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The next morning, Quinn wasn't the first to wake up.

"Q, glad you decided to finally join the living. My head is gonna split in half I'm telling you," Santana groaned before getting up and heading for her closet. The night before Quinn had went over to the Latina's house and both of them had proceeded to drink until they couldn't feel anymore.

"God! We're never drinking again."

"Oh come on! You say that every time you drink. This could be a blessing in disguise…" Santana started but Quinn cut her off, "I feel like shit, and when did you become a morning person?"

Santana sat down on the bed facing the door, and it appeared that she now was physically fine, showing no effects of the hangover she clearly still had, "I'm not, but I know how to fake it."

She gave Quinn a slight grin, "and I don't know about you, Tubbers, but I gots to get to school. Figgins told me that if I missed anymore days he would be forced to suspend me."

The blonde eyed her friend suspiciously, "Since when do you care what Figgins says?"

"Normally I would go all Lima Heights on him for saying it, but Coach actually agreed with him. She said if I wanted to keep my spot on top, then I have to pass my classes. Pisses me off."

Quinn chuckled at the statement, "Thanks for last night I really needed it. And tell B I'll come see her soon.".

"You should come see her today, at least then you and Berry can fix whatever problem you guys had yesterday."

"Not Happening S."

"Why not? You know the makeup sex is always the best."

"Fuck off."

"There's my Q."

"Later, S. Have fun at school."

Quinn had decided to skip school once again, not wanting to deal with Rachel at one school or Cameron and Katie at the other, in favor of lounging around the house. She had been awake for about an hour and was mercilessly bored, so she decided to go out and take a run. Changing into a pair of gym shorts and a tank top that she had in her overnight bag, she put her hair back into a ponytail and got to work. Quinn set off at a slow pace and continued down the road, past the park, by the street full of stores, winding through the rows upon rows of houses. Running what what Quinn did when she had something on her mind, and today it was Rachel Berry. She had to fix what she did yesterday. She didn't mean to kiss Sam, and if she could she would take it all back. Sam made Rachel happy and vice versa so as soon as she finished her run she would text Rachel.

It had been about an hour since she had finished running, and she was just stepping out of the shower. It usually relaxed her but today she was still feeling an uneasiness in the pit of her stomach knowing what she had to do.

"Fuck it, Let's get this over with," She grabbed her phone, moved to the name that was now labeled Rachel and sent her a text.

Rachel Berry couldn't bring herself to open her phone. She saw the screen that said: NEW TEXT: Quinn Fabray, but she was still mad at the blonde, plus she had a personal rule against texting during class. After waiting about thirty minutes with no reply, Quinn decided to try one last time and sent another text. Rachel, annoyed when she felt her phone Vibrate once again. she looked down the screen now which said 2 TEXT MESSAGES: QUINN FABRAY. She opened her phone, read the previous 2 messages and then sent one of her own. Since she had a free period she felt it wouldn't hurt although she really didn't want to engage in a conversation with Quinn.

RACHEL: How did you get my number?

QUINN: Hello to you too. You gave your number to everyone last year.

RACHEL: Ok, that might be true but why are you texting me.

QUINN: I really wanted to clear the air about yesterday.

RACHEL: I would rather not talk about it. In fact you're lucky I'm even taking part in this conversation with you
right now, Quinn Fabray. I am still quite angry with you for what you did.

QUINN: Wow! You ramble even when you text.

RACHEL: You're in no position to joke right now. And if you must then I will insist on ending this conversation

QUINN: I'm sorry. Just teasing.

RACHEL: Well don't, I'm clearly not in the mood, especially when it comes to you.

QUINN: So how are you and Sam

RACHEL: Quinn, I think you already know the answer to that and I are over, no thanks to you. You know for once I thought I found a guy who was trustworthy and loved me and would never cheat on me like Finn did or hurt me like Jesse did.

QUINN: Rach, Sam is a good guy. He told me himself he loves you and I can tell that you love him. Give him another chance.

Rachel snorted indignantly.

RACHEL: Don't call me Rach ever again. That is a privilege I bestow on friends only. You kissed Sam and then decided to hide it from me. I thought our conversation the day before was a turning point. I thought we were actually starting off on a road to being friends. But I see now it was all a ploy.

Quinn was starting to get frustrated with Rachel.

QUINN: I assure you it was not a ploy. It was the real me legitimately trying to be friends with you.

The brunette rolled her eyes at the last text.

RACHEL: Whatever game you're playing Quinn, I would suggest you stop. It's getting quite old and frankly I'm over you.

QUINN: No game, and to tell the truth I'm starting to get a little mad. I understand you don't trust me, and I know that it will take some to gain that trust but damn Berry I've changed and I do care about you.

RACHEL: STOP IT! The only thing you care about is being a **! Which if I may say you have officially perfected that role. Since when do you care? You didn't mind attacking my self esteem daily when we went to school together. You didn't mind throwing slushies at my face or drawing pornographic pictures on the wall of the bathroom. You also didn't seem to mind stealing every guy I seemed to love. Finn, Noah, and now Sam. Do You hate me so much that you don't want to see me be happy.

QUINN: Rachel…I don't hate you. I never have. I thought we were over these issues already.

RACHEL: While it's true we did talk about those issues I don't think they are totally resolved yet. Honestly I don't believe a word you say. Why should I continue to offer friendship when all you do is throw it back in my face?

QUINN: Dammit! Rachel stop being your irritating, annoying self and listen to what I'm ** saying.

RACHEL: Our conversation seems to have come to a end. The bell is about to ring and I must ready myself for the next class. Please do me a favor and delete my number as I do not wish to talk to you ever again. I'm through with you Miss Fabray. Have a nice life.

QUINN: Berry, you don't get to end this conversation.

QUINN: Rachel.

QUINN: God dammit Stubbles, I swear to god when I find you…

The Next Day:

Quinn Fabray strolled through the halls of Carmel High, hardly paying attention to the students bumping or pushing her out of the way trying to get to class. By the way they were acting, you would have never known that this was the same girl who practically ruled McKinley High with an iron fist. She decided that she couldn't skip any more days at Carmel if she wanted to keep her grades up so that she could get a scholarship. Another reason she wanted
to come was to talk to Cam. She had pretty much ignored the boy since she walked out on him on their date. She had just finished grabbing a few books when she was body-checked against the lockers causing her to drop her books. She looked up to see Katie giggling and pointing at her as she walked off. Not giving a second thought to the items on the ground, she charged down the hallway and proceeded to shove Katie, with enough force to take her legs out from under her, into a locker.

"What's your childhood trauma?" Katie made her way to her feet to come face to face with her.

All commotion in the hallway had faded and all attention was on the two,"Well I don't know if that little shove gave you brain damage, but if you don't remember it was you. You're my childhood trauma, Q."

"Seriously, what's your deal? Because I'm tired of it."

"What's my deal? You must've really hit your head hard. Maybe you should go see a doctor or something. I wouldn't want you to be any worse off than you already are."

Katie turned to walk away but Quinn grabbed her arm and pushed her back against the locker, "You aren't getting out of this that easy. I had a pretty crappy weekend and so far this week hasn't been much better…" She was cut off by the sound of the other girl chuckling.

"Does baby want a blanket? Maybe I should go get your daddy…or wait he left you didn't he?"

"Normally Katie that might upset me, but I have changed," she grabbed the other girls arm and dragged her into the empty classroom away from the growing crowd the argument had created.

After shutting the door she started again, "Katie, I know what I did to you was wrong and I'm sorry. So can we get past this petty rivalry and…"

Katie interrupted her, "Don't you dare say be friends again. Why would I ever want to be friends with you again? I trusted you, and you not only betrayed me but you also humiliated me in the worst possible way."

Quinn's features got softer as she listened, "Do you know how much money my family spent on getting me better after that, how much therapy I attended? Did you know that I tried to kill myself because of you?" She really didn't know how to respond so she looked at the ground to avoid eye contact, ashamed at what she had done.

"Don't give me your pity Fabray. I don't want it, and before you say anything let me finish. Before I started here I had decided I had enough of being the nice girl, the person I was at McKinley was dead and you along with Lopez killed her. I had to be more like you, I had to be the Queen Bee. So last year I joined the cheerleading squad and was promoted to captain within months and then after winter break I decided to join Vocal Adrenaline to jump into the top rung of the social hierarchy we call high school."

Quinn shifted in her chair, "How come I never saw you either time your group came to McKinley?"

"Didn't I say I was doing the talking? Plus I purposely didn't go because I didn't want to remind myself of the old me."

Quinn grabbed the others girls hand but Katie quickly pulled away, "When I saw on some internet blog that you were moving and would be attending Carmel I thought this was my time to push you around a bit."

She finally pulled out a chair setting it in front of Quinn and sat down running her fingers through her hair, "I never meant for it to go as far as it did the first day we met again, but you have to understand that when you slapped me, I went back to the what you did to me and I snapped. And despite feeling bad about most of it, I couldn't stop because I knew if the situation were reversed you would do so much worse to me."

Quinn glanced at her with a sad look on her face, "Maybe, that's who I used to be, but I'm a different person now. Most of that is because of what you have done to me. You turned me into the victim and made me see how wrong I was for doing what I did. The first day I saw you in that auditorium, I was still mad because I moved and was in a new school and then when you started insulting me, I went back to being the **. It doesn't matter now, though, it's all in the past. I say we just start over"

Katie was taken aback by the last comment, "No offense, Q, but I don't trust you, and honestly I don't know if I ever will again."

The blonde was hurt that this was the second girl in as many days who said she couldn't be trusted, but she didn't let the other girl see her like that, so she put on a fake smile.

Katie stood up but didn't face the blonde, "I will stop making your life hell here, and I'll tell people to back off. But I can't be friends with you. Maybe someday down the road but not right now."

"I understand."

"Good, now before this gets awkward, Q, I'm gonna leave. I gotta get to practice," Katie said before practically prancing towards the door.

After a minute she came back and stopped at the doorway to see Quinn looking out the window clearly deep in thought, "Quinn, I know we aren't friends, but I also happen to know you got a great voice, so I really think you should consider trying out for V.A. and if its Goolsby you're worried about then I'll take care of him."

when she got no reply she continued on her way and left the Quinn to her thoughts, "Well that's one problem down" she thought before leaving the class to finish the rest of her day.