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Chapter 16

They decided to go out for a walk.

With shy smiles exchanged and fingers entwined, they left Thirteen's apartment. Cameron didn't mind that she was dressed in borrowed clothes once again. The jeans were a little too long, and the shirt a bit unfamiliar, but she felt oddly comfortable in Remy's clothes. They smelled just like her.

As soon as they walked out of the apartment building, they noted that the day was fairly sunny, which they were both grateful for. While the two doctors strolled somewhat aimlessly down the street, Remy watched their interlaced fingers and wondered to herself whether Allison was really okay with going out in public like this. Judging by the solid grip she had on her hand, she inferred that the blonde must've felt completely fine with the gesture.

Looking up from their hands, Remy's eyes trailed up the blonde's arm until they finally rested on her face. After a moment, Allison's gaze turned to meet hers.


She looked a little confused. But Thirteen only gave a gentle smile as they walked along.


The slight fluttering of butterflies in her stomach always acted up every time she looked into Allison's warm blue eyes, but Remy couldn't say that she minded too much.

They spent most of the afternoon wandering around the park, enjoying each other's company and the good weather as they laid on the grass. Work at the hospital had been more stressful than usual lately – and in addition to that, the previous falling out between the two women had obviously magnified the tension they felt in their lives. But now that things between them had been resolved – or rather, more than resolved – they just felt like they could breath again.

Both of them were still extremely surprised at how comfortable they were together. No awkwardness involved. It was simply an extension of the strong friendship they had formed; a continuation. Nothing much between them has changed except for the fact that they were more open and honest with each other than they were before.

Allison felt like she could talk to Remy about everything. And she would be there listening intently too, with genuine interest in what she had to say. It was endearing, and Allison felt so lucky to be with her. To be her object of affection.

She had actually been a little scared that she would have a hard time going out in public with Remy like this. That she might not get used to it and do something stupid to ruin her chances with the brunette. But she was quick to find out that this was not the case. She felt completely relaxed lying beside Remy as they talked about nonsense and stared at the clouds above. More than anything else, she felt giddy. She felt excited to be holding Thirteen's hand where everybody can see, to show that, yes, she was with this beautiful woman, and they were together.

Allison propped her head up by her elbow and watched the younger doctor lay there with her eyes closed. And almost instantly, she felt a magnetic pull. There was just so much chemistry between them, overwhelmingly so, to the point that it was just too hard to ignore. Allison couldn't understand how she failed to see this plain attraction before. Without a second thought, she leaned down and nuzzled Thirteen's slender neck, giving her a soft kiss as well.

But instead of receiving the kind of response she was expecting, Allison was met with puzzling silence. After a moment of stillness, she inched her head back to study the brunette's face. She was thinking.

"Rem," she called out in a whisper so soft, a breeze could have carried it away.

A moment passed before Thirteen turned her attention to the voice that called her name. "Yeah?"

"What's up?" The way Cameron asked it told her that she knew there was something on her mind.

Remy stared up at the clouds for a while longer, clearly still very much absorbed in whatever was going on in her thoughts at the moment. Allison simply waited and gave her time. She looked at their clasped hands and began delicately trailing fingers over the bumps of the brunette's knuckles.

It wasn't long before she felt the body next to her tense.


"Allison..." The taller woman now turned over to her side to face her. There was something in her eyes that was a little difficult to pinpoint.

"Yeah?" Cameron answered, albeit with a bit of uncertainty as to what was coming up.

She watched as Remy looked down at the grassy space between them, before snapping her sharp grey eyes back up again.

"I've been thinking..."


"I know this has been great...and I hate to spoil the afternoon...

But I need to get this out of the way before we go any further."

Now she was scaring Allison. What did she mean? What the hell was she going to say? Cameron gripped a patch of grass in her hand with anticipation that she tried to hide.

"Allison... I'm in love with you... But I've been thinking a lot... And... I need to know if you're really sure about this." She gestured to the both of them. "My life is complicated. You know that."

Allison widened her eyes in understanding, shock, and disbelief. Of course Remy would be concerned about her Huntington's. Of course she would want to protect her from it. But to think that Allison wouldn't want to be with her because of that damn disease?


Cameron sighed heavily after calling her name. She reached a hand up to cup her face tenderly, lovingly.

"God Rem, you're so silly."

Thirteen had to do a mental double-take. "Wait, what?"

Allison simply leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Then she moved back and looked deep into Remy's confused eyes.

"I meant it when I told you that I thought about everything... Because I really did think about everything. Even your Huntington's and what it could mean for us. And even after all that... I realized that I didn't give a damn. I want to be you. No matter what other people say, and no matter what you think. I know that... that there will be a chance of you pushing me away... but I'm willing to be there to remind you just how great of a person you are, and how much you deserve happiness like anyone else in this world. Because you matter too much for me to just let you go."

When Allison finished speaking, Remy felt a knot in her throat, and tears threatening to fall from her eyes. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't.

Cameron only smiled and wiped away the few droplets of tears that betrayed her. "So stop doubting us and just let it happen Rem." Her own vision began to blur too, as her emotions got the best of her. "I'm too tired of running away."

Remy stared straight into the love and affection she saw in Allison's eyes and felt as if her heart would implode. Nobody had ever promised to be there for her in the future. Nobody had ever convinced her that she had the right to be as happy as everybody else. But here Allison Cameron was, not only telling Remy that she was more than ready to be in a relationship with her, but also succeeding in elevating her sense of self-worth. And it was all the reassurance she needed.

Without a second thought, Thirteen buried her face into the older woman's shoulder, wrapping her arms around her frame tightly.

"Been giving it that much thought, huh?" Remy asked with slight hitch in her voice and a chuckle to lighten the mood.

Allison wiped at her own eyes and smiled widely as she returned the hug. "I guess I like you that much."

They let the admission linger between them for a while, and eventually pulled back from their embrace. It was not to let go of each other though. In a second, their lips met, this time filled with the purest form of emotion they could muster. Remy kissed her with all she had – anything to let Allison know just how much she meant to her.


Remy looked up from the file in her hand and shot a look of irritation at her boss.

"Not you. I meant the other lesbian."

Allison, who had just stopped by to hand over a couple of documents, rolled her eyes and sighed. It's been a little over a week since the two women finally, officially, got together. They made sure to talk about how they were going to treat their relationship in the context of work, and surprisingly, Cameron wasn't too daunted by the fact that her ex-boss would be all over them with provoking remarks, obscene gestures, and anything else he was capable of doing. And instead of worrying, she realized that she couldn't care less about what people at the hospital thought or said about her and Remy; it was none of their business. Even if it was a big and slightly intimidating step for Allison to be out like that, she wanted to make sure Remy knew that she wasn't ashamed of their relationship. In the end, they decided not to go out of their way to make it obvious that they were together, but at the same time, not to hide or deny anything when people assumed or asked.

The two women, however, have yet to get used to House's new wave of constant sardonic gushing and vulgar comments. They knew that it'd probably take a month or so before they die down. But at least he was completely supportive of them being together. Maybe even too supportive.

While Allison and Remy have been coping with House's silliness, the both of them were also quite aware of his deliberate provocations whenever they were within proximity of their ex-boyfriends. It drove Chase and Foreman insane, and House enjoyed every single moment of it. Allison and Remy would be lying if they said they didn't take amusement out of it as well.

"You've been coming up here so often, I'd think that you missed working for me," House told the blonde in a mocking tone. "But I guess it's all for the eye candy." He shrugged with exaggeration as his eyes landed on Thirteen. "Can't blame you though. That's why I hired her after all."

The smirk never left his face as Foreman and Chase noticeably sulked in their seats, while the two subjects of his teasing groaned on the inside, waiting for it to be over so that they could move on to more important tasks. Taub simply watched the exchange with quiet amusement.

Allison cleared her throat. "Anyway." She chose to ignore him completely and tried not to give her ex-boss the satisfaction of seeing her irritation. "These are the files of the patient's medical history. He's been moved to the ICU for better monitoring."

After dropping all of the documents on the glass table, she promptly turned to head for the door, hoping to get out of Diagnostics before another–

"Leaving so soon?" House inquired. "Don't you wanna hang out with the cool kids a little while longer?"

She sighed with exasperation. All throughout this time, Remy kept her eyes on her girlfriend, entertained by how she was trying to handle her nosy boss. The way Allison stood there in her glasses with her arms crossed was incredibly sexy. And her stern, authoritative voice especially...

"I have an ER to run, House. I'd appreciate it if you didn't waste any more of my time."

Without another word, the blonde spun around and exited the Diagnostics department.

Remy sat there with her mouth slightly agape.


"Feisty one you got there Thirty-One... I think you should keep her."

"I will."