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As she laid down and kept an eye on her magic levels, Lucy heard noises of combat coming from behind her. Gemini, Aries and Taurus must have engaged Bluenote...

GMLucy (A/N- yeah that right... GeMini Lucy) absently wondered how she/they had never noticed Taurus' stupidity until now. Especially when it had been in Lucy's Memories...! The huge bull had simply yelled and run at Bluenote (who had been putting a beat down on Gildarts since he had the chance) with his ax only to have himself, aires, GMLucy, and Gildarts blown (or... gravitated?) away by his attempt. They (especially Gildarts) had been lucky Aries could break their fall with her wool when they fell, or it would've hurt.

GMLucy needed to get Taurus' attention back.

"Taurus? 3"

"Ooooh, yes Lucy?" Taurus answered with the usual steam-coming-out-of-his-nose hearts for eyes gaze. Ugh, GMLucy suddenly felt a little gross for some reason.

"Would you attack with all of us, y'know, in sync? You'll get a thank you from me later." GMLucy winked.

Suddenly, Taurus was feeling a lot more obedient. That is, until his Lucy went and morphed into the same tall, ugly guy that was fighting them. As Taurus spent some time shell-shocked with confused pain, GMBluenote lifted the gravity that had been squishing all of them.

"Oh, and here I had thought you were the same as some of the trash from before," Bluenote said as he took in his double. "But you're only an imitation, and thus everyone here is still trash. Even he is trash without his powers." Bluenote said as he gestured towards a weak-looking Gildarts who was lying a few meteres away. "In any case, It's time to see if you can fly."

Aquarius was NOT happy right now. She had taken her Scorpio and dragged him out here into this damn forrest so they could continue their smooching, only to be interrupted BEFORE THEY COULD START by some noises behind her in the trees. Whoever was making them was SO dead.

Aquarius took her bemused Scorpio by the hand again and dragged him with her so she could beat the offender to death, and they could go back to kissing. Too bad they couldn't go back to the stellar spirit plane, but Aquarius knew Scorpio well enough to know he didn't feel right disobeying a direct order from his 'owner', even if she was a puny little upstart who didn't know who should be listening to WHO when it came to her and Aquarius.

Aquarius and Scorpio stumbled into the middle of the clearing to see some weirdo with terrible hair and glasses gloating over some fallen fairies. Figures. Aquarius dropped the usual cute facade she had around scorpio; she so wanted to make this guy pay. "I'M GONNA FLUSH YOU AWAY, YOU BASTARD!" She yelled as she grabbed her jar of water and proceeded to do just that. Unsurprisingly, the dude was swept away as he floundered, confused. The surprise came when all the water, the THOUSANDS of gallons of water flowed away to reveal a HUGE hole in the ground, and the dude who had been swept away was hoving above it, arms crossed over his chest and looking at her with a smug look Aquarius instantly wanted to wipe off his face.

"HaHA! With these winged shoes of Hermes I can fly high above any water you throw at me! Now I will make you disappear into the depths of darkness with my jet black sword!" Rustyrose's arm extended into it's clawlike sword form, and he thrusted it towards Aquarius only to see it repelled at the last moment. Looking to see what could've stopped his sword, he saw Scorpio holding Aquarius (who was back in her 'cutesy' mode) with his huge tail held above them.

"Sorry dude, but no one hurts Aquarius on my watch." The tail now poitned towards Rustyrose and squirted a strange liquid.

"On my arm dwells a shield that pushes back everything!" Rustyrose shielded himself with the same shield he had used to block elfman, only to be surprised once more when it almost completely melted and its golden remains dripped out of his hand.

"Yeah dude, and 'in my tail resides a substance that melts everything.' Now that we're done shouting out powers to the sky..." Scorpio stood Aquarius back up and rushed towards Rustyrose.


Virgo, Sagittarius and Cancer came upon Azuma only to see him already engaged with Erza, another fairy of fairy tail. So they settled on helping her. Virgo went deep in the earth to start attacking the roots of Azuma's trees, Cancer set off to cut a bunch of Azuma's trees, and Saggitarius started shooting directly at Azuma.

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