Luke couldn't accept the fact his mother is insane. He is only four and from experiencing her weird panic attack for the first time, at a young age for him to not understand anything, feels that there is something he doesn't know that is a very important piece of information. Which might answer everything. But for now, he is confused at the very moment.

He hopes that she have the panic attack because his father left them. And he realize that he is angry for his father for causing his mother to act like this. But he swears he saw his mother's eyes glow green eerily and can feel her strong hands gripping his shoulders while screaming out string of words. But he only manage to catch only two words: my child.

He couldn't remember the rest of the what she just told him. He assumes that it must've been something about him and his father. And instantly, He felt his anger flowing through his bloodstream and right to his heart. He loves his mother for taking good care of him and all he wants is for her to understand that they didn't need his father. He wonders angrily on why his mother still loved and cared for his uncaring and unloving father.

And he made a realization that this is the beginning of his hatred towards his careless father.

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