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Without futher ado... The Professors' Point of View!

ONE - (in book, lines up with) The Letters from No One, The Keeper of the Keys






I'm getting rather tired of thinking of creative ways to try to get Harry Potter his letter, Dumbledore…

What would you have me do about it?

Let me go in and talk to them!

Oh, yes. Send short-fused Minerva McGonagall in to talk to the magic hating Muggles about sending their nephew to Hogwarts! That's certain to go well.

Surely you, of all people Minerva, can think of a few more good ideas to get a point across.

Yesterday I helped Hagrid put the letters in the Dursley's eggs! How do you make something more obvious?

Sheer numbers.

Fine! I'll make enough letters to flood their house, but I'm telling you they still won't respond!

Will you send someone to go speak with the Dursley's now, Dumbledore?

Not just yet.

They're trying to run from us, Dumbledore! Just what are you waiting for?

The right opportunity. I'll know it when I see it.

You frustrating old man!

There! They're on a rock in the middle of the sea! Is that opportunity enough for you, Dumbledore?

Yes, it is. I've sent Hagrid to deliver Harry's letter.

Hagrid? I've been bothering you since those letters were first sent out and you send HAGRID?

I thought it'd be best if it weren't one of Harry's future teachers barging in and then taking him to get his school supplies. It might lower his opinion of said teacher, or scare him completely of the school itself.

Maybe it's just me, but if Hagrid came to me and told me about some school that I hardly knew anything about, I'd be a bit frightened of it. After all, Hagrid's not exactly your average man.

I've sent Hagrid and that's that. He's likely there now. It's far too late to turn back.

Let's look on the bright side of things, shall we? Harry Potter will finally come back to where he belongs!

I don't think it will be of any particular advantage to have a Potter at Hogwarts again.

Come now, Severus!

The boy will no doubt be as arrogant and troublemaking as his father.

Contrary to your belief, Severus, James was not an awful person!

He fooled me marvelously into thinking so.

You're only going to make your next seven years more miserable than you usually do if you decide to hate Harry this early on, Severus! You haven't even met him.

Oh, goodness! The other students! They'll be unmanageable once they find out he's here.

What'll become of Harry? It's not as if he'd be used to such attention!

He'll grow remarkably pigheaded and fill the traditional role of a Potter.

I've heard he looks just like James.

We'll find out soon enough, won't we?

Do you think we'll still be able to see the scar?

Even if we can it wouldn't be right to ogle at it, Pomona. The other students will be staring at him enough!

Of course I won't stare, not enough for anyone else to see, at least. There will be plenty of opportunity in the coming years to look at it. The last of the Potters is coming back to Hogwarts! Oh, so exciting!

I would recommend not getting carried away, Pomona. I believe you'll do well to treat him just as any other student.

Merlin's beard! Sibyll's going to have a field day.

Oh my… well, he has at least two years to brace himself to face her. I doubt she'll "cloud the Inner Eye" by coming down to the feast, even if it would be to see Harry Potter.

Marvelous, I've just received word from Hagrid.

What's he said? Go on!

He says the weather's horrible.

Oh, you're horrible! He's said more than that! Out with it!

Well, Minerva, you'll be happy to know Harry's finally gotten his letter.

Of the hundreds I've written, I'm glad he finally got one. What on earth the Dursleys did with the others…

I'm sure Hagrid will tell us when he returns.

Oh, my… Has anyone given a thought as to what house Mr. Potter will be in?

Gryffindor, of course! Just like his parents.

Don't go getting your hopes up too high, Minerva! Houses don't necessarily run in families.

Explain to me how all of the Weasleys to date have been in Gryffindor, then.

It's all in the way the parents raise their children, I think. Now since Harry wasn't raised by James and Lily, who can say what house he'll be in?

You just want Hufflepuff to get some attention.

Well we deserve it!


And just what is that supposed to mean, Minerva?

Nothing of consequence, Pomona.

Wouldn't it be a laugh if he ended up in Slytherin?

I think Severus has already made up his mind to kill the boy if that should happen!

How very amusing, Pomona.

I do try, Severus.

A Potter in Slytherin? The thought's laughable!

Well we'll just see what house Potter lands in at the Sorting Ceremony, won't we?

Yes, we will.

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