Tony Stark had never been a family person. He didn't do the whole family birthdays, bbq's, or pictures, in fact he had hated it. It had been ten years since Tony had last seen or spoken to any of his family members; theyhad been the least of his worries. After his parents had died he thought all they were after was his money, so he pushed them away. Though after his almost fatal encounter with the Ten Rings, he had changed a lot, and had realized the errors of his ways. He realized that all his family wanted was to care for him and love him after his parents' death, but he had been too proud and blind to see that. It had been the first time he had thought of his family in a decade. Being captured by those terrorists had also made Tony realize what kind of destruction his weapons had been creating.

Not only was the anxiousness to get reunited with his family plaguing his mind but as of two months now Tony had realized the palladium in his arc reactor had been poisoning him progressively over the year. Pepper and Rhodey of course did not know about this, no one did, unless you count Jarvis, but he would never tell. Now of course he had Pepper and Rhodey that loved him, but that would never compensate the love of a family. Tony had never felt more alone than now, he was afraid of dying before settling things with his family and making up for all the wrong he had done. He had to develop a new component to fill in for the palladium or it would be the end of Tony Stark. And at this moment, that was all he longed for. He could still remember the horrible words he had spoken to them the last day he saw them. It hurt him to think that he had been capable of saying those things; he would have never done so now, then again he was a different person now. His family had tried and tried to get a hold of him, but he refused anything that had to do with them. They didn't give up for a year, until they had realized he was a lost cause and would never speak to them again. He remembered the look on his aunt's face, the hurt etched on her face in result of his words. She knew those words had not been directed to her, for he had loved his aunt Debra so much, but the thought of her nephew holding such grudge and thoughts about their family, killed her.

"Tony, you need to get ready for your meeting, it's in an hour and a half." Pepper said, awakening him from his thoughts.

"Cancel; I'm not feeling up to it today." He murmured with his face buried in his hands. Today was not going to be a good day, he could feel it. With his head clustered with all these negative thoughts, the last thing he wanted to do was sit in a room with a of bunch military enforcements trying to convince him to start building weapons again.

"You've canceled twice already, they're getting restless." She answered.

He sighed and walked upstairs to get ready. Tony was desperate; all he had on his mind was his family. He wanted to apologize to them and rebuild a relationship with his family. He found himself trying to remember all the children's names, they were all so young when he had left; he doubted they remembered him.

"I need you to look up Debra Stark. Find the address of her home." Tony had ordered Pepper on their way to Stark Industries. Pepper had been very confused of Tony's request. His sudden desirability to seek his family had stunned her. Tony had never mentioned his family to her over the past ten years she had been working for him, until now. Though she did remember on account of Tony, throwing away a lot of mail they had sent.

Sitting in the room hearing grown men bickering with each other, put Tony in the worst of moods. He was wasting his time being there, he would never go back to building weapons. He had been so disgusted in himself when he realized that his weapons had been the cause of people's deaths and catastrophes. The guilt he had gone through had almost killed him. Tony had vowed that with his suite he would help the vision of mankind and he would help protect them. He wasn't going to break his promise.

"Look, I've made up my mind! My company will not go back to making war craft engineering and that's final. Innocent people are losing their lives because of this!" he said with force and stood up from his seat. He walked to the door ready to leave, he refused to take another second of this, his mind was made up, and his answer was final. He would not use his intelligence for the wrong of mankind but for the good.

"What about terrorists, how are we going to keep them from attacking and defeating us? There is only one way, and that is killing them!" exclaimed one of the Army's Coronels.

"A human being, does not deserve to die from another's hand or creation, we do not get to choose who lives or not, even if the person is worst in the world." Tony said quietly and calmly, which had frightened Pepper. She had learned over the years that when Mr. Stark was yelling, he was just angry, but when he was quiet and calm, he was furious and tended to act irrationally. Without saying anything else Tony walked out of the meeting with Pepper following' quietly.