Luke couldn't help but fall for Daisy, his best friend. Their growing friendship is budding into something different and new for Luke. Everyday they would always lay down on the soft grass in his front yard and look at the puffy white clouds slowly moving through the blue sky. He can't help but get attached to her soothing voice, comforting him when his mom's fits are suddenly getting more and more frequent.

"Do you ever wonder why your mom have those scary fits?" Daisy says, turning her head slightly to face Luke. They were again, laying down on the grass as usual.

"I'm not exactly sure."

"Well, too bad then," Daisy sits up, before brushing off the grass that clung on her dress. "I'd really love to help your mom somehow."

You can't; no one can help my mom. All I want is comfort and hope that you'd be the one to do that. Luke thought over in his mind.

"Thanks Daisy, you're too nice," he says instead. Daisy kisses him on the cheek and stands up.

"You're welcome," she says as she holds out her hand to Luke. He takes her hand and stands up wobbling. He doesn't mind the noticebly twinge of red forming onto his cheeks.