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I glare at the Chikorita as it's cuddled and loved by my trainer. What does that Chikorita have that I don't?

I don't mean to be selfish, but there's obvious favoritism. I get scolded and beaten for everything I do, while the grass bitch gets compliments and comfort. I get scraps of food if I'm lucky enough, and the grass user eats like a queen every night. My trainer isn't one for a specific type of Pokemon, he has all kinds, that use all types.

If he hates me, then what's my desire to live? I'm the training doll; the one everyone practices on. I eat scraps as food and I've been beaten and still have the scars to prove it. He's been lectured about mistreatment to Pokemon, though he doesn't listen. The teen boy has been told about favoritism, yet he ignores.

Then, yesterday, I met him.

A wild Eevee. I remember those days, always being able to run, allowed to hunt small Pokemon, free to choose what I please. I talked to him, he talked to me. We even agreed to meet with each other, later. I can't wait to see him...which reminds me. I haven't told him my name, then again, neither has he.

Oh great, he's coming. What does master want this time?

"Enya. Shadow Ballon the rock." So clear and made-out, right? I looked around and choose a random rock -we were training in the mountains, so many rocks to choose from. I'm half-tempted to aim at a boulder that was above him-. Charging up a Shadow Ball, I hear my trainer gasp and he slapped me. The freaking' bastard slapped me!

"Idiotic Eevee. That wasn't a Shadow Ball. No dinner for your stupidity." I growled. It's not like I get MUCH of a dinner anyway!

Later that night, I crept away from the campsite -he doesn't return us to our Pokeballs. Says we get training from a wild Pokemon's sneak attack- and into the forest. My stomach rumbled as I felt the pain of hunger. A loud thud caused me to raise my ears. Looking next to me, I saw a dead Burmy. Over it was that same Eevee. "Eat." He nudged the Pokemon towards me. Unable to resist my want to get rid of my hunger and pain, I greedily gobbled up the meal, leaving bones that were quickly buried underneath the earth.

I never realized how amazing the other Eevee looked. He actually didn't look like one.

He was black all over with one red ring a couple inches above the bottom of each of his paws. His ears looked like an Umbreon's, and had red triangles that covered the ends. On his tail, which looked more bushy and longer (like a fox's) than normal, was a red ring and a red six-point star on his back. The same six-point star was in a much smaller version on the middle of his forehead. The star was hidden by a bang of ebony fur. His eyes were blood red, but had something that was very calming and serene. He was also much taller than a normal Eevee, probably by three inches

It's amazing that I can tell he is one. I gasped and turned away when he realized I was staring at him. He tilted his head. "I believe we never introduced ourselves." He sat down and put one of his front paws on his chest. "I'm Twilight." A beautiful name for a beautiful Eevee.

I did the same. "My name's Enastacia. Call me Enya." His head tilted more. "Ena...stacia?" I nodded.

-Twilight's POV-

This Eevee, has me curious. I hate humans, even more so her so-called "trainer", but she seems to shrug it off...What? It's not I've been stalking her...Okay, maybe a little, but she's so...I look at her. She's stunning, and she's not even in her true form.

All Eevees have a true form. I find mine more pleasant and comfortable to be in. If a human sees me, pow! and then it's "Welcome to Unconscious Ville". Hehehe. Humans are so gullible sometimes. I notice she's surveying me. When I look into her eyes, she gasps and looks away.

Did I look funny or something? "I believe we never introduced ourselves." I begin. She focuses on me as I sit down. I brought my paw up to my chest to gesture myself. "I'm Twilight."

She mimicked me. "My name's Enastacia. Call me Enya." I feel my head tilt. "Ena...stacia?" I test it out, loving the way her name rolls off my tongue. She nods. I look up at the sky. "You should get back. Dawn is approaching, so your trainer should be waking up. I'd get as much rest as I could."

Enya's eyes widened before she quickly stood up and began running towards the camp. "Thanks, Twilight! Bye!" I watch her leave, but I don't want her to go. My ears slump in a sadness I've never felt before as I ran in the other direction. Maybe, I can look for something to eat. Then, I could share some with Enya. My head nods. Yeah, that's the way to do it! Then, my ears droop.

Oh, yeah, the clan. I better go talk to Dawnbreaker, the leader of the Sky Clan of Eevees. Maybe I can convince him to meet Enya.

-Enya's POV-

My trainer is still asleep when I returned back to the camp, but that didn't mean the other Pokemon were. The Chikorita, who was named Rose, sneered as she watched me approach the camp.

"Oh look, it's her." The others glared at me. "What are you still doing here?" A Squirtle, named Trench, growled. "Well maybe because I can. Why don't you go somewhere else with your bitchy attitudes." I growled back. A second later, the side of my face was burning. I look up to see my bastard of a trainer giving me a furious look. "Enya, you know that you're not allowed to start fights with the others."

Oh sure, treat them like they do nothing wrong. I merely bared my teeth on him and walked to the edge of the camp where a lake was sitting. I could hear them grumbling behind me, but I didn't care.

Looking in the calm water, my eyes widened. Instead of me, a mere Eevee, was one that looked like Twilight only, the base color for the fur was dark blue and silver for the rings around the paws and tail. The ears were like cat's but had a silver ring around each of the ears instead of a triangle like Twilight. On the forehead was a silver five-point star hidden by a bang of ocean blue fur. I guess a star similar to the one on this Eevee's head is on the back. The tail was the same as Twilight's only the fur on it had silver ends and the height of it was about an inch shorter than Twilight. The eyes were silver like the markings.

Then I realize the me in the reflection wasn't alone.

I gasp and look up to see Twilight standing right in front of me. His legs were spread out as if he was in a stretching position. His tail is wagging and he smiles at me. "Hey ya, Enya!" I couldn't help but giggle.

"Hey, Twilight." My voice turns serious. "Twilight, what are you doing? You could be captured!" He yawned as if he was bored before smirking. "You don't actually think I'll let myself be captured?" He pretended to be hurt. "That really hurts, Enya. How could you not trust in my skills?" He said with mock hurt. I giggled before biting his ear playfully. "I trust in your skills, Twilight, but you're too playful."

He smirked again before he knocked me onto my back. He raised an eyebrow. "You're playful, too!" I smirk before raising my head to his ear. "But I hide it better." After I finished that statement, I knocked off of me and pinned him by his tail. He pouted as he sat down.

"Enya..." groaned Twilight. I grin at him. He pulled his tail from underneath my paw and looked up at the sky. "It's almost Sun High." I tilted my head in confusion. He noticed this and began to explain.

"Sun High, is when the sun's at the highest point of the sky. In other words, lunch time." I blinked. Lunch time? I guess he didn't have a better way to put it, that or he likes food. I shook my wet fur which felt lighter than it usually is. I look back down at the water. It was the same reflection of a me that seemed like Twilight.

"Enya? Your..." Twilight's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. Twi's ear rose up suddenly and he turned around and barely dodged a Razor Leaf from Rose. They were fastly approaching, my trainer and the other Pokemon. Twi got a direct hit from Sora's, a Staravia, Steel Wing. If this kept up, Twilight would be captured. I ran in front of the next attack.

"Enya, get out of the way." My trainer snarled. I growled in response. His eyes narrowed before pulling out my Pokeball. Put it on the ground and smashed it. "You're a disobedient Pokemon that doesn't have a home anymore." He smirked.

I was free, was free to hunt, and free to live my life. I ignored him and grabbed Twi by his scruff before jumping away, leaving my old life behind.

-Twilight's POV-

I yawned before realizing where I was. I looked around, taking in my surroundings when I noticed that something was lying next to me. Turning around, I realize it's Enya in her true form. I thought her Eevee form was stunning, but this form made the other one look like a muddy pig.

Seeing that the sun was down, and night was still upon us, I cuddled next to her, placing my tail over her protectively. She snuggled into my warmth. I smiled before placing my head down. Soon, I was fast asleep.

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