Series of One-shots/Drabbles to work out hte kink in my writer's block. May or may not be continued...


Own Nothing.


Hermione and Flynn Carson walked through the streets of new york. They were on their way to meet his mother, he was going to introduce Hermione to his mother. They have met many times, but now Hermione was his fiance.

She started out as his protector for the Library, keeping him and the artifacts alive and safe long enough for them to be taken to the Library where they could be kept safe.

They just sat down at the table, after greeting his mother. Hermione kissed her new mother in law on the cheek. Showing her the ring, even though she knew along. It was his mother's ring that his father proposed with.

They ordered their drinks when Hermione's phone when off, groaning, she answered it. "Hello." She was silent for a few minutes before hanging up.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Carson, but we have to go. These new interns just completely destroyed a new display that Fin and I had set up the other day and now we have to go help fix it." They stood up, kissing his mother on the cheeks before heading to the library.

"Okay, what's the real story?" Flynn asked, when they were out of ear shot.

"Some researcher just found the Holy Grail." She replied.

"But don't we have that already?" He asked, as they walked into the library.

"Yup, that's why we need to check up on it. Make sure there's not two of them."