D. Disturbing

Marion had gotten a call from Mr. Tipton, and it was bad news. I just can't believe he's selling the ship.

Today, we are telling the news to my students. Marion promised me he'd be there with me when I tell them the news. Oi!

I walk in, and students start to sit in their seats.

"Class, Mr. Moseby and I have a BIG announcement,"

"You guys are having twins!"


A big no from Marion. I saw his reaction,

"No, it's just one baby,"

"Oh, then what's the announcement?"

I looked at Marion, and he started talking.

"I've spoken to Mr. Tipton. The ship has been sold, and later dismantled,"


"what about finals!"

"What about Graduation!"

"What about lunch!"

All looked at woody, that was a weird question.

"Well, you will graduate. But we'll have to have the graduation a lot sooner than we thought,"

"How soon?"

"Like real soon,"

"Mrs. M?"

"Fine! It needs to be this week,"


I felt for them, they were like a family.

"I already E-mailed your parents about the graduation, everything is done, all I have to do is set everything up,"

"Oh no your not!"

"What Marion, I have to,"

"Not with our baby inside you,"

"What do you want me to do, take the baby out of me and use a surrogate mother, because I'm pretty sure it's too late!"

"No, I think you should take it easy, that's all, the Doctor said to rest, and no heavy lifting,"

"Mr. Moseby, I'll help her, and I'll make sure she doesn't do more than she was supposed to,"

"Thanks Bailey, I guess it's alright, just promise me Em, be careful,"

"I will Marion, for our baby,"


"So nobody answered my question, what about lunch?"


As soon as Marion left, I started to teach the class, they were all so distracted. I was sad myself, this is where I met Marion, where we had our first Real date. Where we got married, and where we... well that's all I'm saying.

"Marion catch her!"

As soon as I told London about her not passing a class, and had to make up for it, she ran like speedy Gonzalez. I'm pregnant, so I couldn't run, so I made Marion do it. That's what husbands are for.

It took me days, and patience, but I finally got through to her. It felt like deja vu, it was weird. Thank god there was a way to teach Spanish to the empty minded girl.

"Emma, you have until five O'clock to wrap up the whole graduation, that's when the giant crane is coming through."

"Got it."

"So you and bailey did a good job with the decorations, you did take a break right?"

"Yes I did Marion, don't worry,"

"Then why did you give her an autographed CD?"

I overheard some people talking, Marion seemed to know them,

"Kurt, Carey,"

"Hey Mr. Moseby!"

"Good to see you again,"

"How are you Mr. Moseby,"

"I'm good, married to a beautiful lady,"

He grabbed my hand and took me into the conversation.

"Wait Married?"

"Yeah, hi, you must be Mr. and Mrs. Martin, I'm Zack and Cody's teacher."

"Oh, so Mr. Moseby you married our sons' teacher?"

"Yes I did,"

"And we are also expecting,"

"Expecting what?" I guess they asked to make sure, I guess they know Marion too.

"A child,"

They were so surprised. I wanted to laugh so hard. Marion was too.

"I thought you never wanted kids Mr. Moseby?"

"Yeah that sort of left my mind when I ended up loving the red head."

"Hm, yeah." I didn't have anything but that, I barley knew them.

"So how far along are you?"

"Almost six months,"

"Really? I didn't even know you were pregnant?"

"When I turn you'll see the belly,"

"Wow, that's nice,"

"well I have to go, there are things to do,"

"Oh, no your not, you need to sit down Em, I'll do the rest,"

"Are you sure, I mean I can do—,"

"Yes now sit until the Graduation, that way you won't be tired then,"

"Ok, Love you,"

"Love you to Emma,"

And we shared a kiss before he left,

Carey and Kurt had gone to talk to their kids, god I can't wait to have my baby out of this belly.

The time was here, and I was so relieved.

"Everyone please rise, please move you tassels from right to left. Congratulations seven seas high graduates!"

After that we said our last goodbyes. I don't know if it's the hormones, but I cried through the whole goodbyes.

"Are we there yet?"

"No Emma, I'll tell you when to open your eyes when we get there,"

Several Minutes Later...

"Ok, you can open your eyes now,"

I opened my eyes, and there it was, our new house. It was beautiful. I gasped.

"This is our house!"

"Yup, do you like it?"

"Like it, it's amazing, I love it,"

"It has four rooms, but there's a catch,"

"It's haunted!"

He laughed,

"No, I just needs a little work, that's all. We need to decorate, buy new furniture and I think that's about it,"

"Don't forget about the baby's room,"

"I think that's what we'll do first,"

"Alright, but since we don't know what the baby will be, we should use a color that is for both,"

"How about green,"

"Well, maybe light green."


By the time we finished decorating and making our new house comfortable, I was already eight and a half pregnant.

"So I thought you were moving to Ohio. What changed your mind to move here in New York?"

"Yeah well Charles asked me to stay with him in New York, so I did."

"Is that what you wanted?"

"Yeah, I mean, I like it here,"

I didn't believe her.

"How old is he?"

"He's 34, why?"

He's only a year older than me,

"I get it, you don't want to be the older woman,"

She laughed

"Yeah, I guess you can say that,"

"So when will I met the lucky guy?"

"In our first double date,"

"Oh, right I forgot about that! When do you think we should have our double date?"

"This Saturday?"

"Sounds nice, I'll tell Marion if he's free."

Ever since we left the S.S Tipton, he has worked in a restaurant playing the piano. He's quite happy. Of course I can't work since I'm pregnant, I have thought about owning a restaurant myself.

"Marion, are you ready, we're going to be late,"

"alright I'm coming,"


"Oh god, that hurt,"

"Emma, are you alright?"

"Yeah it's just that, I think the baby is coming!"


I felt pressure.


"I'll call the hospital and let them know we're coming,"

Oh I want this baby out of me! God, I never felt this much pain! Owie!

As soon as we got there, they took me to the room. I was holding Marion's hand so hard, he cried too.

"Alright Mrs. Moseby, when I tell you to push, you push okay,"

I nodded


I used all my strength, and it hurt so much

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!Oh god, hell Marion this is all your fault,"

"She's in pain, she doesn't mean that. Mrs. Moseby I need you to push. Just one more I promise, push!"

"Marion, I can't do this, it hurts so much,"

"Emma, I just think of a good place, breath Em, breath slowly,"

"Mrs. Moseby, I need you to push. Now push!"

"Oh-ahhhh, Shiiiiiit! This hurts!"

I stopped pushing as soon as I heard a small cry.

"It's a girl!"

A girl.

"Mrs. Moseby, do you want to hold your baby girl?"

"Yes," I tried to say. I was tired, but I wanted to see my baby.

She was so beautiful.

"You did an amazing job Emma,"

"No, we did a great job."

"So new parents, what's the baby's name?"

I had an idea. Marion had lost his grandmother, Hope.

"How abut hope."

"What about Rachael Hope?"

"I like that."

After two days in the hospital, we finally went home. Our home...finally.

Hm Rachael Hope Moseby. I love it.

"She's Beautiful Emma, she has your hazel eyes, she has your face all over her."

"Yeah she does, but I see a little Marion in her,"

"Yeah I see that too,"

We have been looking at little Rachael sleep peacefully in her crib. Things had gotten a little bumpy during my pregnancy, but it was worth it.

"You know I called River. Told her what happened. She said she'll be coming to see the baby. And will be getting a babysitter as soon as you feel rested. Alright."

I nodded.


This is a beginning. Little Rachael is ours. Marion is mine. And I'm needed, from both Marion and Hope.

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