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Team Samui arrived at the Raikage's office. "Team Samui reporting as requested Raikage-sama" said Samui

"You have a long term S-Rank mission from one of your contacts Omoi" said A

"You are to leave immediately and head to the usual rendezvous point" he said

"You will receive the mission details from your contact" he said

"Yes sir" said Omoi

Team Samui left the Raikage's office and went to their homes to prepare. Once they were prepared they left Kumo.

Once they were far enough away from Kumo Samui and Omoi switch places with Omoi taking the lead. They soon arrived at the rendezvous point and Omoi brought his hands together in a hand seal. He released his henge and his form disappeared in a puff of smoke.

When it cleared his white hair had changed to brown, his dark skin became a light tan, and his eyes changed from a dark color to purple. They approached the transport with an Orb soldier standing near the ramp. "Kira-sama" said the soldier bowing

"Cagalli-sama is waiting on board for you" he said

"Thank you" said Kira

They all got on board the transport and it took off.

Inside, Cagalli saw them and shouted "Kira"

She gave him a hug and a kiss before hugging Samui and Karui. "Nice to see you too Cagalli" said Kira smiling

"What is the mission" asked Samui

"The Sahaku family has gone behind my father's back and had Morgenroete build prototype mobile suits and a new class of ship to carry them for the Earth Forces" said Cagalli

They all sat down and Cagalli handed out files on the Strike, Aegis, Buster, Duel, Blitz, and the Archangel. They all looked them over with Karui saying "The Phase Shift Armor and Mirage Colloid sounds useful"

"They were built on Heliopolis and were just finished" said Cagalli

"The Earth Forces have already sent a team to retrieve them" she said

"But ZAFT found out about it and plan to steal the mobile suits and destroy the ship" she said

"So you want us to protect the mobile suits" asked Samui

"Yes" said Cagalli

"Using the plans our spy in ZAFT gave me, I compared it the schedule from Morgenroete and found out we can only save two of them" she said

"The Strike and Aegis" she said

"Why only those two" asked Kira

"Because those two will be the only ones still in the factory when ZAFT attacks" said Cagalli

"The other three will be in transit somewhere in the colony" she said

"What about the ship" asked Kira?

"You don't need to worry about the Archangel, its armor can survive whatever explosives ZAFT brings" said Cagalli

"What is the plan" asked Samui

"Kira will take the Strike while one of you two will take the Aegis" said Cagalli

"I thought you would want to pilot the Aegis" said Karui

"I would love to but I can't" said Cagalli sighing

"We need to keep the mobile suits under our control for as long as possible and the only way to do that is with a Coordinator OS" she said

"I will do it then" said Karui

"Here you go" said Cagalli holding out a disk

Karui took it and put it in her equipment pouch. "Just put that in Aegis' OS and it will update it to a Coordinator OS" said Cagalli

Karui nodded as Cagalli continued "Kira and Samui will take the Strike and Karui and I will take the Aegis"

All three of them nodded as Samui asked "Who are we up against"

"The Le Creuset Team" said Cagalli

"So that is how she got the Intel" said Kira

"We trained her well" said Samui smiling

"Better yet, Athrun Zala is assigned to steal the Aegis" said Cagalli

"A perfect chance to take care of him" said Kira smirking

"I was looking forward to see what kind of expression he would have when she killed him" pouted Karui

"He probably would have died of shock before she had a chance to kill him" said Samui

"I guess you're right" said Karui thinking about it

"How are we getting in" asked Kira

"As transfer students into Morgenroete College in Professor Kato's class" said Cagalli

She then handed them each a scroll and some pictures. "Those are your civilian clothes and pictures of the students in the class" she said

"How are you getting in" asked Kira

"I will be going there wanting to talk to Professor Kato" said Cagalli

A voice came over the radio saying "We are approaching Orb"

"I guess we need to get changed then" said Kira

They all went into the back to get changed. They sealed their shinobi outfits and equipment into a seal on their arms before unsealing their civilian clothes. Samui, Karui, and Cagalli lightly caressed the seal that was around their necks before getting changed. The seal contained a necklace that held a ring that Kira got for all of them.

They came out dressed in their civilian clothes. Kira was dressed in a black shirt with red buckles and green pants with black shoes. Samui was dressed in a black shirt with a low neck line and black shorts with black shoes. Karui was dressed in a dark red shirt with a leather jacket and black pants with black shoes. Cagalli was dressed in a brown coat with tan pants, black boots, and a black hat on her head hiding her hair.

"What are you wearing Cagalli" asked Karui

"It's my disguise" said Cagalli

"All those years of training wasted" cried Karui

"Hey" shouted Cagalli

"I thought this is the best disguise a civilian could come up with" she huffed

"Sorry about that sir" said Kira smirking

"What was that" growled Cagalli

"You look like a boy dressed like that" said Kira smiling

Cagalli tried to hit Kira but he easily dodged it smirking. She was about to try again when they felt the transport land and a voice over the radio said "We have arrived at Orb"

"Let's go" said Samui

Once they were out of the transport Cagalli said "We are going to get on the shuttle separately and meet up in Professor Kato's classroom"

"We are not to acknowledge each other until the attack begins" she continued

"When it does, I will run off and you will follow me saying you want to make sure I am alright" she finished

Team Samui nodded as they went their separate ways.

They both got on the shuttle separately and it took off. Sometime later it landed at Heliopolis and they got off. Cagalli went towards the College at Morgenroete and Team Samui started searching for one of the people from Professor Kato's class.

They eventually found two of them, Tolle and Miriallia. They appeared behind them with Kira saying "Excuse me"

Tolle and Miriallia turned around and Tolle just started staring. Miriallia growled as she hit him upside the head and said "Yes"

"Do you go to the college in Morgenroete" asked Kira

"Yes" said Miriallia

"We are in Professor Kato's class" she said

"That's the class we transferred into" said Karui

"Could you lead us there" asked Kira

"Sure" said Miriallia

"I'm Miriallia and this is my boyfriend Tolle" she said pointing to herself and Tolle

"My name is Kira and these are my friends Samui and Karui" said Kira pointing to himself, Samui and Karui

"Nice to meet you" said Miriallia

She then turned Tolle around and pushed him forward. "What was that for" asked Tolle

"You wouldn't stop staring at our new classmates" said Miriallia

Along the way to the car station Miriallia asked "Did you move here from the homeland"

"Yes" said Samui

"I always wanted to live in space" said Karui sighing

They arrived at the car station and saw a group of three girls standing there. "Miriallia" shouted Flay

"Hello" said Miriallia

Flay then saw Kira coming up behind Miriallia. "Who are you" asked Flay in what she thought was a sexy voice

Kira quickly looked around and saw the cars only hold four people and said "We all won't fit in the car"

"So who wants to sit with me" he asked

"I will" said Karui hugging Kira's right arm

"But I am his partner" said Samui hugging Kira's left arm

"But that means you will get to spend more time with him then I will" said Karui

"She does have a point you know" said Kira looking at Samui

"Fine" said Samui letting go of Kira's arm

Karui cheered laying her head on Kira's shoulder. Everyone just stared at the scene until they heard someone cough behind them. They turned around and saw it was three smartly dressed people. "If you are not getting in, could we" asked Natarle

"Sure" said Miriallia stepping aside

"Thank you" said Natarle

The three people got into the car and drove off. Team Samui's eyes discreetly followed them as they drove off. "They must be part of the team sent to pick up the ship and mobile suits" they thought

"Let's go" said one of Flay's friends pulling her into the car

After it drove off Miriallia pushed Tolle into the next one. "Would you stop that" shouted Tolle

"Well stop staring at them" said Miriallia getting into the car

Samui and Kira got into the backseat with Karui sitting on Kira's lap.

As the car was driving along Tolle and Miriallia looked into the backseat. They saw Karui sitting in Kira's lap laying her head on Kira's left shoulder while Samui laid her head on Kira's right shoulder. They all had peaceful smiles on their faces as they watched the scenery go by.

They arrived at Morgenroete and the gate lowered before the car drove over it. Once the car was past the gate Team Samui thought "We're in"