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Chapter 1

Sam kicked down the door; they finally had enough evidence to get this guy. He was a scientist that killed a Marine to do experiments on him and when he was finished with the body he threw it in the ocean. What he didn't expect was a fisher man to find it.

Callen and Sam took the first floor, while Deeks and Kensi took the second.

Deeks and Kensi almost finished clearing their floor just one door left. Kensi went in first and she opened the door and slowly walked in when from around the corner the scientist stuck her with a syringe and emptied the contains into her body and Kensi fell to the ground.

Deeks saw the scientist, tackled him to the ground and handcuffed him.

He heard Callen say, "Clear," over the earpiece.

"I got him, but you guys might want to come up here," responded Deeks.

Sam and Callen ran up the stairs and stared at him expectantly when they got up there, looking for what Deeks meant.

Deeks looked down at Sam's feet and Sam and Callen did too. And right there in the mists of Kensi's clothes was a four year old girl with curly brown hair and mismatched eyes looking up at them.

"What are you guys looking at it's me Kensi, now fix this," said the little girl, in slurred English.

Sam started laughing hysterically at the sight of the little Kensi with her hands on her hips glaring at them like she was going to attack them if they didn't do something to fix her immediately.

"This is not funny Sam, so stop laughing before I kick you hard, I maybe small but I was very strong when I was little," whined Kensi.

Sam stopped laughing, and turned to the scientist. "How do we fix this?" he yelled angrily.

"Like I would tell you," responded the scientist.

"You will if you don't want to go to jail any longer then you already have to."

"I don't care I will never tell you."

"Take him to the police down stairs and then come back up, Deeks."

"Ok, I'll be right back," responded Deeks and he left the room.

Two minutes later he was back upstairs waiting to know what to do.

"Collect anything that could help her I will bring her down stairs," Callen said, as he picked up Kensi with just her oversized shirt on everything else fell off.

"Hey, put me down. I'm not a child I can walk," screamed Kensi.

"Yes you are Kensi, oh Sam and Deeks can you grab her clothes."

"NOOOOOOOOO! I don't want them touching my clothes, especially Deeks, they are private."

But her screams were not listened to since Callen was already down stairs close to the car. He put her in and buckled her up, with Kensi giving him a death stare.

"I could have done that myself," snarled Kensi.

Callen just shut the door and got in the driver's seat waiting for Sam and Deeks to come down.

I really hope they find the antidote I can't live like this for long, I already have a headache and it's been five minutes, thought Callen.

Ten minutes later Sam and Deeks came down and walked to the car caring a lot of little syringes. When they got in Kensi started yelling about how Callen put on her seatbelt and she could have done it herself, then she started complaining that Deeks was sitting next to her and she didn't want to sit by him all the way to the hospital. By the end of the ride the boys all had a headache.

They took Kensi, complaining about being carried, to the front desk and told the nurse what happened the doctors came out to run tests on her.

An hour later a doctor came out and escorted them to his office.

"We finished the tests, we estimate her age about four years old. We got all of the syringes you gave us but we need to run tests on them to make sure they won't harm her," explained the doctor.

"How long will that take?" questioned Callen.

"Two to four weeks," all the boy's heads shot up all thinking the same thing; we have to deal with her for at least half a month.

"Now her mental state," the doctor began. But at those words all the boys looked angry.

"Are you saying it did something to her brain," Sam questioned looking like he wanted to punch something.

"No it is just that she won't act like herself. For example she was begging me for sugar anything with sugar in her child brain she wants it so bad she will do anything to get it, but her adult brain knows that she doesn't need it. Her child brain will eventually win and she will throw a tantrum. She still has her adult memories though, and all her childhood fears are coming back, for example she started screaming when I turned off the lights, she's scared of the dark and when she saw the needles in a cabinet she started to cry, she's scared of needles. But she also keeps insisting she can do everything herself for example she kept complaining that Callen was carrying her. You shouldn't let her do something if you are not watching. Soon she won't act like an adult at all and she will act like any other four year old only she will be much smarter and have much more experience than other four year olds. Any questions?"

The boys shook their heads. The doctor left the room and came back a minute later with little Kensi holding his hand with a huge grin on her face licking a lollipop happily.

Callen held out his hand to her, and Kensi took it and with that they walked back to the car on their way to Ops.

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