Hey there everybody! Its Haru-Chan again! So apparently I can't sleep right now, it's like 3:33 AM in the morning right now where I live, so I decided to write this awhile I'm still awake!-x-lll Its just some little poem I thought up while watching ponyo at 3 in the morning and its one of my favorite movies! I love Ghibli! Anyway I hope u guys like it and I will shut up to let you read! ^w^ Enjoy! I do not own the movie Ponyo! (But I do have it on DVD! ^w^)

The little fishy and the boy

I fell in love with a fish

A little, magical fishy I named Ponyo


When I saved her out of that glass jar, near the ocean

I knew she was special

She was magical too

Just like her mother and father

But when I lost her, just like that

I thought I'd never see her again…

…Then she came back…

She came back and just to see me too!

Oh how happy I was!

I wanted to stay with her and never let go of her hand again…

We went on our first adventure together

To find mom and the elderly seiners

And then the most wonderful thing happened

Ponyo had a chance to live with me, as a normal human forever!

A normal little girl… who would grow up with me… together…

And a kiss was all she needed…. From me

"Ponyo loves Sosuke!"

She would always keep telling me that….

And she still keeps telling me that even today…

Her mother asked me, "Sosuke, will u be able to love ponyo for who she is and where she came from?"

I answered, "I will. I will protect Ponyo and always love her!"

Her mother smiled at me and helped ponyo become a human…

I will never forget that day…

Ponyo is the one I love and always will be

"Hehe, I love you too Ponyo…"

And that is my answer every time for her

From back when I was just a boy

And when she was just a little fishy

We will always love each other


And there you have it! –x-lll Sorry if it's too long and mushy too, but this is what I could come up with! Anyway! Was it good, bad? Please let me know and gently please! Review or else Ponyo will have her giant fishes come after you! w