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Recap (so need to stop doing these :P)


When Ash managed to catch up with Enya, she was already battling the hot-headed Aggron.

He looked down at Pikachu who stared back with a ready stance and a determined look. He nodded before directing his finger towards the distracted Aggron.

"Go, Pikachu!"

End Recap

Enya and Pikachu stood next to each other, their bodies tense as they waited for a signal to begin. The Espeon couldn't believe that she was doing this, allowing herself to be under the control of a human. Then again, Ash didn't know that she would act under his orders.

The Aggron didn't allow them time for Ash to learn of the new development and immediately charged at them with a Take Down. The ebonette quickly took action.

"Dodge!" On command, the two pokemon jumped in opposite directions, leaving an empty space where they were. The Aggron, already too into its attack rammed itself into a tree. Ash noticed that the steel-rock type was fidgeting in its spot in the tree.

Pikachu hopped over to Enya with a puzzled expression. "What's wrong?"

Enya looked taken back at the display of a furious Aggron trying to remove its head from a tree. One of her ears was acute while the other lay horizontal, as she was feeling a little put off. "I think it's stuck," She whispered when Dawn and Piplup suddenly came bursting out the bushes screaming bloody murder.

"Eh? Dawn? What are you doing here?" Ash stared at the coordinator as she blushed from the confused and crazed stares she was getting from her friends and pokemon alike. Before she could explain, the Aggron roared again before pulling its horns free from the tree, destroying it in the process. Piplup gulped, imagining itself as that tree.

"Pikachu, Quick Attack!" The electric mouse wasted no time to comply with the order. "Piplup, Bubblebeam!" The blue penguin was about to launch its attack, but instead spin around on a foot three times before crashing down on its side wish swirly eyes. "Ah, Piplup!" Dawn looked horrified ad confused as she knelt down next to her pokemon. She raised its head in her arms. "Are you ok?" Piplup gave a weak 'pip' before Dawn picked it up and carried it to the edge of the clearing.

'Oops,' Enya looked the other way, chuckling nervously in her head, 'The only pokemon who has a real advantage on the Aggron and I made him faint due to a Future Sight attack. Kami-sama must be laughing his ass off at my misery.'

-Somewhere up there-

A god-like person could be seen laughing as he looked down at Enya's predicament. *1

Enya's eye twitched as she heard muffled laughter. It sounded to be from the clouds, which greatly annoyed her. 'I just HAD to be proven right...'

Meanwhile, Ash and Dawn were wondering why the discolored Espeon was just sitting there. Well, Ash would stare between giving Pikachu a move to execute. "Espeon!"

Enya snapped her attention at Ash, albeit a little angered at the crude name she was given at the moment, waiting expectantly. Ash furrowed his eye brows in confusion. 'Does it want me to-' "PIKA!"

The pained cry of his pokemon brought Ash's attention back to the battle. It seemed as though the Aggron managed to land one of a devastating Iron Head attack on the nimble electric-type. Pikachu fell to the ground and faltered as it tried to regain its balance when the Aggron crept behind it. The steel-rock-type seemed to be charging a Hyper Beam. Seeing this, Enya flicked her forked tail feeling useless through it all. 'C'mon Ash! Give me an order! Anything!'

"Espeon, use Confusion!" The Espeon's eyes took on a blue hue as the Aggron's attack disappeared into nothing as she crashed in into the ground multiple times before throwing it into a tree. Taking this as a great opportunity, Pikachu dashed over to Enya's side. The black-haired trainer stared in wonder. 'So it's responding to my commands?'

Smiling lightly, Ash reached into his pocket and pulled out a Pokeball. Enya flinched slightly from the sight of it as the memories of her own Pokeball being smashed to bits by her former trainer came to mind.

"Go, Chimchar!" In a flurry of sparkles, the chimp pokemon made an entrance into the battle.

-With Brock, Still Normal POV-

Brock sighed as he looked over his handiwork. Whatever Twilight was fighting against, it sure was strong to cause such damage to it. Scratches , bruising, and blood practically decorated its body when he first started to treat it. Now, it had bandages around the ankles of all of its paws and neck. The rest of the Umbreon's wounds were recovering nicely, but Brock wanted to take it to thePokemonCenterjust to be sure.

Slowly, the Pokemon breeder carefully picked up the Pokemon and run in the direction he saw his friends go. He was just in time to see the Espeon land a flurry of golden stars on the Aggron that flashed yellow electricity thanks to Pikachu's Thunderbolt. If that attack wasn't enough, Chimchar shot out of the ground to land a super-effective Dig on the fumbling steel-rock-type.

The Aggron fell to he ground in a heap as Chimchar danced immaturely in front of it.

Brock couldn't help chuckling to himself. Chimchar's mischievous behavior was a great relief to this day's mysterious events. Suddenly, he feel movement from within his arms and notices that the Umbreon has finally awakened. Enastacia was over by his side immediately and Twilight smiled faintly at her. Twi was glad when Brock put him down; being up at that height made him feel a little light-headed.

"Enya, mind telling me why I woke up in the arms of this human?" He asked, flicking his tail at Brock. Enastacia merely grinned. "He healed you up. You're battle with that Aggron must've been bloody," Twilight silently agreed with her.

Pikachu, Chimchar, Dawn and Ash began to run over as well. The Aggron tiredly began to charge a last ditch effort of a Hyper Beam as Ash began to run in front of it.

Taking sight of this, Enya gasped before running towards the oblivious black-haired trainer. It all seemed to happen in slow motion as Enya managed to push Ash out of the way, only to be caught in the attack head-on.

Everyone stared in horror before racing over.

The attack was a critical hit.

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