Aura Ranma

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Chapter 2: Welcome to... The World, for real this time.

Another appointment and the Therapist was going to start Ranma on the game. He had contacted CC Corp, and they couldn't figure out how in the hell the character was made automatically or how it was locked to this Ranma person, to the point that nobody else could even consider using it, and is under such protections that they doubted even reformatting their servers would get rid of the character.

The other problem with her was that her equipment was... unique, and would scale with her level.

But since the character data was stable, and apparently the fault of their own system, they informed the therapist that the character would be allowed, along with an apology that it couldn't be changed.

So here he was, sitting with his client, and about to play a game, a game that in its previous incarnation put the young man with him into a coma.

The young man wasn't happy about hearing that he was stuck with that character, but he could cope, besides, it wasn't as if he would find people he knew, well most likely.

Logging in again, at the same time as his therapist, Aura waited about a minute for him to arrive, which was odd since she had logged in about the same time.

Just then Aura noticed a character named Tenabi. She looked to be a beginner as well, but something about her made Aura nervous.

Not that the other girl was acting meanly, in fact, she seemed rather cheerful and seemed rather friendly... and waiting near the warp gate, seemingly trying to get into a party.

She really couldn't find a group of experienced adventurers to help her or even some newbies.

Then the player came up to her.

"Do you have a party yet?" the player asked.

Aura sighed and looked at the other player.

She was moderately tall, perhaps around six foot tall if it was the real world, and was wearing what looked like a plain molded set of plate mail.

"Yes, just waiting for him to arrive," Aura replied absently.

"Oh... do you think he'd mind another? I would like some sort of experienced player to help me on my first run," Tenabi asked.


Just then Aura's therapist finished logging in.

The man was a twin blade, and he was bare-chested, with kungfu pants.

"Good morning Aura, are you ready for your first run?" the man asked, then he noticed the other player, "Who's your friend?"

"Not a friend, just another player looking for someone to show her the ropes."

"Hmmm..." the character named TheTherapist said, looking at both players, "I don't have any problems with having her along, do you?"

Aura hesitated, then slowly shook her head, she didn't want to be near the other player, but a one-time thing with her wouldn't hurt. "For this run, no."

Tenabi frowned, she had no idea why Aura was so nervous about her, but she would have to deal with it.

At least she has a party for her first dungeon.

It was during the first battle that she frowned at her temporary party member, and vowed not to be around her much.

This was because Aura's character was, from all appearances to the uninformed a cheat character.

It wasn't that her stats were exceedingly high, although they seemed to be remarkably high average.

As in if the stat potential for every character could be ranked from one to ten, she would be a solid eight-point-five in every stat.

An Adept Rogue is a seven in each stat, to reflect the jack of all trades roll the class fulfills.

Then there was the weapon. Or should it be weapons?

Aura's attacks took the form of a pair of floating triangular devices, that fired on the targets from long range.

They only struck with the attack power equal to three-quarters that of a Twin Blade for each shot, but struck at the same speed, and the fact that it was ranged meant that she could snipe many players, monsters, or bosses without putting herself in danger. This meant that she was dealing, DPS wise, about a hundred and fifty percent of a twin blades damage.

That combined with the skill trigger, in which the devices attach to Aura's arms, and extend energy blades, dealing a high amount of damage for a level five... at level one.

She had already sent off a message to the GMs and was waiting for their response.


A GM had received the message and quickly sent back that the character had been 'gifted' to the player by a higher up.

It was a lie created by the upper tiers of the company and passed along to the GMs to pass to anyone that complained.

And once the player hit his/her stride, there would be complaints.

He shuddered, that character would be able to solo bosses that in the past would require at least three parties to defeat.

Shrugging, he saved the response to save time. He and the other GMs could just copy and paste it when those responses came in, in fact there soon would be a macro to do it for them.

Turning back he watched the group finis the dungeon. His job was primarily to watch the character named Aura whenever she was online, sharing the duty with two others, and report on anything unusual about her. He had already recorded her unique equipment and skills. He had also noticed something else, her movements were too... fluid, too natural, almost as if she was moving her actual body, and not a character.

Shrugging he simply entered the data into the text file that he would submit at the end of his shift.

The audio would be muted, but the character was an aberration that had to be watched.


The trio was currently at the beast statue, and Aura was examining her reward for it. She was honestly glad that the rewards were the same for every party member, otherwise, he imagined that fights over the dungeon rewards between party members would be frequent.

It was too bad that the item was useless to her, as all her equipment was locked, and according to some of the information attached to the items, indicated that as she leveled so would the equipment.

So the very basic armor was merely G fodder.

Aura didn't know it but her current armor combined the best stats for the physical defense of the heavy armor, and the magic defense of the light armors and her accessory had all the resistances.

The skills were nothing to sneeze at either, weapon skill gain +50%, exp +50%, G +50%, Item drop up +50%, damage up, defense up, elemental resistance up, HP regeneration, and SP regeneration.

Though those skills do not scale with her level. All in all, she wasn't disappointed in her skills or gear, but still wished she could have chosen her class and gear, as well as being male.

Shrugging she returned to town and remembered that she had to meet with her new potential fiancee in half an hour.

Ranma had been given the stuff to log on at home by CC corp, as part of the damages due to falling into a coma from the game, since he had two witnesses they couldn't argue too much.

The money had been stolen by both of his parents soon after it was awarded, but he had been 'generously' allowed to keep the hardware.

So he had made plans to meet up with Herb's sister online, so that they could get to know each other, and see if it would work, without her traveling all the way to Japan.

He had decided to give Herb's offer a try, simply because his current prospects looked slim, with them lying about his achievements and everybody that knows better supporting the lies.

He still had the honor pacts, but they only apply to Ranma Saotome, so he plans on finding someone that will allow him to marry into her family, thus negating the honor pacts. It was a shaky conclusion, but it was the only way that he could figure out to save his sanity.

No way in hell he would marry those that would deliberately taint his honor even more than his father had done.

Logging on at home, he entered the area he had been given, Delta: Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground, otherwise known as Hülle Granz Cathedral.

She was five minutes early, and upon walking to the altar, a headache struck her. The altar and the area behind it suddenly had a double image. In one had The World:R2 graphics, distorted by a triangular red mark, and the other was the lower graphics from the original World and had a chained up statue of a young girl on the statue, and Aura couldn't help but mutter, "Skeith The Terror of Death, Innis The Mirage of Deceit, Magus The Propagation, Fidchell The Prophet, Gorre The Machinator, Macha The Temptress, Tarvos The Avenger, and Corbenik The Rebirth, by my command, protect... the... world."

She then glanced upwards, and her clothing flashed white.


Yata Cursed, he had been watching a character/area that had some interesting readings, and then the character had looked directly at his point of view, and his connection to the area had been cut, almost as if The World itself had rejected his observations.

He would have to try and observe that character with the impossible name more, there was something seriously wrong.


Then the double image and the headache vanished, and she collapsed against the empty altar, breathing hard and trying to make sense of what just happened.

Three sets of blue light made to touch down, but they hesitated as another player entered the area, and so a fragment from each entered into the semi collapsed player, then they departed.

They would meet that player again, and this time, they would not fail to protect who she contains.

No matter where she goes.


Spice, sister of Herb, was fascinated by the game and was interested to meet her prospective fiancee. Someone that she could potentially get into a brawl with, and not take it personally when she wins, or possibly beat her since she was her brothers equal in combat.

Upon entering the cathedral the first thing that hit her was the grand music, and then she saw her potential fiancee's character.

Slumped and breathing against the altar, her eyes open, and barely responsive.

"Aura?" Spice asked, as she had used her real name for her character, as it was unusual enough to make people think it was a fake one.

To her relief, Aura looked over, and asked, "Who?"

"It's me, Spice, are you alright?"

"Just a headache, I hate to ask, but can we do this tomorrow? I need some rest," Aura replied.

Spice frowned, the girl didn't look... wait a second, how in the hell was the character so obviously showing Ranma's condition?

She shook her head and replied, "Sure, the same place same time?"

Aura nodded and stood up shakily.

The two departed for the warp gate.

Aura decided to at least step outside the warp gate before logging out.

As she examined the city from the vantage point, a blue-haired man noticed her, and he stumbled backward, falling down the stairs from the gate to the town proper, a little red '1' appearing each time he hit a step.

Aura shrugged and wondered why he would fall down the stairs like that, then logged off.


Ranma removed the headgear that he had been playing with and decided to call it a day early. He was living in a state-owned facility after his parents had stolen the money from the settlement, and the state was suing them for the funds, which was slow going.

Ranma was just glad to be done with that ward of Tokyo.


End chapter.