Author's Note: I wasn't going to start this story yet, but this opening just popped into my brain and I had to write it down. Not sure where I'm going with it yet – but I'll try to work on it regularly.

Let me know if I should continue.

The Princess and The Pirate
Chapter 1

Light Sabres and Blaster Bolts

Leia Organa Solo spun to her left and caught a glimpse of Han in action. Even in the middle of the pitched battle they found themselves in, she took a millisecond to enjoy the little thrill thinking of those three names together brought her. "My husband," she thought even as she moved to block another blaster bolt that was headed directly toward his back. Leia had barely started her Jedi training, and wasn't very far along with it, but had insisted on being trained in "BBB" first, as Han liked to refer to it. When Luke had questioned his new brother-in-law on exactly what BBB stood for, he had grinned his famous lopsided smile and said "You know. 'Blaster-Bolt-Blocking.' Should come in handy they way people are always trying kill us."

With a quick mental shake of her head, Leia brought her attention back fully to the present. If they didn't figure a way out of this soon, she wouldn't be enjoying her new status as "Mrs. Captain Han Solo," as Han loved calling her, for very much longer.

Leia, Han, Luke, Chewie, Wedge and a few other alliance personnel had recently been sent on a mission that was supposed to be simple. After all, now that the Empire had been defeated, wasn't everything supposed to be simple? They had gone to Torlera, a small port city located on the southern tip of Tal-Edonn, a world which had joined the Rebellion a few years back and had been instrumental in helping with supplies.

They were supposed to pick up an assortment of items, ranging from Bacta to mining supplies, to precious metals and gems. The gems and metals were especially sought after, since anything that could be traded was a boon to the struggling New Republic, as they tried to repay debts and return favors to worlds that had been of assistance in their fight for freedom. Everything had gone well at first. They had landed, made contact with their broker and paid for the supplies with no difficulties.

After loading everything into the Falcon's hold, Han and Leia had even been able to enjoy a relatively care-free evening and night together, dining in an exotic restaurant, then strolling hand-in-hand through Torlera's quaint market places. Han had especially enjoyed purchasing a few small trinkets for Leia, and had equally enjoyed it when she had returned the favor, presenting him with a small, but deadly new prototype of a viroblade. He had lost his favorite one in the aftermath of his nearly fatal fight with one of Tal-Edonn's indigenous beasts when they had been there the first time. (See "Once Upon a Rebellion" for back story involving events on Tal-Edonn).

The trouble had started the next morning. They were almost ready for lift off, when they had been contacted by the broker. She had indicated they had just received a large shipment of additional mining supplies and wanted to know if their party was interested. After a short conference, it had been decided that Leia and Luke would go and negotiate. However, Han had tagged along at the last second, stating he wanted to stretch his legs one last time before they returned to space.

Neither Luke nor Leia had sensed any duplicity from any participants at the meeting where a new agreement had been reached. Han had relaxed and enjoyed bantering with some of the other spacers in town while he had been waiting for negotiations to be completed.

So it had been a complete shock when an attack had materialized almost out of nowhere. The three of them had been on their way back to the Falcon, deep in conversation. Leia was particularly animated about the additional supplies they had been able to secure and Han had been enjoying watching her beautiful face as it lit up while she described the negotiations to him.

As they came around a corner only a few blocks from the spaceport, several soldiers and mercenaries had appeared in front of them, and had simply opened fire. It was only because of Luke's Jedi skills they had survived the initial t bout of blaster bolts and had been able to dive for cover into an alley to their right.

Luke had his light sabre out in less than a second and immediately parried the bolts back toward their attackers, while Han had shoved Leia ahead of him into the alley. As soon as the initial assault ceased, Luke joined them. "What was that all about?" he demanded, popping his head up and turning right and left looking for more foes.

"Get down, Luke!" Leia shouted, as a second, more determined flurry of shots burst over their heads. Han reached up an arm and yanked Luke back down. "We need to find a back way outta' here!" he shouted, and with his blaster in front of him, he crouched and sprinted away, heading behind them, hoping the alley opened into another street. But he was quickly disappointed as it not only came to an abrupt dead end, but when he looked over his shoulder at the renewed sounds of fire, he saw the white clam shell suits of Storm Troopers.

Hurrying back to his wife and Luke, he yanked his comlink to his lips. "Hey Wedge," he shouted, as he raised his head and fired back, before quickly ducking back down. "We've got a situation here."

The situation deteriorated quickly. Han shouted their location to the Falcon, even as he stood to his full height, in order to take better aim. If Luke was lethal with his saber, Solo was just as accurate and deadly with his blaster. He took out the two leading Storm Troopers with one bolt, and whirled, aiming for a third. In spite of the seriousness of their circumstances, he had a feral grin on his face and it was obvious that while he wasn't exactly enjoying himself, he was definitely in his element.

It was at that moment Leia had spun and blocked the bolt heading for Han's back. "Careful there, flyboy," she shouted as his head snapped around when the felt the heat of her blade when it intercepted the bolt. "I'm not quite ready to give up my new name yet."