Chapter Six:

They walked over to where all the adults were sitting and placed the food down on the table. Everything went silent and Tony became the center of attention. Tony Stark was a great speaker, he could speak to a crowd of a million and not be scared, but right now he was frightened, he was loss at words.

"I know that I probably shouldn't have come, I know that I'm the last person you all probably want to see right now, but-"

"Tony," his uncle interrupted as he stood up and walked towards him.

This is it, thought Tony, rejection.

"Save your apology," his uncle said.

Tony hung his head; he shouldn't have ever come; now he had ruined a perfectly good day for his family. He felt even worse now than before.

"We forgive you."

"Look I know I was a – wait what?" He said realizing what his uncle had said.

"We forgive you." he heard his aunt Kristine said.

He looked over at her, incredulously.

"But, why? You guys should be mad at me." He looked around at them, "You should give me a harder time for all the stuff I did." said Tony.

Tony probably should have left it at that, grateful that they had forgiven him, but he didn't seem to understand why they would forgive him just like that.

"Tony, Tony, we forgive you, because we love you, and because we know how much you've changed since then. All we wanted was for you to see what you were doing was wrong and for you to change your ways and you have and that's all we care about. We know you are sorry, and we were never mad at you, just worried." Uncle Brian explained.

"Now sit down, let's eat! C'mon!" Aunt Debra said breaking the silence.

Tony had never been more confused and relieved in his life. He hadn't been around a family in such a long time, he wasn't sure what to do around them, let alone know how they worked together. He went around and hugged all his aunts and uncles and they introduced him to all the young children, some he knew some he didn't.

Tony hadn't really liked kids before, especially teenagers, he thought they were annoying and took up valuable time that could be used for other useful things, but now he realized that kids were great. The kids had warmed up to Tony and vice versa, they were crazy and hyper and they couldn't help but bring a smile to his face. Tony was nervous about meeting the older kids, though. He remembered how he was when he was a teenager and remembered how hard it was for his parents to handle him sometimes. Everyone knew how teenagers acted, they were mean and they would judge people without even getting to know them. They were rebellious little creatures he thought.

"Kids come here and say hi to your cousin Tony." His aunt called to the rest of his cousins that came out of the house. Tony pretended he didn't hear a thing and kept on playing with the younger kids.

"Tony, you remember your cousins don't you." Debra asked.

"Of course, I think they're the ones that don't remember me." He answered once they were all in front of him.

"Haha, how could we forget?" His oldest cousin Andy said. Tony couldn't help but think Andy's tone had held some sarcasm.

He greeted everyone else and they all seemed to greet him with the same tone as Andy. He ignored his cousins' approaches and continued to play with the kids; after all he had deserved the cold attitude.

"What in the world is he doing here?" Rosaline asked.

"I'm not surprised he's here, he was here the other day." Evangeline answered.

"He was here? What for?" Diana his Uncle Brian's daughter asked incredulously.

Tony wondered if they knew he could hear them. He wondered if they were doing that to spite him.

"To apologize about what happened." Evangeline answered again.

"So he thinks he can come and apologize and everything is okay all of a sudden?" Jesse, another cousin asked.

"Looks like our parents are happy with him here." Rosaline said.

"That's complete crap!" Jesse exclaimed. Everyone turned to look at him.

"What are you guys dumb or something?" Andy whispered walking up to them, as everyone else went back to doing their own things.

This time Tony struggled to understand what was being said.

"What if he can hear you guys? Just shut up and stop talking." He whispered to them, well at least that's what Tony heard, he could barely hear anything now.

"How can he hear us, he's sitting over there Andy!" Jesse fought back.

"I'm sitting over there," he pointed, "farther away than he is and I can hear you guys! If you guys are going to talk about somebody do it where they can't hear you g-"

"Or we could do it to their face, which would be the correct thing to do, I mean that's what you always say." Diana interjected.

"Whatever, just go inside the house, all of you." He ordered.

Tony felt their gaze on him and tried to look like as if he hadn't heard a thing. He saw them walk inside the house giggling about what had happened. Tony didn't find it humorous at all; in fact it had ruined his entire day. Deciding to leave the party he bid farewell to his family outside with much protest from the children and walked inside the house to leave.

"Bye." He said walking through the living room where the older kids were. Mummers of careless goodbyes were heard throughout the room.