Author's Note (Please Read): Here's another one of my stories. I haven't worked with Duncan as a main character in AGES. This will be VERY realistic. I hope everyone reading will see a bit of their family, and maybe even themselves in these characters and in this story. This story is also a huge outlet to help me with some of the grief I have been holding in since my grandfather died late last November. But, all sadness aside this story will be realistic so not everything will be sad all families have their own way of shining light in dark situations. My family happens to do it with humor, and I think the DeLuca family and many of your families do the same. This story will also be written with some assistance of the author of Prinzessin, edwardandbella4evah. Without further ado, Be Still.

"Be still, and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10

"Dad. Dad was always there. He always knew what to say, what to do. He always was there to be strong for you. He would always let you fall and then let you pick yourself back up; and then he'd tell you how much of a dumbass you were for falling in the first place. But, he'd always let you know how proud he was of you for getting up on your own and not relying on him or anyone else. I'm gonna miss that. I'm gonna miss everything about him. I'm gonna miss my dad."

My fingers were numb as they moved across the game controller. I'd been at this game for at least an hour and I was going to complete at least two missions. A grenade was thrown at me by my buddy Geoff who was dicking around for what seemed like the umpteenth time. "What the fuck is your problem man?" I grunted in between my teeth before taking a sip of my energy drink that I snuck from my mom. He didn't do anything but laugh. Geoff always had this irritating, but likable cackle. He just sounded like he was country as hell whenever he did. I guess it was just the United States coming out of him; Alabama or Arkansas, one of those hick states where people marry their cousins and screw pigs and shit.

He paused his game. My screen stopped along with his since we were in partner mode. Geoff said he had to go help his mom with the groceries or something. So, he logged off and I did the same. Games just aren't as much fun with the computer you know? I fell back onto my bed. I pulled off the headset and threw it to the ground. Blood began to rush to my right ear. Earphones are always tight on that side. Hell if I know why.

Having something push piercings in for an hour is not comfortable. I hissed while rubbing over the chipped silver stud resting in my ear lobe. Something was telling me to take it out, so I did. Slowly, I pulled the earring out. This felt like ripping a band-aid. The slower you do it the more painful it is in the long run. Taking a deep breath, I pulled the stud out in a quick motion like ripping a band-aid. I rubbed my ear lobe hoping that the heat and itching would go away but it didn't. "Note to Duncan, take out piercings more often to clean." I said to myself as I smelled the small odor coming from the stud. Without a thought, I began to remove each piercing from my face.

The nude feeling was bittersweet. On one hand, I don't get infections which are pretty shitty without any piercings. But on the other hand, I look like my dad. I hate looking like my dad. Did I love it at one time, yeah of course. All boys want to be just like their dads. In fact, one time when I was little the precinct had a 'Bring Your Kid to Work Day'. My dad decided to bring me because, I was the only one that wasn't in school yet. What makes this day so much better is that my mom thought it would be "cute" to buy a little police outfit and dress me up in it. Do I remember this? No. But there is a hell of a lot of pictures to show.

I looked down at the studs in my hand and brought them to my nose. I took a huge whiff and promptly removed them from my nose. Damn, those things were rank. I threw them to the other side of my room; they landed next to my schoolbooks. Screw cleaning them, it's just time to get some new piercings. I'll probably just get a pair of the studs that Ma got for Delilah after she got her ears pierced last Sunday. I looked up at the ceiling. Specks, tons of tiny white specks covered my ceiling. When I was younger I used to always ask about what they were. My ma just said that they were spacke or somethin'. It was "all the rage" when this house was being built, or so she says.

Pushing myself onto my elbows, I realized Ma's been pretty quiet. Hell, the whole house has been pretty quiet. She normally would have called me down for some Chicken tetrazzini by now. I reached over to my nightstand littered with wrappers and cups from fast food, broken CD cases, and a half-empty pack of cigarettes for my phone. It read 6:43. Dinner should have been ready by now, and dad should've been home ten, fifteen minutes ago. She probably just got wrapped up in the evening news, or some woman show or somethin'.

I slid down onto the floor. My feet met with the crumb covered carpet that needs to be vacuumed. Ma's been getting at me for it; I should probably get around to doing that. My door that had paint chipped away from me doing stupid shit as a kid, like sticking stickers from kids meals on my door, opened with a creek. The hallway was unusually quiet. Usually my little brother is practicing his flute, or trumpet, or whatever it is. There weren't any squeals or screams from my little sister playing fairy princesses or any shit like that. It was just silent.

It was pretty dark too. A blue glow seemed to fill the upstairs enough so I wouldn't fall down the stairs. As I made my way into the first level of the house there was still no smell of any kind of cooking. Silence wasn't quite the way to describe the noise down here; it was more like a soft hum. All that can be heard is the low volume of some talk show that Ma was watching and her light snoring.

As kids, we used to wait for Ma to fall asleep, and we'd just listen to her snore. For some reason her almost angelic breathing used to always make us sleepy and we would all crawl up underneath her and sleep. All four of us: Derrick, Diana, me, and Dylan. Then, Dad would come home and slam the door to wake all of us up. Ma jumped out of her skin whenever he did this. She'd always fall off of the couch. As little kids we'd wake up and laugh and Dad would laugh. Ma would be mad at first, and then she would laugh like everyone else. That's something Dad could always do, make her laugh.

She was just sleeping so peacefully I couldn't wake her. I mean I could, but I just wouldn't feel right doing it. So, I just grabbed her car keys off of the coffee table in front of the sofa. Trying to keep quiet, I crept out of the house.

As soon as I got out of the house I realized how fucking cold it was. Real smart Duncan; let's go out into the rainy and cold weather without anything to cover up with. Dodging raindrops, I ran to the car full speed and hopped in. Someone once told me that running from the rain doesn't make any sense but, it does doesn't it? I mean you don't get as wet as you would if you walked in it I guess.

Don't you just hate it when the car gets left out and it gets cold? I mean, it would have killed my Ma to park it in the garage would it? No, I certainly don't think so. I turned the heat to full blast. Soon, the car felt like the inside of an oven. Which I had no problem with. I made my way through the lazy streets. What to eat, what to eat? Should probably get mom's favorite, because it looks like she had a long day.

The drive-thru was packed. I rolled my eyes when I saw this fat-ass soccer mom get in the long line. "Just get out of the damn SUV!" I cursed while making eye contact with the lady. She has to have been able to read lips, because her doughboy face mashed to one big frown as she pressed forward in the long row of cars. The rain seemed to pelt down as I sat in the car. I seriously debated going back home and forcing Ma to cook something. But, no. That would be the wrong thing to do. Duncan you are doing the right thing.

There had to be some sort of jacket in this car. I stretched out to the backseat. Nothing on the actual seat. But, there seemed to be something on the floorboard. Quickly, I reached for what looked like a sweatshirt. As I pulled back from the backseat I realized what I had.

The grey sweatshirt my older brother Derrick gave to our ma with "Marine Mom" on it in big pink letters with navy dots and stitching. Ma wore this thing almost… never. I mean, it's not ugly or anything. I guess Ma just isn't one of those, pink girls. Either pansy-ass sweatshirt now, or cold and Ma's bitching later. I'm thinking pansy-ass sweatshirt.

I pulled the sweatshirt over my head and it was a disaster. It came up to my bellybutton and the sleeves ended at my forearms. I knew my mom was tiny but not the size of a freaking junior high-school girl. The rain began to pelt down even harder and I could've sworn I heard hail. But, I just pulled the hood over my non-jelled and spiked Mohawk and ventured out into the rain and cold.

Still, I dodged the rain and the occasional pelt of hail. I crossed in between two cars. One of the cars belonging to the soccer mom. When I was on the other side, she honked her horn at me and began to mouth something about being a disrespectful little miscreant. I just rolled by eyes and flipped her off. All I could hear was a shrill scream and the giggles of several small children from the inside. I smirked to myself.

Opening the door to the restaurant, I went from one cold to another. One pierced your skin with pellets of ice and drops of water as cold as ice. The other rushed out of vents and held the smell of chicken and French fries. I looked behind me one more time to see if the fat mom was still freaking out, but instead I noticed a police car. Reading the number on the passenger's side of the patrol car I automatically knew who the two lovely officers making rounds in it were. Officer Sanchez and Officer Sparks, the two biggest douche bags in the department. Yeah Sparks was my dad's best friend and he and Sanchez can be cool sometimes but, they just dicked around way too much.

Frantic, my eyes skimmed the place left and right looking for Beavis and Dickhead. Just when I thought I was in the clear I heard them behind me. "Stealing from your own mother now? Kind of low Dunkie." Sanchez asked with his annoying accent.

"Yeah Heavy Metal, grey just isn't your color. I kinda' like ya' more in orange myself." Sparks joked, unoriginally at that. He and Sanchez must have thought this was hilarious, because they were almost on the ground rolling.

The girl at the counter with a black visor on and with blonde hairs sticking to her skin that was oily from working with fries looked up at me and laughed to herself. I gave her a smug smirk back. Should I give them some of the good old DeLuca charm? Yeah, why not? It isn't like Tyrone Sparks and Leonardo Sanchez haven't gotten it before.

A mischievous rush went up my spine, and my smirk became even more cynical. I turned back around to face my two favorite men in blue. "Well Sparky, that's not what Tonya was saying last night."The idea of actually being wit Mrs. Sparks began to go through my head. But, Sanchez's annoying ass laugh had to mess that lovely image up. Then again, just seeing Officer Spark's face was just too funny. He knew that I thought his wife was hot and there was nothing he could do about it.

I looked over at Sanchez and furrowed my brow. "Hey Sanchez, I wouldn't be laughing so hard if I were you. I asked your wife to join in too but, she was a little tied up with the pool boy, one of the construction workers from across the street, and the housekeeper from next door was there too." I smirked and gave him the wink and the gun. Sparks folded his lips in trying to stifle a laugh. Sanchez just squinted at me. "Screw you, Duncan." His voice cracked a little because he knew that there was some truth behind what I was saying.

Could I have stopped there? Yes. Should I have stopped there? Yes. Did I stop there? Hell no! I wanted to break that little Sanchez down. I wanted to see him wither and melt away from the fucking fantastic fact that his wife was a bit of a whore. "Sorry, your wife offered to about a month ago. I would have but, I'm into natural blondes and real boobs."

I turned around knowing that I had won. Sanchez was boiling and steam had to be coming out of his ears. I just know it. Sparks began to cough and snort from the laughter he was holding in. The blonde counter girl who didn't even know Mrs. Sanchez giggled a little to herself.

Sanchez began to chew Sparks out for laughing, which was quite hilarious. I even heard a few Spanish swears that Courtney yelled at me, and later taught me. Dick and Dickier had to have been arguing for at least two or three minutes now, and I haven't even made an order yet. Luck has it that an all-call goes out on their walkie-talkies as soon as their food comes out. Ran to their squad car like two rookies never have I seen a middle-aged man run that fast. Guess who's getting free food!

I looked at the girl behind the counter, she looked as if she didn't give to shits if I took the food or not. So, no sneaking needed. But, this girl keeps making some kind of eyes at me and I'm not in the mood to strike up any flirt conversation if it doesn't get me anywhere. So I just grabbed the food and darted back into the cold rain and hail without any extra ketchup or napkins. Crap, I forgot the drinks. Well, there has to be some juice for Delilah in the fridge or somethin'.

As I was driving back to my house, everything seemed quiet, it was an uneasy quiet like the sunny weather before the storm. But, that didn't last for long as five police cars sped by me like bats out of hell. Something about a ton of cruisers at one time always made me have that feeling of my heart being at the pit of my stomach.

Maybe it has to do with that one trip that we took to Grandma's. I had to be ten or eleven, not quite old enough to know about all of the dark things in the world. The sun seemed to be shining a little brighter, and air flowed through the windows that were all rolled down. One other thing that I'll always remember about that trip was the country air that I can admit that I love much more compared to the city's. Everything was perfect; Ma was snoring with some cheesy romance novel still in her hands. Dylan fell asleep on Diana's lap. Diana was fighting sleep by chipping away her neon blue and yellow nail polish and nodding her head to some lame indie rock band. And for some reason Derrick wasn't there and that made me damn happy. So, there was time enough for me just to talk to Pops.

We were talking about everything from the Leaves' upcoming season to "those special changes" that all kids love to talk about. But, I was actually enjoying my time with my dad. This was probably the closest bonding conversation I've ever had with him. Suddenly, what looked like was all of the police cruisers in that tour rushed by us disrupting the calm breeze and sending a few leaves into the car through my window. The harmony inside was broken. Ma woke up with a jolt letting go of her book and letting it fly into the windshield. Dylan popped up, looking like a deer in the headlights. Diana pulled off her headphones, having the calmest reaction of any passenger in the car. "Dad, what was that all about?" I asked cocking my eyebrow. My eyes darted up towards the rearview mirror, and I saw dad's expression harden. He then rolled up all the windows. I will never forget what he said next.

"Well Dunc, that means that a cop's dead, or that one's about to die." I've never heard him so void of emotions. As soon as he said that Diana tried to snap her headphones over Dylan's ears and Ma widened her eyes and punched Dad in the shoulder. But, nothing could be done. The damage was already there, one strand had been snatched away from the unraveling fabric of innocence.

The rain had stopped by the time I pulled in our driveway. Everything was still coated in a film of water and tiny ice crystals. The smell of chicken was almost enough to gag and choke you. Ma's going to be ready to chew my ass out in the morning for that. She's a sweet woman but, my mom does not kid around about being clean or polite. But, all well. She'll be happy that I got her favorite.

As soon as I got into the house, I was greeted by a wave of heat that I was more than grateful for. Wanting to get rid of this lame ass Marine Mom sweatshirt, I pulled it off (knowing that I had stretched it out some) and threw it out on the couch.

Then, I noticed that Ma wasn't sleeping there anymore. Bags of chicken sandwiches and fries in tow, I made my way up the dimly lit stairs. The door to my parents' room was wide open. Walking in, I finally realized that Dad still wasn't home yet. My heart began to race a just a little faster. Was Dad who that all-call was for? No, no they did call everybody. Maybe some rookie got himself into a simple armed robbery. Nothing's wrong with Dad.

You could hear the pattern of the shower droplets hitting the tile. I tipped towards the door and opened it just wide enough so I could stick my head in. "Don? Honey, is that you?" Ma screamed over the loud rush of water. I said it was me, and I just knew she let out a sigh of disappointment. "It's almost 7:30. Where is he?" She asked, poking her head from behind the cream curtain. Her eyes were red like she had been crying, the tiny bags under her eyes seemed to look ten times bigger.

I seriously debate whether or not to tell her about the all-call. If I tell her, she'll freak out. If I don't tell her, she'll freak out. So, I might as well. "Ma, I saw Sparks and Sanchez run out on an all-call." Her eyes darkened a little more as she turned off the water flow. She bit her lip and began to stutter a little.

"I… I… I know Duncan. Tonya called me. Let's just pray it's not for your Dad. Just put my food in the fridge. I'm not hungry right now." She mumbled while looking down at the bathmat and grabbing a towel to step out of the shower with, I took this as my cue to leave.

My phone vibrated as I put Ma's food in the fridge. My fingers brushed the cold metallic case and pulled out the phone just far enough so I could see the contact, it was Courtney. I pulled out the rest of the phone a read the text. It was just a simple hey. But, I am just not in the mood to text right now. Hell, I never am. I'd rather just talk to her in person. In fact, he parents are out of town I could just sneak over there for some … No, No I need to stay here with Ma and wait for Dad to get home.

Grabbing my glass of off the counter, I walked back over to the living room and sprawled out on the couch. Some cop show was on, and they had an all-call how ironic. I took a huge gulp of the watered down grape juice. I put the glass down, and grabbed the remote. Can't watch this shit right now. The phone rang, and ice went through my veins. It stopped on the second ring. A few seconds passed by, and I made the holy trinity on my chest. "Dear God, please don't let that be my dad." I mumbled, hoping that the big guy would hear me.

A single scream rang out throughout the entire house. I threw the remote back at the coffee table. The glass knocked over and the grape juice had to have splashed on the carpet. I ran up the stairs as fast as my feet could take me. I stopped short, hesitant to face her in the room.

Ma was sitting on the floor, her back against the bed and her knees were pulled to her chest. Her eyes were shut tightly and her jaw was clenched. I looked down to her right hand. The phone was squeezed so tightly in her hand that her knuckles were turning bright white as the pushed against her thin skin.

It seemed as if time slowed down. I felt like the last hour wasn't real. Like this was just a dream, that was turning into a terrible nightmare. She slowly tilted her head up towards me, she opened her eyes. Her sparkling bright blue eyes were dim and filled with fear. "We have to go to the hospital! Someone shot him, someone shot him!"

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