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Chapter 23

Jake closed his eyes and saw very bright light until he saw the sun in the sky. He saw everyone cheering for him and Jake looked around to find Rachel coming out between the crowds. Jake ran towards her and picked her up spinning his blonde around. Rachel smiled as Jake sat her down. Rachel said as she wrapped her arms around Jake's waist and rested her head on his chest, "I knew you would come back." Jake said with a smile, "Rachel, you are the most amazing girl I have ever met."

Rachel was leaning in for a kiss and before Jake could give the kiss his friends were coming at him. May cheered, "Way to go hero!" Gary pat Jake's back and said with a smile, "You truly are amazing, Hawkins." Gilbert said with a smile and gave him a noogie, "Ah, he probably won't admit." Jake laughed and opened his eyes to find Master Shifu walking towards him with a smile. The small red panda bowed in front of him and said as he lifted from the bow, "Well done, young lion."

Jake said with a smile, "Thank you. Master Shifu." Iago flew to Jake's shoulder and yelled as he landed on it, "You know that was the most reckless stunt I've ever seen." Jake chuckled and said with a smirk, "Good to see you too, Iago." Philip Swift came towards Jake and said as he held out his hand, "You've come a long way, Jake." Jake said as he shook the Professor's hand, "If it wasn't for you and Syrena…I'd be still on the Black Pearl." Then Jake heard a familiar voice, "Speaking of the Pearl, it's time you join my crew."

Jake turned around to find Jack Sparrow coming towards him and Jake looked at Rachel and said with a smirk as he walked towards the pirate captain, "Sorry, Jack. My place is here with my friends, family, and the girl I love." Jack looked to find Rachel smiling and whispered in his ear, "One day, Hawkins, you'll join my crew. One way or the other." Jack said as he started run and threw a silver whistle, "Remember, pirate's blood is in you."

Jake caught the silver whistle and turned around to find his grandfather, Sinbad with a smirk as he said, "I thought would've gone with him." Jake said as he went towards his blonde, "I got a more important reason to stay." Jake then heard another familiar voice, "Oh, Jake we're so proud of you." Jake turned around to find his parents with smiles on their faces. Ariel said as hugged her son, "I'm so glad you're safe."

Jake said as he returned the hug, "Thanks, mom." Ariel broke the hug and Jim said with a smile as he walked towards his son, "Jake…" Jake hugged his father and said as Jim returned the hug, "Dad, I understand why wouldn't want me to know about our world." Jake then said as he broke the hug, "But this is my home and I'm going to protect it." Jim said as rested his hand on his son's shoulder, "I know you will."

Grand Head Councilor Mickey said as he walked through the crowd with the rest of the Grand Council, "Jake, you've done so much in this world of ours and I can't thank you enough." Jake said as he handed the Scroll to the small mouse, "I think this belongs to you, Grand Head Councilor." Mickey took the Scroll and said sadly, "But without the Pagemaster, I don't think…" Ariel heard a familiar voice that said, "I think I could arrange that." Everyone saw King Derek and bowed as he and Jack Skellington came through the crowd. Derek looked at Jake and grabbed the Scroll of Passage out of Mickey's hand.

He opened the Scroll and said with a smile, "Place your hand on the Scroll." Jake nervously put his hand on the Scroll and the magic of the Scroll surrounded him with a strange golden glow. Everyone watched in awe and Jake closed his eyes as the magic had vanished into thin air. The king said with a smile, "Open your eyes, Jake." Jake opened his eyes and saw his name with his family on the Scroll. Jake said with a smile, "I'm in the Scroll."

Rachel turned him around and kissed him longingly as Jake returned the fervor. Rachel broke the kiss and said with a smile as she pointed to his family, "Ahem." Ariel and Jim smiled as Jake brought Rachel to his family. Ariel took Rachel's hand and said, "Welcome to our family." Rachel smiled and said as she hugged Jake, "I'm glad to be part of the family." Rachel then heard familiar voices, "Rachel!" Rachel turned around to find her parents with smiles and said as she ran towards them, "Mom. Dad."

Ariel saw Rapunzel and Eugene hugging their daughter and Rapunzel had brown long hair. Ariel said with a smile, "It's been a while." Rapunzel said with a smile on her face, "Yes, it has been." Jake said with a smile as he looked at his blonde, "Looks like it's going to be long time for them to get some alone time." King Derek said with a smile, 'I like to make an announcement." Everyone looked at the King and Derek said with a smile, "It is time I pick the next heir to the throne."

Everyone was murmuring and Ariel was surprise to hear this because of her royal father wanted her to stay with her to the next heir to the throne. King Derek said with a proud smile, "Ladies and gentlemen. I am proud to say that Jacob Hawkins, will be the new heir to the throne. The next king of Atlantica." Jim couldn't believe what he had just heard as well as his wife. Jake couldn't believe it himself.

Jake asked surprised, "Me? The new king?" Derek said with a smile, "Yes, you will be the new king of Atlantica until I put down my crown." Jake asked seriously, "Does being the king losing the people you love?" Derek said seriously as he placed his hand on the young Hawkins's shoulder, "There will be time when you will lose your closest friend or the one who love most of all." Jake sighed and said seriously, "When I'm king I'll make sure no one will suffer because of me."

King Derek said with a smile, "But for now it's time to celebrate the heroic deed you have done." Jake said with a smile, "Yeah, I got a family and friends to celebrate with." Jake ran towards Rachel and everyone cheered as soon Jake reunited with his blonde.

Put your faith in what you must believe in

Jake transformed into his lion form and joins the rest of his family in their lion forms.

Two Worlds, One Family

Rachel got on Jake's back and both of them run towards their friends.

Trust your heart, let fate decide

All of his friends cheered for them and Jake and his blonde rushed towards the ocean and saw Syrena and the other mermaids watching them running along the sandy beach.

To guide these lives, To guide these lives we see

Jake then saw Logan and Belle with Korso on a boat filled with students cheering for the couple.

Put your faith in what you most believe in

Jake and Rachel looked out to the ocean waiting what dangers or excitement await for them.

Two Worlds, One Family

Jake roared into the sky and the roar would promise many things.

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