I don't own Twilight - S. Meyer does. I just like playing with her characters.

Every day exactly at 7 pm the same things happened - sound of closing door, quiet sobbing of relieved woman and loud cursing of helpless young man who could do nothing about the situation they lived in.

Husband and father, man who should love you and take care of you, was an alcoholic abuser loving his whiskey and violence more than his wife and son. He was often seen sitting in dirty pub close to his house drinking with friends with the same hobbies and talking about how hard their life was, kids were ungrateful little brats and women couldn't cook...

But the situation changed - son has decided to stand against his father. He started taking judo classes, studying law, saving all money he earned working as waiter in small restaurant to have a chance to escape the life with man he hated.

It took two years but he had enough money to live comfortable life somewhere far from abusive father.

He took photos of every bruise, every cut, every broken bone the man he called himself " husband and father " caused his wife and son and when the time was right went to the police station.

Police chief took the evidence seriously and put the abuser into custody.

Free from the life in anxiety, young man and his mum moved to small town in Washington to start new happy life.

Handsome young man soon became the centre of attention of every girl at Forks High School but only one caught his eye - with doe-like eyes, long brown hair and pouty lips. Isabella Swan was her name, a daughter of Police Chief Charles Swan.

His mum fell in love with head surgeon at Forks Hospital and finally found the happiness she always wanted.

When she became Mrs. Hale, she believed everything would be ok now.

When her son asked Bella to marry him, she cried happy tears.

And when she got the news her former husband James died in prison, she was relieved and knew nothing can ever hurt her and Jasper again. Victoria just knew...

A/N: Not so typical story...Victoria and James as Jasper's parents...I just like this idea...