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The foursome strode across the dirt-floored warehouse towards the raised ring in the center. On the way they paused at a table being manned by a barrel-chested blond with an eye-patch resting where his right eye should be. His hard face melted into a friendly smirk upon spotting the quad.

"Puckasaurus, Star, Stix and Dancer; knew ya'll would show up eventually." His voice was gravelly with a slight southern twang. Offering out a hand, he waited as each of the four placed two twenty dollar bills into it. "Dunno why I bother collecting from you four anymore. You nearly always come away with them and about ten other peoples' money by the end of the night."

Rachel shrugged with a small smile quirking up the left side of her mouth. "Only fair, I guess, Garret." She got a nod of agreement from the man before being ushered on towards the ring.

"I guess those are the new people." Santana said quietly, jerking a thumb towards a quintet huddled together on the opposite side of the ring.

Rachel's eyes grew wide as she saw them straighten up, spotting a familiar brunet. "No fucking way." The other three looked at her curiously, following her gaze to the man, who was just turning to face them. Their jaws dropped as the cocky and smugly smirking face of Jesse St. James came into view.

Puck, recovering the fastest, cracked his knuckles menacingly. "Oh this is gonna be fun. Can't wait to punch that smirk off of St. Asshole's face."

Rachel placed a hand on his arm calmly, a look of icy determination stealing over her features while brown eyes blazed with fire. "He's mine, Noah."

Puck was about to protest, but caught sight of Santana slowly shaking her head at him, conveying with a glance that he shouldn't argue with the singer. Sighing, he nodded. "K, Rach. Lay some good punches into the bastard's face, will you?"

Rachel nodded, eyes still locked on her ex-boyfriend. She was drawn into memories of humiliation; feeling the shadowy remembrance of egg yolk dripping down her face. Jesse's eyes then locked with her own, shock stealing across his face. Rachel's lips lifted into a cold and devilish smirk, spelling clear warning for the male diva. Scoffing, the man turned back to his teammates.

"Alright, time for rosters people. Star, you and the other three are up first, as champs of the last round." A short, stocky man in a ref shirt and pants stood in the center of the ring. "Pick a fighting opponent."

The girl pointed across the ring. "I'll take St. James." Jesse just laughed.

"You honestly think you can take me, Rachel?" He didn't notice the regular fight club attendees shaking their heads and throwing pitying looks towards the unknowing new comer.

"You'll just have to find out in the ring, Jesse."

The rest of the quad each picked one of the members from Jesse's group. Puck was taking on a skinny guy with short black hair and green eyes, while Brittany and Santana were each facing off against one of a pair of red-headed twin girls.

They were placed last on the fight list, so they took a seat on the floor to watch the other matches. Some of the more skilled fighters flowed smoothly and powerfully through their fights before one opponent was knocked out or tapped out. The less experienced ones crashed together without reason, ending with excessive injuries that could well have been prevented. Finally it was time for Puck's match.

Gripping the bottom barrier rope, the teen levered himself into the ring. The bell rang, and Puck's opponent began a slow circle. Puck waited patiently, never taking his eyes off the man. A sudden kick towards the back of his knee was stopped by a swift hand latching around the man's ankle. "Ah, ah, ah. Nice try." Twisting the ankle, he flipped the guy over and sent him face first into the ring floor with a slight crunching sound. Placing a foot on his back, Puck proceeded to pull the leg towards his head, until a whimper and frantic tapping rhythm was heard, followed by the bell ringing. "Damn," Puck sighed disappointedly, "didn't even last ten minutes. What a rip off." Picking the man up, he shoved him unceremoniously towards his teammates, before hopping back over the ropes.

"I think you broke his nose." Brittany said, tilting her head as she examined the blood gushing from Puck's opponent's nose.

Puck shrugged. "Not my fault the guy doesn't know how to keep his face from meeting the floor."

Before the conversation could continue, Garret called out the next pair. "Alright, Emm and Dancer, you're up.

Brittany smiled, bouncing up to slide between the ropes. "Hey there! Welcome to the club. Sorry about your friend's nose, but he really should know how to stop his face from greeting the floor."

The red-headed girl blinked at the rapidly spoken words before smirking. "Yes well, you'll find that I won't be making the same mistakes as Jerome."

"Oh goody, you might actually be fun to beat."

The smirk morphed into a scowl. "I think you'll find that you're the one who's gonna get their ass beat, blondie."

Outside the ring, Santana's fists clenched. "That puta did not just threaten my girl." She hissed.

Rachel placed a calming hand on the Latina's shoulder. "Don't worry, S, you know Britt will enjoy changing the new girl's mind." The two teammates shared a smile.

The bell rang and Brittany's happy smile grew wider. Growling, Emm swung towards the blonde's jaw, only to meet with thin air as the other girl skipped to the side. Spinning towards her, Emm launched into a flurry of kicks and punches. Staying true to her fight name, Brittany danced around the ring, evading the blows with a look of ease.

Despite having seen the display in front of them many times, Puck, Santana and Rachel watched with awe; admiring the fluid, graceful steps the blonde took.

Finally, one high punch clipped Brittany's jaw, sending her stumbling into the rope barrier. Instead of following up on the attack, Emm stumbled back to lean against the opposite side of the ring, gasping for breath.

Brittany flexed her jaw, checking for any serious damage. Finding none, she smiled again, wincing slightly. Darting forward, she stopped directly in front of her recovering opponent. Startled, the red-head threw a wild punch, only to have her fist caught in the blonde's steel grip.

"That was a pretty nice blow you landed there; but a little on the weak side. Let me show you how it's done." Rearing back her arm, Brittany crashed her fist into Emm's jaw, knocking the girl to the floor. Bending down, Brittany found that she'd knocked her opponent out cold. Picking the girl up with ease, she handed her over to Jesse, before returning to her teammates.

"That's my Britts." Santana grinned, slinging an arm around her girlfriend's waist.

Brittany simply shrugged. "I just wanted to show her the right technique." She said with a small smirk.

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