This is my first story for Emma/Marion, just a test for a new story i'm working on. A crossover. Anyway, I will keep going with this story if you's wish. Lol k here we go. Comment please. Thank you.

Emma's POV

If I was a bit older, I would have helped her. If I was stronger, I would have protected her. If I wasn't born, I wouldn't be able to distract her, to worry about me, to make herself be second, and me first. She would have lived her life with less pain—with less unwanted memories. I dream, and I see the horrible memory that comes to me every night, when I close my eyes, and rest. Replays on its own, I hear her scream. My sister. I look through my young five year old eyes. I remember, because of the fear in my sister's eyes, I saw through the plain closet door, through the key whole. It was dark, and I was afraid...

Each time I would giggle, smile, and remember the fun times, she would remind me of the time it happened. She looked at me... such hate, it killed me.

I wanted to cry.

I wanted to disappear.

I wanted to die...

"Emma, are you here at all?"

I didn't realize I drifted off. I was looking down, and Marion was trying so hard to make me realize I was in the real world. He waved his hand in my face, and I snapped.

"What?" It was barely a whisper, I looked at him, and he looked at me with confusion.

"Are you alright?"

"Wha—yeah I'm fine, I'm just thinking,"

"Okay, well, we'll take this tomorrow," He left.

I was by the stairs at the sky deck, near the hot tub. I looked around, and they seemed happy. And I? Lost, depressed, alone, and frightened. Who are they? The strangers I see everyday. Familiar faces, ye I don't really know who they are.

It was was Seven O'clock. I admired the beautiful floors, I guess it took me 30 minutes to realize I was wasting time just staring at the floor. I need a life.

"Ms. Tutweiller?"

I heard a student calling me, I knew who. It was bailey. I turned to look at her, she didn't look right, she was crying, I could tell, she had dried tears that ran through her cheeks, both of them. She didn't have enough to let it out, as she started bursting into tears again.

"Bailey what happened?"

"I saw Cody with another girl,"

What is it with men, this place was supposed to be a romantic place, and they still mess things.

"Oh I'm so sorry Bailey, but are you sure, maybe you thought you saw something but—"

"No I saw him, he was holding her, whoever she is. He was about to kiss her! What am I going to do? What am I going to say?"

By now, people were looking, but I didn't care, but I think Bailey did, she noticed. She looked embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so mad right now,"

"It's okay, would you like to talk in my cabin?"

She nodded,

I felt for her. Here I was, just wondering why I was the one with a bad day, when there are others who are in pain.

We walked to my cabin, and she was out of breath. Were the stairs that bad?

"I this really where your cabin is? It's to much stairs!"

"It's my morning exercise, in a way," I laughed, and she laughed—well tried to.

We talked for awhile, and we both cried. We ate two buckets of chocolate ice-cream, and cut a few pictures.

In the end, she was better. She thanked me, and then she left.

I was alone again.

It was time for me to sleep, and tomorrow will be the worse day, since it's the anniversary of that day, the one that ruined her life, which she blames me for.

It's a short one, but the next chapter will be longer though. Thanks for reading! Oh, and you'll later find out what happened to her sister. Drama will come to.