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Cagalli opened her eyes showing her SEED active.

"You did it Cagalli," said Kira.

Erica got up close to Cagalli looking into her eyes.

"Fascinating" said Erica.

"Your pupils have disappeared," she said.

Cagalli kept staring forward like she was in a trance until Kira shook her shoulder, breaking it.

"Woah" said Cagalli shaking her head.

"Your eyes are back to normal now," said Erica.

"Is that the only physical change" she asked?

"Yes" said Kira nodding his head.

"Did you see or sense anything before it happened" asked Erica?

"I saw an amber seed fall and explode in my mind" said Cagalli.

"Mine was purple," said Kira.

"So, eye color has an effect on it," said Erica.

"Once things calm down, I would like to see how much it affects you" she said.

Both Kira and Cagalli nodded their heads at that.

"For now, let's get started on upgrading the Strike," said Erica.

"Is yours ready to go" asked Kira?

"It is" said Cagalli nodding her head.

Kira went back to the Archangel and brought the Strike, Aegis, and the Freedom into Morgenroete. Once there, they started upgrading the Strike.

While waiting for the Alliance fleet to show up, Kira has been training Cagalli in her chakra control and expanding her chakra pool. The crew of the Archangel was given the option to join Orb and they all joined. Commander La Flaga started training to pilot the Strike once it was upgraded.

Once the Alliance fleet showed up, they gave their demands and 24 hours to comply.

"These demands are outrageous" shouted Cagalli.

"We would never give up any of our citizens" she growled.

"This is better than I thought," said Kira.

"How so" asked Erica?

"Muruta Azrael is here," said Kira.

"Since he will be on the flagship, we will be able to take him out as well" he said.

"Where is it currently" he asked?

Chief Simmons brought the fleet's location up on the main screen. Kira looked at the screen before pointing at the closest land mass to the fleet.

"We will head out from there," said Kira.

"Did you get what I requested" he asked?

"I did" said Erica pointing to the table of equipment.

There were full body wetsuits, black water shoes, face masks, and blacked goggles.

"Excellent" said Kira.

"Let's go over the plan one more time" he said.

"Me and Cagalli will head out to the flagship and place explosives on the hull of the ship" he started.

"Then we will head onto the ship and split up" he continued.

"I will head to the hanger and place explosives on all three new Gundams then head back to the entry point" said Cagalli.

"I will go take out the three pilots and Azrael while placing explosives all over the ship" Kira continued.

"Once done, we will head back" he finished.

"When will they go off" asked Erica?

"Twelve hours after they are placed," said Kira.

Once night fell, Kira and Cagalli got ready and were driven out to the starting position.

"Good luck" said the driver when they arrived.

"I will be waiting for you to come back" he said.

"Thank you," said Kira.

They both got out of the jeep and went onto the beach.

"Ready" asked Kira bringing up his mask and putting on his goggles?

"Yes" said Cagalli doing the same.

They both took off running across the water towards the flagship. Once they arrived, they started putting explosives all over the hull. Once done, they ran up the hull and onto the ship. They both henged into guards and went to their objectives.

Cagalli arrived at the hanger and henged into an engineer. She went around and placed explosives all over the three new Gundams. Once she was done, she henged back into a guard and went back to the entry point. She placed the explosives she had left over along the way on the way back.

Kira arrived at the barracks and found the three Extended and killed them making it look like they killed each other. He then made his way to the VIP section of the ship. He found Azrael's room and killed him. He then made sure it looked like he was still sleeping before heading back to the entry point.

Once they both arrived back, they ran down the ship and across the ocean back to the beach. Once back on the beach, Cagalli collapsed to the sand breathing heavily as she tore off her mask and goggles.

"Damn it" growled Cagalli.

"Even after all the extra training, I still only barely made it back" she thought.

Kira picked up Cagalli and started carrying her back to the jeep.

"I can walk myself" said Cagalli.

"Let me treat you like the princess you are for once," said Kira.

"Fine" said Cagalli laying her head on Kira's shoulder.

"You did an excellent job Cagalli," said Kira.

"I'm proud of you" he said.

"But I barely made it back" mumbled Cagalli.

"The important thing is that you made it back and didn't falter once," said Kira.

Cagalli smiled a little at that.

Once they got near the jeep, Kira put Cagalli down and they walked the rest of the way back. They got into the jeep and were driven back to their base. After they got changed, they went to their room where Cagalli pulled Kira into her bed.

The next morning, Kira woke up to someone knocking on the door. He got up and opened the door to see an Orb soldier.

"What is it" asked Kira?

"The flagship just blew up; we need to get ready" said the Orb soldier.

"We will be right there," said Kira.

The Orb soldier saluted before leaving. Kira shut the door and went to wake up Cagalli.

"Wake up Cagalli" said Kira shaking her.

"Five more minutes" said Cagalli rolling over.

Kira took the sheets off Cagalli causing her to shoot up and try to grab them.

"Give those back" growled Cagalli.

"We need to get ready since the ship blew up," said Kira.

"Fine" said Cagalli getting up.

They both got ready and went to the command center.

"What is the current situation" asked Cagalli coming in?

"They haven't made any movements yet besides reorganizing" said the radar tech.

"Is everything ready" asked Cagalli?

"Yes" said Erica.

"The M1s and Strike Rouge are ready to go" she said.

"The Strike has been sent to the Archangel" she added.

"Good" said Cagalli.

"When will Karui get here" she asked?

"She should have been here any time now," said Kira.

"The attack has begun" shouted the radar tech.

"Let's go" said Cagalli.

They both ran to the locker room and changed before heading to the hanger. They saw other pilots getting into their M1s as they headed to the Freedom and Strike Rouge. They both got in and everyone launched from the hanger.

Once on the battlefield, they saw cargo planes opening and mobile suits dropping out. The Freedom targeted the cargo planes and the falling mobile suits taking them out.

"Asagi, Juri, Mayura, take a few units to check the crash site for survivors" said Cagalli.

"Right" said Asagi.

"What are you doing Cagalli" asked Uzumi?

"Leading the defense of our home like a leader should" said Cagalli.

With a large chunk of enemy forces taken out, Kira left what was left to Cagalli and the M1s. He started destroying the fleet.

Eventually the Justice showed up and started attacking the back of the fleet. Kira told everyone that she was an ally. Soon after that, the Alliance launched signal flares and what remained of their fleet started retreating.

"What took so long Karui" asked Kira?

"Did they take longer than expected to finish it" he asked?

"No" said Karui.

"I miscalculated my descent point and wound up in Alaska" she said embarrassed.

"At least you finally made it," said Kira.

They both flew back and joined the others going into the hanger. Chief Simmons was waiting for them wanting to look at the Justice.

The next day, Chief Simmons asked Kira, Karui, and Cagalli to help her gather some data on the SEED. They sparred, ran the obstacle course, and did target practice both with it and without it.

"Very interesting" said Erica once it was over.

"What did you find out" asked Kira?

"While it did boost your physical and mental abilities, it also boosted a different skill for each of you" explained Erica.

"Cagalli got better at targeting, Karui got better reflexes, and Kira had better spatial awareness" she explained.

"Lacus must have gotten faster reflexes since she started keeping up with Samui," said Kira.

After they finished, Cagalli was told that Lord Uzumi wanted to talk to her.

"You wanted to see me father" said Cagalli walking into his office.

"Yes" said Uzumi getting up and nodding his head.

"We are sending our forces to Kaguya, and I want you to command them" he said.

"We are going into space" asked Cagalli?

"Yes, to find a way to end this" said Uzumi.

He then walked around his desk and towards Cagalli putting his hands on her shoulders.

"You will be a great leader Cagalli, much better than I was" said Uzumi.

Cagalli eyes inwardly widen before they narrowed.

"Please don't do anything foolish" said Cagalli.

She then left and went back to the others. She told them what they talked about.

"Get someone to find out what he is planning" ordered Cagalli.

"Right away" said an Orb soldier.

"When was everything last backed up" asked Cagalli?

"Before the Freedom and Archangel showed up," said Erica.

"I have personally backed everything up since then, just in case" she added.

"Very good" said Cagalli.