Anakin-no, Vader-stood, his light saber poised to kill. It should've been easy. He'd done it enough times before.

"Kill her," the command was all but purred. Vader tightened his grip, staring down at the form kneeling in front of him.

Blue eyes, drowning in sorrow, met his. Tears collected at the rim, a single one sliding down the red-orange cheek of his former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. She didn't cry from fear for herself or for the fact that she was to die-no, she was too much of a Jedi for that-she cried, instead, for the death of what used to be her Master, her role-model…her Skyguy.

"Do it," the command came, rougher than the first.

The last shreds of Anakin restrained the saber, rebelling against this action. To kill her, to kill his Snips, went against everything he had ever been. He had sworn to protect her, to keep her from harm, and from death. She was his little sister, and he loved her. Or he had, so long ago.

The weapon moved a millimeter forward.

"Is this what you want?" Vader almost jumped when Ahsoka addressed him, her voice soft, accusing. "Then you really are dead."

"If I were dead, would I be here?" He retorted, his voice rasping. It was a natural reaction to argue with Ahsoka, a habit from his long-ago life. Her eyes met his, and although they still held tears, they were furious, burning into him in her anger.

"You are not my Master," she hissed. "My Master died when you first went to the dark side. When you first betrayed me."

The words struck Vader like a blow.

"Then let this act be his funeral rite."

With the final declaration, Vader plunged his saber into the chest of the Togrutian. A single rough inhale and she collapsed to the ground, her eyes open and glazing.

"Excellent." A voice clapped his shoulder, but Vader didn't register it.

The last of Anakin died when Vader killed Ahsoka Tano. The last tie to the Light Side was cut, leaving Darth Vader to plunge himself completely into darkness.

Just a quick one-shot I was inspired to write! I actually hope that Ahsoka doesn't die. And it's my little fantasy that she somehow manages to save him from the Dark Side. Review or I'll sic Darth Vader on you!