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Daphne: I'm not in it much.

Me: Don't pout.

Ron: Yea. Listen to her! She can make something bad happen to you.

Me: She's right.

Daphne: *perks up* I was never sad!

Me: Alright, smarty pants. Here we go.

Sabrina POV

I was not going to travel all the way to London to get some kind of magic wand. Or go to school. Yet Daphne and Granny packed my bag.

"I do not intend to go." I spat at Granny. It was her that was making me go to this school. She thought I needed to be away from my family and learn to take control of my "want" for magic.

"I think it's good for you." Daphne piped up. She had tears in her eyes. Of course she didn't want me to go. Yet she sided with Granny.

"I told you that you have no right to talk to me." I growled.

"Sabrina!" Granny scolded.

"Neither do you." I screamed "Did you even ask me whether I wanted to go to this school or not? NO! No room to talk."

"Liebling…" Granny whispered.

"Save it for someone who cares." I growled. I needed to visit Puck. We had been dating for a week. It had been the usual, saving me from stupid Hand, but he had seemed more desperate this times then any of the others. So now whenever I was sad, angry or lonely, I went to him. I opened his door. Fireworks were going off in the distance, so he was sad about something. I walked the distance to find him with his chimps.

"Hey, dog-breath!" I yelled. We still used the nicknames that we gave each other when we first met, but they weren't mean anymore.

"Hey, piggy." Puck smiled, flying over to me. He kissed me and I hugged him.

"I'm going to miss you." I whispered.

"Same here. Promise me you will write?" Puck asked. I nodded. Suddenly Red burst through the door.

"Sorry. Time to go." She whispered.

"I guess it's time." I sighed. I grabbed Puck's hand and dragged him with me.

"Why can't I take you?" Puck whined.

"I don't want you to get worn out." I said.

"I won't." he said.

"I'm so sure. It's hard work." I said. He hated work.

"Oh." He sighed. I loaded my bags into the car and walked over to Daphne.

"I'm going to be back for Christmas. No redecorating." I said as I kissed her forehead. She smiled and hugged me. I walked over to Mr. Canis.

"Um…I guess I should say bye." I stuttered. I don't usually talk to the old man. I still had the fear of him eating us in the middle of the night.

"Good bye, child. See you in the winter." He growled. I nodded and walked over to Red.

"No funny business while I'm gone. Daphne even thinks about going into my room, you stop her. Got it?" I asked. Red nodded franticly. I smiled and hugged her. I turned to Granny.

"I will not forgive you for a very long time." I growled.

"I know, libeling." She welled with tears. I hugged her and soon I had tears of my own. I quickly walked over to Puck. I was going to say something, but I just kissed him. When we separated, I stared at him. He smiled at me.

"Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone, ok?" I asked, brushing the hair out of his green eyes.

"Promise." He sighed and kissed me once more. I quickly turned and got into the taxi. I looked out the window at my family. They waved bye as the taxi pulled away. I waved back. Once they were out of sight, I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes. I was on my way to magic school.

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Ron: I was not in it, so no.

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