was surprised.

"Now I feel dumb for offering to make you a boat to travel across" Damion muttered.

"I'm sorry I forgot to mention it, but some people of Gensokyo know how to fly" Wriggle apologized.

"It's okay; I blame my ignorance and lack of knowledge of this world" Damion answered back honestly.

He then turned the makeshift boat upside down to let the ice shards fall out. Turning the boat back right-side up again, he inspected the inside of the boat to make sure it was sturdy enough to keep the water out.

"Alright, time to head to that mansion" Damion said after making final inspections to the boat.

Damion and Wriggle hauled the makeshift boat to the lake, and set it in the water.

"I'll see you there, Damion" Wriggle said to the young man before flying across the lake.

Giving the boat a quick push, he gave it a boost before jumping in and using his hands as oars to push the boat across the lake.


Author's notes:

Cut me some slack on the danmaku, spell card, and bullet thing I somehow incorporated and worked on to fit the RPG style battle. It ain't perfect, but it's just an idea at the time on how to make the battles a lot more interesting.