Chapter 40: In Hazzard, Anything is Possible

The rest of the weekend went by in a rush. Cooter enjoyed Stephanie's company while the whole town went out to the yearly festival. Luke and Jo watched on with differing opinions to the budding relationship. Luke was sure that his buddy was getting in over his head. Stephanie was used to the fast pace of the big city. Cooter was about as laid back as you could get. What could those two possibly have in common?

Jo, however, could only think about the inevitable break up if they ended up together. She could only think that it would end up pitting her and Luke against one another when the time came. Luke tried to assure her that no matter what happened between their friends, they would be alright. Besides, Stephanie was moving to Atlanta to open up an art gallery. It wasn't like she was opening one up as close as Capital City. Cooter and Steph would go out a few times and then move on. Neither one of them were likely to stay interested for long. Until they both moved on, both Luke and Jo would have to just agree not to get involved.

Over at the small children's rides, Kira and Jebb were letting the twins enjoy the tiny rides that had been set aside for the younger residents of Hazzard. Mikey had shown some interest in some of the other, faster, rides but he was just too young to ride. Still, the boys had fun just the same. The parents had to laugh at some of the antics of their children. It was hard for Kira to believe that they would be two years old next month. Where had the time gone? She and Jebb took the boys over to the small playground that had been set up on the edge of the fairgrounds for the young ones. Once the kids were in the little enclosure, Jebb and Kira sat on a bench to watch the boys running around with the rest of the little kids had been in their playgroup since they were born.

"A bit different from the first time we both came to the festival a few years back." Kira leaned up against Jebb as she watched her sons chasing one another.

"I think this one is heads and tails better. We ain't havin' to sneak around this time." Jebb slung his arm around his wife.

"Well, we didn't do too well with the sneakin' part." Kira laughed as she thought back to when Daisy had walked in on them when they had snuck off together that first weekend here in Hazzard.

Jebb chuckled at the memory as well. They really have come a long way since then. Thinking towards the upcoming time of being separated as Kira planned to go to Atlanta tomorrow night; Jebb knew that he'd miss his wife while she was out of town. But after everything else that they'd lived through in the last several years, they'll definitely survive a few weeks apart. If nothing else, it will make them appreciate their time together on the weekends when she was in town between now and his birthday at the first of February.

"At least Daisy took it well."

"True. It could have been worse," Kira said. And she knew just how much worse it could have been, judging by the other reactions that she got when various family members found out about them.

The parents were pulled out of their reverie when the youngest fell and started to cry. That signaled that it was time to get the boys home for lunch and then down for their naps. A few years ago, if anyone had told either Jebb or Kira that their days would be dictated by the schedules of the children neither of them would have believed it. But now, they both knew that there wasn't anything in their lives that they'd change if they were given the choice.


"Hey, Daisy," Enos said as he walked up to her as she was getting a drink from a booth. Enos couldn't help but notice that she was at the festival alone.

"Hey, Enos. You havin' fun?"

"I always have fun at the festival, Daisy." Enos gave her a wide smile. "How about you? I haven't seen you on any of the rides yet today."

"I just got here. I haven't had time to get on any yet," Daisy said as she walked away from the booth.

"You want to go on a few with me? I noticed that the line at the Ferris wheel ain't all that long right now."

Daisy looked up into Enos's face and saw the expectation in his eyes. She couldn't say no. She let Enos lead her toward the ride with an arm around her. Despite the fact that she wished that Darcy hadn't had to work today she had fun riding all of the rides with her childhood friend.

Enos was hoping that if he could get Daisy to spend more time with him she might would decide to ditch Darcy. Enos just knew that he could make her happy if he was given the chance. He loved to hear her laugh. He just couldn't get enough of it. Back when he'd left Hazzard for L.A. that had been the one thing that he'd missed more than anything else. That and the sweet smile Daisy would give him when she saw him.

It made Enos's day that Daisy stayed with him all day long as they continued to enjoy the rides and activities at the festival. By the end of the afternoon, Enos felt a little bold so he stood just a bit closer to Daisy than usual. Since Daisy didn't object, Enos smiled to himself. He hadn't had this much fun in a long time. Daisy even allowed Enos to drive her home. When she gave him a peck on the cheek before she got out of the car, Enos could have just about pushed the car home without breaking a sweat. He was practically floating on air. He was flying so high that it barely even fazed him when she said that she already had made plans so she couldn't go out later on in the evening when he asked. Nearly all of the Duke Women were planning to spend the evening catching up with Stephanie before she had to return to New York. She had a few last minute details to attend to before setting up a permanent residence in Atlanta. At least Daisy didn't already have plans with Darcy.


After his passengers headed off to the terminal, Darcy gave his plane the usual check before he headed on back to Hazzard. If he left now, he just might be able to spend some time with Daisy at the festival. He'd never really been able to take her since the weekend after Thanksgiving was always a big travel time for folks heading back home after their visits to relatives for the holidays.

When he showed up at the old fairgrounds, Darcy had a hard time finding Daisy. Finally, he asked Dobro if he'd seen her and he pointed Darcy in the right direction. Darcy picked his way through the crowd as he walked in the direction that Dobro had indicated. He couldn't wait to see Daisy's face when she saw him. Neither had expected for him to get back to Hazzard in time to enjoy the yearly carnival like festival.

When the crowd cleared a bit, Darcy spotted Daisy. He wasn't sure why he was surprised to see her with Enos. He knew she has a soft spot for the man. He watched as they headed to the gate and left. Enos. It was always Enos. Darcy knew that Daisy still went out with him from time to time but he always figured that Enos was too timid to really make a real play for Daisy. Still, it was unnerving to know that he took up so much of Daisy's time.

The irony was, Luke had been worried that it was Darcy that couldn't decide what he wanted. That it was Darcy that kept Daisy hanging, waiting and hoping that they could have a future together. In reality, Enos has been left hanging since he was nine and Darcy had been on the verge of jumping out of the plane without a parachute for about a decade. Darcy just couldn't understand what Daisy was waiting for.

"Hey, Darcy; you alright?"

Darcy turned and saw Cletus. "Yeh, sure. Why'd ya ask?"

"You just looked a bit upset is all. Something wrong?"

Darcy had to shake his head. Cletus tried to be helpful. He really did. It was hard to believe that he is a Hogg. "Not really. I was just tryin' to see what I've been missin' by always bein' up in the air."

"I noticed that they have a new champion for the rattle snake wrangling competition."

"I'm sure Bo will regain it next year," Darcy said absently. "I think I'll head on back off."

"You just got here," Cletus said. "Why come all of the way out to the fairgrounds if you didn't intend to enjoy yourself?"

"I guess my idea of fun usually involves a plane is all." Darcy gave the other man a smile and headed back to where he left his car. Once there, he drove on home to his empty house out at the edge of the county by his small private runway.

When Darcy got inside he collapsed on his couch and stared up at the mantle. He was getting so tired of getting close to pushing Daisy for a more solid commitment only to see her off with another guy instead. He still wanted to give Daisy her own space. He promised Luke that he would. But he couldn't just sit back and watch Daisy go out with Enos or anyone else either. Glancing on the coffee table, he saw where he'd left the paperwork that he'd been given when the airport tried to get him to agree to take on more flights. Many of which would have him going out of state if he agreed to fly some more of the commercial flights. They needed more pilots in the area willing to take on the longer flights. Picking up the papers that he'd discounted before, Darcy started to read them just a bit closer. He didn't really need the extra money that the extra flights would give him. He had more than enough for a single man with no real responsibilities. He even had a pretty good amount saved up for a rainy day. Still, the extra work would at least keep him busy. True, he'd have to go train a bit for a refresher course if he intended to fly the larger commercial planes but the smaller ones he already could fly.

Darcy seemed to be fighting himself about the decision. At least until he caught sight of the small model airplane that held the ring that he somehow didn't think he'd ever get to give to Daisy. He didn't want to just give up on her and find someone else. Perhaps the best he could hope for would be to just stay busy while he continued to wait for his dream girl to wake up and decide to choose him. Grabbing the phone, Darcy made up his mind and he decided to call out to the airport.


Kim felt a slight tug so she rolled over and let Bo pull her onto his chest. Neither were ready to wake up so they just laid there cuddling knowing that their escape from reality was coming to an end. The farm still had chores that had to be taken care of and Kim needed to get back to the clinic and hospital.

In just a few short hours, life outside of Chickamahoney will continue. Then the real fun will begin. Now both Bo and Kim will have to learn how to live, laugh, and love as husband and wife. An adventure that would last a lifetime.

"Mornin'," Bo finally groaned when he realized that the room was filled with sunlight.

"Mornin'," Kim muttered without moving her head from Bo's chest. "What time is it?" From the hunger pains she felt it had to already be mid-morning.

"Not sure. I reckon we need to get on up, though." Bo shifted and then sat up in bed as Kim followed suit.

"I'll call down for some food to be sent up," Kim said as she reached for the phone.

"A woman after my own heart," Bo joked as he started to hunt for a pair of pants. He hated the fact that this was their last morning away from everyone. The weekend had gone by just too fast.

Bo figured that he'd go ahead and get up to shave while he was waiting for breakfast to be sent up. As much as he didn't want to admit it, there was one thing that he was happy about after the tornado ripped through Hazzard. All of the animals from the family farm had been moved over to Luke's barn. That meant that he'd get to skip out of the morning chores; at least for a while. Bo had no idea how things would end up once the farmhouse was rebuilt on the original Duke Farm. But that was for another day. By the time the breakfast was set up in the small dining area in the suite, Bo reckoned that they might as well as asked for lunch to be sent up instead. But, as it was, by the time they were ready for another meal, they'd be back in Hazzard.

Nearly everyone had most likely headed on back to their homes but he knew that Coy and Vance were probably still out at the farm though. Once Kim and Bo got back to Hazzard, the whole family was bound to have a big dinner waiting for them to welcome them back. Bo hated to have to go back to Hazzard so soon. At least now, he'll be living with Kim at the cabin, just the two of them. That might take some getting used to. But Bo figured that there would be plenty of time for that.

"Can you believe that we stayed in bed until eleven o'clock?" Kim asked as she sorted the breakfast out for her and Bo.

"I sure can."

"You can?" Kim looked up at Bo as she responded.

"Considerin' the sun was comin' up when we decided to go to sleep." Bo winked as he reached for a glass of buttermilk on the tray. Kim had ordered two glasses of it even though she hadn't developed a taste for buttermilk but she was trying to give it a shot since Bo was fond of it. "So, are you ready to head back to Hazzard today? I don't think we'll be able to wait until the sun to rise for us to go to sleep starting tomorrow."

"You telling me that I might want to set aside some time at the clinic to get a nap in my office," Kim joked with raised brows.

"Might not be a bad idea. Of course since there are some rooms that are set up over the clinic, I might have to join ya some time." Bo said as he hugged her from behind. He then let her go and sat down in one of the chairs around the small table for two.

Kim shook her head as she thought about the possibility of being caught at the clinic together. Sue would lose her mind if she walked in on them. She'd been green with envy as it was every time Bo came to see her in her office though they'd not done more than the occasional make out session while she was at work on a slow day.

"It's a good thing that we didn't get married right before planting season. You wouldn't be able to get any work done at all. As it is right now, I might not get any done." Kim giggled as Bo pulled her into his lap

"See, the timing really was perfect for us to get married now. We have some time before things pick up out at the farm." Bo grinned. He knew that even as far away as planting season was, he wasn't likely to be ready to get back to the daily grind of everyday life by then.

"I suppose that it was. Of course we now get to jump right into the holiday season. Or were you originally planning on giving me my ring for a Christmas present? Figurin' that it'd been the perfect present?"

"I guess I could have done it that way." Bo chuckled. "But then again, that ain't all that original."

Kim and Bo started to discuss the coming season. Kim knew that the Dukes were really big when it came to going all out for Christmas. The whole family did the best that they could to help out the less fortunate. They always have. They would also spend some extra time with the children at the orphanage. Bo even brought up the caroling. He'd been trying to get Kim to agree to sing with him in church but so far she was able to avoid getting up in front of the whole congregation. That may change soon though. Then he brought up how the Dukes liked to play their instruments together a lot over the season. Jebb could play the guitar just like Bo and Luke but usually played the banjo or mandolin instead. Kira played the keyboard. Daisy played along with her harmonica. Add Jesse puffing away on the jug, they could play some fairly decent music together when they had a mind to do it. Now, they could include Kim in on that since she could fiddle along on her violin.

"Bo, do you have any idea how long it's been since I've played? I haven't even had a violin in four years. I think you'd best rethink the whole family band thing. I'll just sit it out and listen to the rest of ya with Jo and the kids." Kim laughed as she tried to picture the whole family trying to play various carols. "Besides, you all play pretty good together. Why throw a wrench into the whole thing by trying to add another player into the mix?"

Bo shrugged, "Wouldn't hurt to try it at least once."

"Then I think it's probably a good thing that I don't have an instrument anymore." Kim went back to eating her brunch and missed the look that Bo got into his eyes.

"Probably." Bo just said in a non-committal way. Bo figured that he might want to look into what it would take to get Kim a new violin for Christmas this year.


Bo and Kim stopped off at the cabin to unpack before they met the Dukes plus Irving Applebee over at Jebb's for dinner. When they pulled up Daisy screamed out for the rest when she saw them pull up from the kitchen window. Bo and Kim exchanged hugs and claps on the back as the cousins and Uncles came out to greet them. When they walked in the door Bo was even greeted by his nephews (who hadn't been allowed to go out when he pulled up since it was getting a little chilly outside).

"Unk Bo!" Jay and Mikey cried out together. Bo knelt down when he saw them running toward him.

"Hey, Buddies. Did ya miss me?" Bo asked as he scooped them both up.

"Nah, they're both starved to death and we told them they couldn't eat until you got here," Jebb joked as he walked up behind his cousin.

"You're just mad that they never get that excited when they see your ugly mug," Bo teased.

"Boys, now that's enough. Them youngens are gettin' to where they understand more and more every day. The last thing I want to hear is them boys parroting you two," Jesse hollered as he went back to check on the supper.

"Now that's and idea." Bo's face lit up when he said that as his uncle left the room. "Jay-" Bo started to whisper in his nephew's ear before his sister stopped him.

"Don't even think about it," Kira said sternly though she ended up grinning knowing that her brother would be sure to try to see what all he could get the twins to say later on.

Bo shrugged then headed toward the dining room that the larger table was at that they ate at when the whole family was together. He could smell that the dinner was either already done or was pert near it.

Jesse had fixed potroast but had been able to use some of the leftovers from the wedding for the sides. Including a pie that hadn't been touched since there were so many choices to choose from for dessert. The freezers were all packed full of food that had been prepared and leftover from the wedding. Both here and at Luke's. There was certainly enough food prepared and frozen that would allow the family to get by if the women got too busy to cook for a while. Even the small freezer at the cabin had been packed for the newlyweds.

Once the meal began the family all started to talk about all the various relatives that had just left town after the wedding. That included Jebb's family. His parents, younger sisters as well as his older sister and her husband. Now that they were gone, Vance and Coy were staying in the pink room that was decorated for Jebb twin sisters. That was something that Bo found pretty funny. Nothing was better than teasing two grown men about having to sleep in a room that looked like a Pepto Bismal bottle blew up.

"About that, Jebb, you sure you don't think that room could use a fresh coat of paint? You know, while we're already busy tearing down the old farm house and all. Coy and I could slather on a coat of paint before heading out work outside tomorrow. Then it could dry while we're out. That is if you think that the pink could go," Vance said from down on his end of the table.

"Nothing doin'," Daisy answered instead. "I decorated that room. Ya'll ain't messin' it up." The table laughed at Daisy's outburst. "Speakin' of messes, Kim, I think that someone ought to warn ya that Bo ain't exactly the neatest of men to live with," Daisy add.

"I know. Luke already warned me." Kim smiled as Bo looked up.

"I ain't that bad," Bo said in defense of himself.

"Yes you are," the three Dukes that Bo had lived with for nearly his whole life said in unison.

"Bo, both of you boys were so bad when ya was growin' up, I swear. If I hadn't have switched ya for leavin' the room in chaos, I'd had never been able to open the door. The Marines cured Luke of his messy ways but you've only gotten worse as ya got older. Especially in this last year since Luke moved out," Jesse said from the head of the table. "If it wouldn't have caused me more worry than it was worth, I would have sent your butt off into the Marines to see if they could straighten you out like they did for Luke. As it was, the reserves didn't do much for ya."

"Then that may be one of the reasons you wouldn't have approved if we had decided to live together instead of getting married," Kim joked as she reached for some greens.

"Absolutely," Jesse said seriously before chuckling. "One look at how he keeps house and you might not have shown up for the weddin'."

Bo rolled his eyes. He was not as bad as his family made it sound.

"Well, maybe I should have asked for something about cleaning up his own messes to be put in our weddin' vows." Kim giggled when she saw that Bo wasn't finding being the center of the joking all that fun. "I guess it's too late now, though. I'll just have to suffer. You just better make it worth it," Kim joked as she turned to the side and poked Bo lightly.

"I can do that," Bo smirked.

Dinner went on and eventually, the conversation became a bit more mundane. Kim and her uncle discussed some of the shift changes out at the hospital while Bo was filled in on the progress of the old farmhouse. Coy and Vance wouldn't be able to stay long enough to help with the building of the new house but they had promised to stay until the land was cleared off so that the Dukes in Hazzard would be able to get right to work on the new house as soon as possible.

When the family finished supper Bo endured the small talk in the living room as he anxiously waited until it was time to head back to the cabin in the woods where he and Kim would now be making a home for themselves. He watched as Kira put the boys to bed while at the same time bidding them goodbye. She was getting ready to head out tonight for her first week back in the courtroom in Atlanta. After his sister had left on her trip, Luke and Jo decided to head on home to put Faith to bed. That gave the newlywed couple an out and headed on to their new home.

When Bo and Kim got to the cabin, they decided to pick back up where they left off in Chickamahoney County. Bo was beginning to be very glad that they didn't really need to worry about birth control. If they did, Bo would have most likely given up on it by now anyway. As it was, though, he enjoyed the freedom that came with not having to be bothered be it. Of course, he didn't like knowing why they had that freedom now.

Bo vowed that from now on, nothing bad would ever happen to Kim again. Now she was a Duke which meant a lot more than if she had merely married into any other family. Family was everything to the Dukes. If a Duke didn't have family, they didn't have anything. Hours after they left the rest of the family after dinner, Bo was awake watching as Kim lay in his arms as she started to drift off to sleep. It still surprised him that he'd finally married his soul-mate. What surprised him even more, though, was that he could have been so blind to who she was for so long. He'd wasted a lot of time that he intended to make up to Kim for the last decade and a half or so that he'd ignored her before opening his eyes to what had been right in front of his face from the time he was thirteen. Way back when she'd first moved to Hazzard.

Brushing her hair out of Kim's eyes, Bo whispered that he loved her as he closed his eyes to try to drift off to sleep. As he was almost asleep, he swore he heard Kim answer him back.

"I love you, too, Bo."

Grinning, Bo slipped off to a sleep that was filled with dreams of the future. He couldn't wait to see what was around the corner for him and Kim now that they were married. One thing was for sure. In Hazzard, anything was possible.