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Chapter 22

Jake landed on stone floor and saw the man with red auburn hair. Rothbart turned around and asked with an evil smile, "Well, what do we have here? The Red Rose." Jake said angrily, "Leave my home alone." Rothbart chuckled evilly and asked with a wicked smile, "Your home?" Rothbart said as he used his dark magic to show the school, "Soon your home will perish. You and the other two of the Three Flowers will be mine." Jake said as he transformed into his lion form, "Not if I stop you first." Jake ran towards Rothbart and tried to pounce on the evil God.

Rothbart used his dark magic and send Jake to the floor. Rothbart scoffed and said, "You haven't begun to tap into your power of the Red Rose." Jake could feel the light fading from him and thought of how he failed his friends, his teachers, and his family. All he wanted to do was to be a hero. To give hope to the people of his world.

Ariel asked worried, "Where would Jake go?" Cale said as he pulled out a brochure, "He might be at Anima High." Jim asked confused, "Anima High?" Cale chuckled and said with a smirk, "Oh that's right you and Ariel having been keep up to date." Jim said annoyed, "Okay, I get it. What is Anima High?" Cale said with an honest smile, "It's a high school to train our kind, wizards, witches, and other creatures." Ariel asked seriously, "What's the quickest way to the school?"

Cale said honestly, "I think maybe Merlin might have some magic left." Ariel grabbed her purse and Jim followed his wife as he said, "Thanks, Cale. We owe you one."Cale yelled, "Make sure you'll find your son." Ariel and Jim managed to get to Merlin's shop and saw the old wizard reading his light magic book. Merlin looked up to find the married couple and said with a smile, "Ah, Jim and Ariel so good to see you." Jim asked seriously, "Think you got enough magic to take us to Anima High?"

Merlin said seriously as he got up from his comfort chair, "I don't think it would be wise to go to Anima High now." Ariel asked worried, "Why not? Is it because you are out of magic?" Merlin shook his head and seriously, "It's not that I'm out of magic. It's that there is a war over at the school." Ariel asked worried, "Can you find Jake?" Merlin sighed and said as he grabbed his crystal ball, "I will try."

Merlin said seriously, "Rhowch i mi weld y tu hwnt i fy llygaid." The crystal ball glowed brightly and started to crack as Merlin looked for Jake. Merlin said as he found Jake in his lion form, "I found him." Jim saw his son trying to get up and asked seriously, "Are you sure he's at the school?" Merlin said strenuously, "Yes, I'm using all of my light magic and this is where he is." The crystal ball started to break and Ariel could see what was happening to the crystal ball. Ariel yelled as she pulled her husband down, "Get down!" Merlin knew what the redhead had meant and got down himself.

The crystal ball shattered into tiny pieces and Merlin got up and said sadly as Jim and Ariel got up as well, "I'm sorry. There was too much dark magic at work." Jim asked seriously, "Do know who has that much dark magic?" Merlin sighed and said seriously, "No. I'm sorry Jim, but this I do not know who has that much dark magic." Ariel said seriously, "Take us to Anima High." Merlin said seriously, "I don't if I can Ariel." Ariel looked at the old wizard with pleading eyes and said, "Please, Merlin. I don't want to lose him."

Merlin looked through his old spell book and said with little hope, "I think I have a spell that will send you to the school." Jim asked worried, "There won't be any mix ups?" Merlin said seriously as he found the page, "Jim, you and Ariel have nothing to worry about. Ah here is the spell." Merlin said as the spell book glow and flipped the pages, "Anfonwch y ddau i Anima Uchel." The light magic engulfed the couple and Merlin said hopefully as Jim and Ariel disappeared, "I just hope they're not too late."

Shifu saw a light orb and thought, 'Who is this' He got his answer as he saw Ariel and Jim coming towards the small red panda. Ariel asked worried, "Shifu, where is Jake?" Shifu sighed and said seriously, "Jake went off to fight Rothbart." Ariel yelled shocked, "You let him WHAT?" Jim asked seriously, "You mean to tell me he's fighting evil god all by himself?" Shifu said seriously, "This was his choice, Jim. You cannot protect him forever." Jim noticed that Ariel was missing and he then saw her running towards that storm in her lion form.

Jim yelled as he transformed into his lion form, "Ariel!" Ariel looked up at the storm and saw Hiccup coming down with Toothless. Ariel asked seriously as she transformed into her human form, "Hiccup did you take my son into the storm?" Hiccup nearly started to sweat out of fear and said nervously, "Well, he wanted to do it." Ariel roared in anger and pounced on him as she transformed and said, "Bring him back." Hiccup said defensively, "I can't. The winds are too strong and only he can get out himself."

Ariel looked up to the storm and said weakly with worry as she got off of Hiccup, "Jake." Jim caught up with his angel and said seriously, "Be strong, son. Be strong."

Killer Croc was pinned down by the Grand Head Councilor and Mickey said seriously, "Belle, get the Grand Council so we can lock him up for questioning." The brunette nodded her head and went out the door and Tigress asked seriously, "What do you want me to do Grand Head Councilor?" Mickey said seriously, "Make sure that the students are safe from harm and protect them." Tigress nodded her head and went to find the students. Mickey said seriously, "You'll pay for your crimes, Mr. Mansely."

Croc chuckled and asked with an evil grin, "Tell me do you think we were only after the boy?" Mickey thought about what the crocodile meant and the small mouse figured it out as he said seriously, "You're going to find all of the Three Flowers." Croc said with a wicked smile, "Not only that but Rothbart is looking for the Flaming Golden Lion." Mickey said seriously, "That is a legend; the Flaming Golden Lion has not been seen for 5,000 years."

Rothbart took the Scroll of Passage out and said with a smirk, "I didn't think it would be to take it from that hex doctor. He then looked at Jake who was trying to get up and said with the smirk still on his face, "Oh, the last hope of this world is trying to make a difference." Jake could almost hear the thought of everyone at the school hoping and he could hear Rachel's thoughts, 'Jake please come home.'

He could hear his friends' thoughts, his family's thoughts, and his parents' thoughts as well. All of them giving him hope and Jake could feel a power he had never felt before. Jake started to roar and his lion form was glowing with gold and flames. Jake roared and Rothbart said seriously, "It can't be." Jake yelled in a distorted voice, "I won't let you hurt everyone I care about." Rothbart said angrily, "I will have the power of the Three Flowers." Rothbart transformed into his form the Great Animal.

Rothbart screeched and Jake said angrily in the distorted voice, "Such evil will be punished." Jake charged towards Rothbart and Rothbart took to the sky and screeched evilly. Jake roared and magic of the Red Rose appeared as giant vines with thorns grabbed the Great Animal and pulled him down as he struggled to be free. Jake roared out of courage and pure heart. Rothbart could feel the power and yelled as he turned to stone, "NOOOO!" Jake started to feel dizzy and slowly transformed into his human form.

The world of darkness started to fall apart and Jake noticed that a door of light appeared before him. Jake had a feeling to go inside the door and rushed towards it. When Jake went through the door he found himself in a white room. Jake found an old man with a bronze book staff and asked curiously, "Who are you?" The old man turned around and smiled as he said, "I'm the Pagemaster." Jake asked as he looked around, "What is this place?"

Pagemaster replied as books came to him, "This is my domain, my world." Jake asked seriously, "Is this what Logan meant? That you are my truth?" Pagemaster chuckled and said, "You could say that but you already accepted your truth the moment you unleashed your true power." Jake looked back to the fight with Rothbart and asked curiously, "Do you mean that power in my lion form? The Red Rose's power?" The Pagemater nodded his and said with a small smile, "And much more. You are indeed a special child, Jake. You will accomplish so much more."

Jake asked seriously, "This isn't over is it?" The Pagemaster frowned and said seriously, "I'm afraid you are right. You have many challenges ahead of you and I'm afraid you will suffer and face a greater evil than I can imagine." Jake asked worried, "What about the Scroll of Passage? Is it safe?" The Pagemaster used his light magic and the Scroll of Passage appeared before Jake. Jake asked seriously as he took the Scroll, "What must I do?" The Pagemaster said as he handed him a magical textbook, "This will help you to learn hold to control your new found power."

Jake asked concerned, "What about you? What will you do?" The Pagemaster said with a small smile, "Watch over the worlds and write down what will happen." Jake asked still concerned, "You still want to live in this empty void?" The Pagemaster chuckled and said as he used his light magic to open a new door, "This domain is what keeps the darkest of evil away from precious books of everyone's lives." Jake asked seriously as he stood in front of the Door of Light, "When you said I will suffer, does that mean I will lose the people I care about along the way?"

The Pagemaster sighed and said sadly, "I'm sorry. But that is what I see in the path you have chosen." Jake said seriously with a pure heart and courage as walked into the Door of Light, "I'll protect everyone with my life. I won't let anyone suffer because of me."

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