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Chapter 2

Jim was watching his wife on the chair knitting little white socks and Jim asked with a smile, "White socks?" Ariel smiled and said as she put down her needles, "I don't know if we're having a boy or a girl." Jim pulled his wife off the chair and said as he wrapped his arms around his wife's waist, "Are you ready?" Ariel sighed and buried her head in Jim's chest. Jim chuckled and said, "I'm guessing you're not ready."

Ariel said worried, "It's just I'm a little worried about my father." Jim smirked and asked, "Which one?" Ariel lightly hit and said with a smile as she packed her luggage, "You know which one." Jim chuckled and said as he packed his luggage, "I'm sure Triton will be happy to be grandpa." Ariel smiled and asked as she finished packing, "What about your father?"

Jim smiled and said as he closed his suitcase, "He's a family man. To him it's one more in the pride." Ariel laughed and said as she walked out the room, "I'll meet you in living room." Ariel walked into the room and saw Giselle holding Melody in her arms. Giselle said with a smile, "I hope we meet again soon." Ariel smiled and said, "We will." Dimitri asked his wife with a smirk, "Honey how's the bun in the oven?"

Giselle lightly hit her husband and Ariel asked with a smile, "You overheard?" Dimitri said with a smile, "How could we not? I'm gonna be an uncle again." Ariel laughed and hugged Dimitri and said, "Just don't let Jim you know." The redhead broke the hug and Jim asked, "Uncle you still have some light magic left?"

Dimitri used some light magic on his door and said, "Soon as you open the door you'll be back home on Montressor." Jim hugged his uncle and said as he broke the hug, "Take care of yourself." Dimitri chuckled and said as Jim and Ariel walked through the door, "Take care of your wife."

Jim and Ariel saw the BenBow Inn and Jim sighed as he wrapped his wife's waist on the side. Jim said with a smile, "We're home." Ariel smiled and said as she wrapped her arm around her husband's waist, "Yes we are." Jim and Ariel walked to the old Inn and saw the lights were out as they walked in the Inn.

Ariel asked quietly, "Where is everyone?" Jim said quietly, "I'll get the lights." When Jim turned on the switch, everyone in the BenBow Inn jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!" Ariel and Jim were shocked and the redhead asked surprised, "What is…? What is all this?" Sinbad said with a smile, "It's a surprise baby shower."

Sarah said as she grabbed the suitcases out of Jim and Ariel's hands, "Dimitri told us what happened." Jim groaned and asked his wife, "And did you know about this?" The redhead made a small smile and said, "He must've overheard." Jim smirked and said as he brought his wife closer, "Nice how you avoid the question." Ariel giggled and she saw her friends smiling and holding gifts.

Tiana said with a smile, "Surprise Ariel." Ariel rushed over to her friends and Jim yelled with a smile, "Take it easy you have a baby inside you." Ariel asked as she saw the gifts, "What is all this?" Charlotte said with a smile as she handed the gift to the redhead, "These are gifts for the baby."

Ariel asked with a smile, "Jim's father told you?" Kuzco said with a smile, "Hey, we flew from Atlantica and we thought we give you your baby shower gift before we left." Ariel started to open the gift and saw a stuffed red lama. She picked up the lama and said with a smile, "Thank you." Charlotte said as he looked at her cell, "Kuz, sweetie, we gotta go our plane leaves in an hour." Ariel smiled and said, "You do love to travel."

Charlotte said as she headed for the door and Kuzco opening the door, "Send me the pictures of your baby." Ariel said as Charlotte's husband closed the door behind them, "I will." Tiana said as she handed an oversized stuffed green frog with a green bow, "We didn't have the time to wrap the gift. Due to the restaurant business." Ariel asked as Jim took the frog from Tiana, "How is the restaurant?"

Tiana said with a smile, "It's going well what with two great chiefs in the kitchen." Naveen heard a cell phone ring coming from Tiana's purse and pulled it out. Naveen asked, "Naveen, here. Okay we'll be there." Tiana asked worried, "Naveen, what is it?" Naveen said with a smile, "Tanya is getting fussy and she wants her mommy." Ariel asked happily, "You have a baby?"

Tiana said with a smile, "Yes and I've been officially only working in a kitchen at home and not at the restaurant." Naveen headed out the door and said after he kissed his wife's cheek, "I'm gonna back at the restaurant and Tiana I'll see you at home after work." Tiana chuckled and said as she was leaving, "I better go. Gurgi must have his hands full."

Tiana left and Ariel saw Meg with her gift. Meg said with a smile as she handed her gift, "It's not much Red, but I think it counts." Ariel opened the gift and saw it was a medallion in the shape of an old pirate coin. Meg said, "I found it in sand at Port Royal. I figured it was just an old medallion." Ariel smiled and said, "Thank you. Where's Herc?" Meg said as she was leaving, "He's in Agrabah. Still training for the tournament. See you soon, Red."

Ariel looked at her husband with smile and said, "I'm glad my friends came." An old familiar voice asked, "Aren't you going to say hello to your father?" Ariel turned around to see Triton with a smile and Triton said, "I'm going to be a grandfather and you're going to be a mother." Ariel hugged her father and said, "I'm home." Triton gave his daughter a coin with a trident on it with a chain holding the coin. Triton said as he left, "Give this to your child when he is a man. I 'm sorry I have to go back to work." Ariel said with a smile, "I love you, Daddy." Triton said with a smile, "I love you, too."

Nine months later…

Ariel was yelling and screaming as she tried to push her baby out. Ariel yelled in agony, "I'm gonna kill him!" Jim heard what his wife was saying and Sinbad said as he patted his young son's back, "Don't worry, your mother said the same thing when she was having you." Sarah said with a smile, "I almost broke your father's hand." Jim said as he was going into the delivery room, "I better go back in there."

Delbert said as he was ready for the baby to come out, "You're doing great, Ariel. I need one more push." Ariel groaned in pain and Jim grabbed her hand for support. Jim could feel Ariel nearly breaking his hand.

Sinbad saw Milo with his baby son and Sinbad asked, "What's the little guy's name?" Milo smiled and said as he rocked his little boy, "Peter Pan Hawkins. He has his mother's hair." Jane asked as she rested her head on Silver's shoulder, "I wonder what Jim and Ariel's baby will look like?" Silver said with an impish grin, "He'll look like Jim. Trust me."

Ariel made one final push and Jim heard a baby crying. Delbert said with a smile as he handed the baby to Ariel, "It's a boy." Jim started to cry out of joy as Ariel held their newborn son. Ariel smiled as she saw a little bit of red hair and a lot of brown hair. The baby opened his eyes and his eyes were a mixture of Ariel and Jim's eyes.

Jim said with a crazy smile, "He looks just like me." Ariel smiled and said as she looked at their son, "Say hello to your dad. He's not crazy as he looks." Amelia Doppler asked as she was ready to write down on the clipboard, "What is your son's name?" Ariel thought of the name and said as she looked at her son with a smile, "Jacob Pleiades Hawkins." Jim said with a smile, "Welcome to the world, Jake."

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