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The day had started out like every other day, with Quinn being woken up by the sound of the alarm on the nightstand next to her. It was a sound she was usually accustomed to, since Sue had made them get up before the sun would rise every day when she was a part of the cheerios.

After shaking off the rust from her eyes she followed the same routine that she always did, starting with the morning jog. She felt that it always helped to wake her up, especially on days when she didn't want to. That was followed by a shower, quick breakfast and then it was off to school. Today was looking like it was going to be the typical boring day for the once head cheerleader of McKinley High, but little did she know that her life was about to change in a huge way.

As Quinn pulled into the parking lot for the first day of school she got a text message from Mercedes."Hey Q, Let's meet up before classes. Haven't seen
you all weekend". Quinn sat there smiling because of the friendship she formed with the diva over the summer. If you would've told Quinn her best friend at the start of the school year would be
Mercedes and not Brittany or Santana, that person would've been ridiculed and then had to deal with slushie facial for the rest of the year. The blonde was
startled out of her thoughts by a familiar looking car driving past her. Was it couldn't have been her mom's car. She shook her head, figuring
she was just anxious to start the day after the eventful summer that she had.

After grabbing her bag, she headed inside to meet her new best friend.

Mercedes was at the door, with her arms crossed in diva like fashion, waiting for Quinn as she was walking up, "I saw you sitting out there, was wondering if you were scared to come in."

They had started to make their way down the hall as Quinn looked at her friend and replied in typical HBIC fashion "Me, Scared? Never! This is gonna be my year."

"Umm Excuse me, you mean this is gonna be OUR year as in the Glee club. I won't hesitate to shove you into a locker if the pre-pregnancy Quinn comes back."

Quinn just nudged her in the ribs, laughed a little bit and kept walking towards their lockers. You
could always hear the passion in Mercedes voice whenever she talked about something that she loved.

"Excuse me, Quinn sorry to interrupt but can I have a word with you?"

Emma Pillsbury, the school's guidance counselor, was standing in front of the two
girls now with a expression on her face that made the blonde uneasy.

"Sure," Quinn replied turning to her friend, " I'll see you in glee Mercedes."
With that the two friends parted and she followed the red head into the room next door.

As she walked into the room she was surprised that several people were already
there, including Principal Figgins, Mr. Schuester and Judy Fabray (the person formally known as her mother in her eyes).

"Mom, What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be at work."
Quinn already knew the answer to that question at least. She had been looking
for some jewelry the other night and found her mother's termination papers
from her job. She had felt betrayed that her mother wouldn't tell her something as life changing as that. After finding it, she canceled the planned girls night out with Mercedes and hadn't talked to anyone since then. Thinking about it more was causing her blood to boil inside.

"I got laid off last month and I just haven't had the heart to tell you yet.
But it seems our financial problems have forced my hand." The older blonde
looked beat down from the situation but still managed to have a smile on her face, "the good news is that I have managed to find a new job and it comes with a house more suitable for income."

Quinn crossed her arms, staring disbelievingly at her mother, "You dragged me
in here for this? You easily could've told me at home, If you were ever there
and not spending time with that loser boyfriend of yours."

The anger in her voice made her mother flinch, but the woman didn't let that
stop her. Taking a deep breath, she kept her voice firm, looking her daughter
straight in the eye, "We're moving, Quinn. I don't care if you like it or not. I came here today to
finalize your transfer to a different school. I thought maybe you would be
happy that I finally got us on our feet again."

Quinn snorted and rolled her eyes at her mother's words, "The only thing I'm happy about is that you finally stopped drinking long enough to do something
useful." Her words had an edge to them that she had meant to use, and were followed by an exit that would've made Rachel Berry happy.

Emma, finally sitting down at her desk, clears her throat and looks at Will "That didn't go as planned. Should we perhaps go talk to her some more" "No I think we should just let her be" Will replied caring more about his glee club being short a member more than anything.

Judy oblivious to the conversation, and clearly upset from the lack of respect shown by her daughter, broke down in front of the others. "I don't know what I did to make her so angry." Emma with a concerned look on her face handed her a Kleenex. Judy thanked her and continued with her rant "I know since Quinn had her baby I haven't been home as much but I'm going through a divorce as well and she's not exactly the easiest person to talk with.. In fact we haven't had a real conversation in quite a while. I'm sorry I don't mean to throw all of this on you guys. And I must look a mess now after all this blubbering"

The Glee club director sensing her needing someone, takes Judy's hand and sat next to her. "Miss Fabray.." In between her bouts of tears she corrected him "Please call me Judy," He smiled, squeezed her hand a bit and continued on with what he was saying, "Just give it time Judy. She will come around to the idea, plus we all love your daughter here so she's always welcome to come back and visit us whenever time allows." The older lady now feeling better released hands with the teacher before receiving a hug from him and thanking the adults for their help.