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Chapter 3

The team slowly moved in on Kensi hoping to get the candy away from her small hands and make sure she doesn't run around the building bugging all of the employees. But Kensi was too smart for them and slid through the tiny space between Deeks legs with candy in hand and ran.

Deeks had a confused expression on his face while the rest of the team glared at him. "You're an idiot," yelled Sam, "how could you let her do that?"

"It's not my fault," replied Deeks.

"Yes it is she didn't do it to us because she knew we would have caught her," said Sam.

"Stop arguing and let's go find her," yelled Callen.

The whole team left the room and split up to find her.

Meanwhile when Deeks and Sam were arguing Kensi set up traps, behind one door water would fall on whoever enters and threw another there was a clear wire so whoever entered tripped over it and fell into whipped cream and chocolate syrup she spread on the ground. She was very quick at setting up the traps because when she was little she pulled the same pranks to all of her teachers and her dad on multiple occasions. Kensi then hid behind a door and watched all of her traps fall into place.

Immediately after the team split up, Deeks ran into a room and yelled when ice water fell onto him causing him to look similar to a wet dog. When the team heard all of the noise they turned around and broke out into the loudest laugh you could image. "Thisss isss nottt funnnnny," Deeks shivered uncontrollably.

The team tried to control their laughter and turned around to find the small girl once again. Deeks went to the locker room to get a towel a dry off and rejoined the search.

The team all went into different doors when they heard a loud thump and everyone turned around when they made out of the rooms they found G Callen covered in whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Once against the team broke out in fits of laughter. Out of no where Kensi ran up and scooped a hand full of whipped cream on her hand ate it. She then proceeded to eat more and more until he was almost clean and then gave him the most innocent face she could muster up but she couldn't hide the smirk on her face.

Callen looked down at the little girl but before he could say anything she tapped his leg and yelled tag. She then ran off the fastest she could go with her little legs. Every one ran off once again in search of the little girl but what they didn't except was to find her asleep on the couch by her desk.

"She finally passed out, thank God!" yelled Deeks.

"Shut up," whispered Sam.

The team all kept as silent as possible for the next couple of hours Eric and Nell went up stairs to their computers, Deeks and Sam went to work out, and Callen went to take a shower then went to sit at his desk to get started with some of his paper work so he was close by when Kens so she wasn't scared when she woke up.

When Kensi finally woke up she walked over to Callen and climbed onto his lap and when she was up she gave Callen a kiss on the cheek. "I'm sorry I got you dirty," said Kensi.

"It's ok Kens," replied Callen.

"Can I go home now?" asked Kensi, she wanted to go to her own home but she knew that was never going to happen but that was ok with her she was scared to be alone especially in the dark.

"Whose house do you want to go to?"

"Yours, I like you, cause your nice, and Deeks has is weird, Sam has kids, and Eric and Nell will play games on their computers all night."

"Why don't you want to see Sam's kids?"

"Cause they know me as an adult not a kid."

"Ok I will go get you things, we will say goodbye then we will go."

And that was exactly what they did.

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