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"Am I a dog," MM asked Jesus.

He looked up at her.

"No of course you're not a dog," He said, "What kind of question is that?"

"Well you said to the woman it is not proper to give the dog the food for the children and yet I am different. I was just wondering if I was a dog?"

He laughed slightly and then apologized.

"That was a metaphor," he said, "You are certainly not a dog. I never meant to hurt your feelings and I apologize for that"

"But what is going to happen that day," she asked Him, "What if I fall short"

He smiled.

"Well then it's a good thing I'm tall," he replied"

"Seriously though… what happens if I fall short"

"Nothing happens. It doesn't matter. I'll always be there to lift you up"

She felt better.