Chapter 3:The Vote Is Cast

The macaws slept soundly through the night, despite the hustle and bustle of the Guardians outside. The blackness of the night eventually became threadbare, and the rising sun shone brightly upon the Sea of Hoolemere.

The Guardians slowly filed into the tree and wearily headed towards their respective hollows as the sun crested the horizon. The shimmer from outside had been blocked by a moss curtain hanging over the nearby port hole, and it was not able to wake them.

They were dredged from their sleep by a rough throat-clearing sound, and as they peeled their eyes open, they realized that this hollow in fact belonged to someone. A miniature owl was standing in front of them, and it laid a questioning, angry gaze upon them.

It was mostly white, save for numerous thin black streaks all over, and its eyes were a rich yellow color. "What in Glaux's name are you, and why are you in my hollow?"

"Uh, hi! We were just sleeping here for the night because Soren and Pelli told us to. We are called Spix's Macaws!"
exclaimed Blu.

"Oh really? How did you get here? The only flying creatures that live in this tree are owls!"

"We came here yesterday from...somewhere far away, somewhere a lot different than here. Blu and I don't know how it happened, either..."

"I see. Well, if you don't mind, could you please leave so I can get some sleep!"

The tiny male owl's hostility shocked them, despite the fact that Blu and Jewel were at least three times his size. They nervously clambered from the soft nest that they had occupied and made their way out of the hollow.

They peeked their heads around the corner and watched as the owl sat down in the nest with a huff.

"Okay. That was odd. I guess not every owl is as friendly as the king and queen!"

"Você pode dizer isso de novo, Jewel. Para cada um na sua..."

They quietly walked away and entered one of the many corridors that lined the trunk, unsure of where it would take them. Back in the hollow, the Saw-Whet Owl was confused and irritated by what he had just seen.

"I have never seen any bird that looked as strange as those two! No creature in all of the six kingdoms even resembles them! I guess they must have been telling the truth.

But still, why would the king and queen allow two wet-poopers into the tree? Preposterous! I am going to tell all my friends about this at tweener.

Hopefully the Parliament will do something about them, preferably rid them from the tree. They have no place among us!"

The Saw-Whet Owl concluded his rant, but his gizzard was still churning with anger as he settled into an agitated sleep. After he announced it to his friends at the Guardians' evening meal, it would only be a matter of time before every single Guardian knew about the two strange birds that had been "invited" into the tree.

Not only that, they had been invited by their very own king and queen! The Northern Saw-Whet Owl knew that the monarchs were going to come under a lot of fire for this, and he was going to set it all into motion...

The two macaws roamed the corridor, which was surprisingly dim despite the morning sun shining steadily outside. The hall was filled with the echoing sighs of sleeping owls, and it made their search that much more creepy. Much to their relief, they spotted a bright shaft of light streaming into the narrow passageway as they rounded a bend.

"Finally! A way out! I guess it really is possible to get lost in here!"

"Who could have thought? This place is just so...big! But that only adds to the wonder! Anyways, how about we head out and get some sun?"

"Nenhum argumento aqui. Mostre o caminho!"

The two macaws glided from the port and out into the glorious rays of the rising sun. They weaved through the air beneath the leaf-laden branches of the tree, completely forgetting the unfriendly greeting by the tiny owl.

"It feels so nice out here! Too bad that the Guardians are night-sleepers. They have no idea what they're missing!"

"You are exactly right, Blu! In fact, this nice weather kind of reminds me of home. The still air, the warm sunshine, the scents of the jungle..."

Jewel soared up into the sky and planted herself on a lower branch belonging to the massive crown. Blu spiraled up to join her, and the homesickness that she was feeling was reciprocated to him as well.

As they gazed out across the glittering expanse of water, Blu declared, "I know that you miss Rio, Jewel. So do I. But we can't let despair get the better of us.

We need to hold on to the hope that we will eventually find our way back. How we will accomplish that is anyone's guess, but the mere possibility that it can be accomplished is reason enough to hope."

Jewel exhaled a reassured sigh and turned to her mate. "Yeah. You're right. No matter how dire the situation, you always know how to lift my spirits, Blu. Somehow I know that we will get out of this, together, and hope will be there to keep us going..."

"That's right, honey. Together..."

The two macaws sidled up to each other and continued their observation of the serene landscape all around. They relaxed in content silence for over half an hour, and that very silence was broken by a groaning sound from Blu's stomach.

"Wow, I must be hungry! But what will we eat? There is no one to bring us any food..."

As Jewel glared at her mate, a long vine at his feet caught her attention.

"Blu! Look at the vine hanging from this branch. There is some sort of berry growing from it!"

Blu leaned over to inspect the green tendril that sprouted from the branch at his feet, and it was indeed covered in small, pink, berry-like growths.

"What the? Let me see how they taste..."

He grabbed the vine with his foot and carefully pulled it towards himself. He brought the tendril within beak reach and deftly plucked a berry from it. He then lowered it back down to its former position, and it was left swinging slowly back and forth.

He closed his beak, and the soft berry popped open inside of it. A sweet liquid squirted out, and his eyes widened at the luscious juice that coated his tongue. It reminded him of the tart that they had consumed the night before, and his brain instantly connected the dots.

"Jewel! That was a milkberry! That must be the fruit of this tree! It tastes exactly like the tart that the snake brought to us. Try one!"

Jewel imitated Blu's method for plucking the berries, and she quickly tossed one inside of her beak. A small dose of the juice painted the inside of her beak, and she drew the same conclusion as her mate had just done.

"They are delicious! This tree sure does have its perks! Maybe the king and queen will have more delivered to us tonight."

"Hopefully, Jewel! In the meantime, how about we have some more?"

"Why not?"

The two macaws had each eaten all of the berries from two whole vines, which seemed to be dangling from special points all over every single branch in sight.

Being as the weather was exceptional and the fact that Guardians were sleeping, they decided to do some exploring around the island. They executed a circumnavigational flight around the entire island, and nothing seemed particularly interesting along the shores.

They moved in closer to the tree orbited the island once again. They were flying at a decent altitude above the western sector of the island when Blu caught sight of a sizable indention in the side of a small hill. He dive-bombed towards the hill with his mate close behind.

They braked skillfully to slow their flight, and they landed just outside of what looked like an entrance to a tunnel. They hesitantly crept inside, and the mouth of the tunnel seemed to swallow them up. They noticed a reddish glow deep inside, and as they rounded a bend in the tunnel, they had to keep from jumping as the soft glow illuminated the sleeping form of a large owl, larger than any they had seen so far.

The glow was powerful enough to reveal that the owl in question was covered heavily in streaks of brown and black feathers.

Jewel rapidly calmed herself and whispered, "Woah. That nearly scared my feathers off! I wonder who this is? We need to ask Soren later on and find out."

"Me too! How could an owl even live in a tunnel like this? It is so warm in here! Anyways, asking Soren sounds like a good idea. And as for the glow, it's coming from that metal bowl over there. Let's find out what is causing it."

They slid their way past the sleeping owl and neared the three-legged metal bowl. Nestled inside were about two dozen embers, and the heat they were giving off forced Blu and Jewel to stand back a few inches.

"More embers. What on earth could this owl use them for?"

"I have no idea, Jewel. There are a few tools stuck into them, too."

A pair of tongs was buried into the embers, as was a small, sharp spike. As Blu looked away from the ember bowl, a large solid mass a short ways to his right caught his eye. He approached it curiously, and upon the broad, flat surface lay a hammer of some sort.

"Jewel, come here," he said without turning around.

"What is it, Blu?"

"This is a hammer and an anvil. I think that this owl works with metal."

"Is there a name for it?"

"It's a...blacksmith! That owl is a blacksmith! He-"

Blu's revelation was unintentionally loud, and the two macaws heard a shuffling from behind them. They froze on the spot and prayed dearly for the burly creature to stay asleep. A few gut-wrenching moments passed, and the shuffling eventually died away.

The two macaws regained their composure, followed by a hot whisper from Jewel.

"Blu! You almost got us caught! Do you need help keeping your emotions under control?"

"Sinto muito! Maybe we should get out of here, just in case."

"Você acha? Come on, loud-beak!"

The macaws hastily tromped from the tunnel, with Jewel pulling her mate by his wing. They stopped just outside the mouth of the tunnel, and they had to adjust their eyes to the dazzling glare of the sun. Blu and Jewel lofted into a low-level flight and flew around the tree in search of any other tunnels.

As they neared the opposite side of the sturdy trunk after a few minutes of scouting, Jewel spied a sizable rock nestled up against the base of the massive tree off to her right.

"What is that stone doing there? It looks important."

"There's only one way to find out, right?"

They landed among a mass of tangled roots that ranged from the thickness of a pencil to the girth of a telephone pole. They weaved their way through the maze until they reached the gray boulder. The roots apparently refused to grow in the area near the stone, and they began to inspect the edges for any way past it.

Blu noticed a small gap in between the left side of the rock and the trunk, and he was able to force his way past. Jewel was on the other side of the rock, and she had not seen Blu enter. She saw no way to get in on her side, so she rounded the boulder, only to find her mate absent.

"Blu? Where did you go?"

Blu peered through the small gap and replied, "In here! You have to squeeze in sideways!"

She found the small gap he was referring to, and she promptly followed his instructions. The two macaws found themselves in near utter darkness, and they could think of only one way to let more light into the tunnel.

They pushed fervently on the boulder from the inside, and they managed to shift it just enough to allow a thin stream of light to flow in from the now-enlarged gap.

As they walked deeper into the tunnel, the beam of light had been interrupted by Jewel's body, and Blu noticed her distorted shadow projected onto the dirt floor. He stopped her with his outstretched wing and said, "You are blocking the light, honey. Step closer to me."

"Oh. No wonder my back felt so warm."

She slid over to him, and as the stream of photons completed their course, a stunning flash burned away the darkness. Their beaks dropped open in awe as the glare revealed a large space before them, and upon the walls were nearly a dozen golden racks. Upon those racks were a myriad of soft blue shapes, and every so often they would glitter and sparkle.

"Oh my god! This is an armory! And those weapons! They are made of...of..."

"Ice, Jewel! This is the armory for the Guardians' ice weapons..."

The assortment of glittering arms ranged from tiny splinters to hefty swords, from deadly daggers to menacing scimitars. No matter which model of weapon they looked at, they could tell that each and every one of them was honed to a sickening sharpness.

"This amazing! I would never dream of fighting an owl that could use one of these..."

"They are beautiful and murderous, all at the same time. I can't even imagine the damage one of these could inflict. It's enough to give anyone nightmares. It appears that the Guardians are more than capable of defending themselves, and even going on the offense if need be."

As much as they yearned to hold one of the ice weapons, they did not know how fragile they were, and thus they refrained. They resorted to walking around the room and feeling the edges of the weapons, applying only the lightest of touches.

Blu and Jewel soon discovered that they were indeed as sharp as they looked, and it gave them pause once again. After spending over an hour exploring and contemplating the deadly gallery, the two macaws returned back into the daylight, their minds reeling from the enormity of what they had just seen.

The sun had already crossed high noon, but oddly, the atmosphere had remained pleasantly mild, augmented by a soul-stirring breeze. Blu and Jewel opted to fly back up to the vast expanse of branches above and take a short nap.

They found a cool, shaded spot on one of the lower branches, reclining carefully against the junction of the branch with the main trunk. The gentle, crispy rushing noise of the rocking, verdant boughs was accompanied by the slow dance of the milkberry vines that cascaded from them.

The Great Tree's display served to induce much-welcomed unconsciousness in Blu and Jewel, and they jovially slept the day away.

As if to provide a wake-up call for the two macaws, the wind had picked up significantly as the sun prepared for its union with the horizon. A maverick gust sent the berry-laden tendrils flailing around, and they unceremoniously slapped Blu and Jewel multiple times.

"What is...with this wind? How rude! I find getting slapped with strings of berries very humiliating..."

"Esqueça o vento! We need to try and find Soren and Pelli! They might be awake by now, Blu."

"Oh, right! But how will we find them? But we have no idea where their private hollow is."

"Bem, podemos sempre perguntar a alguém. Perhaps he or she will be nice enough to tell us, or better yet, take us there."

"Good point! Let's get our tail-feathers moving..."

The two macaws dropped from the dizzying height of the branch and fought their way through the tumultuous winds, aiming for one of the dozens of port holes that riddled the trunk. They passed through the opening and gained immediate relief from the maelstrom.

However, they did not stop and contemplate the relief that the corridor brought. They decided to trust their instincts and search the lower sector of the tree first. They chose a path that appeared to be down-sloping and began trotting along it at once.

As they followed the narrow path unerringly, their choice was proving fruitful, for it seemed that they continued moving closer and closer to the base of the immense trunk. As they neared yet another bend in the dim hall, they heard hushed chattering spilling out of an adjoining hall to their right.

They neared the junction and stopped directly in front of the ovoid opening, peering intently into the up-sloping path. The soft banter, apparently female, grew in intensity, and as the two macaws braced themselves, three hauntingly pale owls rounded a bend and froze upon seeing them.

Blu immediately steeled his nerves and stepped forwards, causing the three female owls to shrink back visibly.

"Hello. I am Blu, and this is Jewel. We are looking for the hollow of the king and queen. Can you kindly show us the way?"

The three Barn Owls stared hesitantly at each other for several moments. Being as they did not reply, Blu and Jewel turned from them and attempted to walk away.

"No, wait! We will...uh...lead you there. That is...the same place we are headed."

Blu and Jewel stopped promptly, and they watched as the three owls ambled past them, nervous glints flashing in their six jet-black orbs. Blu and Jewel made to follow, and the owls had remained pointedly silent for the rest of the journey.

After the occasional switch off to an adjacent tunnel, the passageway eventually twisted around in a tight spiral, and as the five birds emerged from it, a straight passageway led away from it for a few feet. The five birds resumed walking, and they came upon a dense curtain of moss overhanging a nearly circular opening.

The three female owls whirled around, and the one on the left declared, "Here we are. They should already be awake by now."

"Thank you for showing us the way. We probably never would have made it here."

The owl in the middle replied, "You...are welcome. Come on in..."

The Barn Owls slipped through the moss curtain one by one, but Blu and Jewel hesitated.

"How did they know the right way to go? And why did they all have that familiar glint in their eyes?"

"Good question, Blu. Let's find out."

They quickly slipped past the entrance and emerged into a roomy hollow, much larger than they had expected. The three owls were conversing with the king and queen in the middle of the room, and the two macaws determinedly stepped up beside them.

"Hello, Soren! Hello, Pelli!" exclaimed Blu.

"Likewise, Blu. And the same to you, Jewel. How was your day?" queried Soren.

Blu had to be careful not to detail their "explorations" into the blacksmith's tunnel or the ice weapon armory, and his response was skeletal as a result.

"It was quite nice, actually We flew around the island for a bit, and we decided to eat some milkberries for breakfast. We tired ourselves out though, so we took a brief nap."

"Splendid. So I take it that your first day here was an enjoyable one?"

"Yes, Soren. It was. Oh, and if I may ask, who are these three owls that were kind enough to bring us here?"

Soren turned away to thank the three owls for their hospitality, and he quickly turned back to Blu and Jewel.

With a proud smile he intoned, "Blu, Jewel, I would like you to meet my three daughters: Bell, Sebastiana, and Blythe."

The three females then turned happily to Blu and Jewel with the intent of clarifying which name belonged to which owl.

The owl on the left began, "I am Blythe!"

The middle owl added, "I am Sebastiana, or Bash for short."

The final owl concluded, "My name is Bell!"

Blu and Jewel paused to soak in what Soren had told them, and the familiar twinkle in his daughters' eyes cemented his announcement.

"I knew that there was something familiar about your eyes. I never would have guessed that you were Soren's daughters! I am pleased to meet you all!"

"As am I!"

Bell, Bash, and Blythe replied, "As are we!"

Pelli then stepped up to the two macaws and said, "It was wise of you to come here. We have decided to vote on how to best approach your 'situation,' and as soon as First Black arrives, we will need you to come with us to the Parliament Hollow.

We will explain your dilemma to them, and then they will vote. We hope that they vote in favor of allowing you to start the Guardian training process, and more importantly, to allow you to stay at the tree."

Her mate added, "Although we are the monarchs of the tree, our power does have limits, and the Parliament is the physical manifestation of those limits. We will do our best to convince them that you are here for a most dire reason, but they will be the ones to decide your fate."

Blu and Jewel gulped, and they were too nervous to reply. They gazed sadly at his daughters, and Soren immediately picked up on it.

"What is the matter? Did I say something I shouldn't have? If I did, I will apologize."

Blu gazed at the ground and mumbled, "No, Soren. We understand. It's just that...your children remind us of our own. The children that we left behind..."

Jewel brought her gaze up to meet his and added, "We miss them deeply. We fear that if we are voted against by the Parliament, we will not complete the prophecy, meaning that we will never get to see our three beloved children again..."

Soren turned away and glared at Pelli, a depressed light filling their eyes simultaneously. Pelli moved closer to them and tipped their faces up with her wing.

"Perhaps we will never understand the sorrow that you feel for your loss, but you both must hope that things will turn out for the better. A hope is like a dream, in the sense that if you believe strongly enough in it, it will become reality."

Pelli drew her wing back, and Blu and Jewel nodded courageously.

"Thank you, Pelli. We will do our best..."

"That's the spirit. Now, why don't you take a rest for awhile. The Parliament meeting isn't due for at least another half-hour. You can go relax in our nest, if you so choose."

They nodded once again and walked towards the pile of twigs in the corner, lined with unbelievably soft moss. As Blu and his mate settled down in it, they heard Soren's daughters ask for an explanation of their situation. He and his mate took the time to recite the journey that Blu and Jewel had taken, and he left not a single detail overlooked.

It consumed a reasonable amount of time, and the two macaws grew drowsy halfway through the story. They slipped into a light sleep, but it lasted only mere moments, for Pelli came over and nudged them awake.

"It is time for the Parliament meeting. Come along, Blu and Jewel."

"What? Huh? How do you know? How can you tell if the sun has set if you can't even see it?"

"I don't need to see it, Blu. I can feel it in my gizzard. It is going to vanish below the horizon In a few more minutes, First Black will arrive, and the Guardians will all be awake. Now come on. Let's get this over with as soon as possible..."

After a short trek back the way they had came, Soren's daughters had said goodbye to them, stating that they had to head to the Dining Hollow for their version of "breakfast."

They vanished down an adjacent hallway, and the five remaining birds continued on the Parliament Hollow. They arrived in the small chamber where Cleve was stationed, and Pelli sent him off to gather the other members of the tree's ruling body.

Soren and his mate instructed them to perch on a small branch separate from the main one, allowing them to be in full view of the owls. The monarchs alighted in the middle of the hulking white branch that curved around the hollow. They told the two macaws to simply remain calm and speak only when spoken to.

Blu and Jewel did their best to hide their anxiety, and although they appeared resolute on the outside, what they were feeling internally was a different story.

After a relatively short wait, the entrance door slid open, and one by one, a cadre of different owl species filed in, and as they perched themselves along the arcing branch, Blu and Jewel could feel their stares burning holes in them.

After all seven of the owls were accounted for, Soren cleared his throat as the door slid shut.

"Before we attend to the weekly matters of this tree, there is another more pressing issue to resolve first."

Soren drew a voluminous breath and fixed his gaze on Blu and Jewel. "These birds who call themselves macaws..."

Soren recited their story once again, and the owls before them would cast them occasional glance of surprise, sadness, or sympathy. After he finished, he nodded to Pelli thoughtfully, signaling for her to speak.

"We will now give you some time to think about how to approach their situation. The vote that we would like to hold is going to cover two areas: whether or not these two birds should be allowed to take up residence here, and whether or not they can participate in the Guardian training program.

Think carefully upon this, and as soon as all of you have reached your decisions, the voting session will be held."

As Pelli's voice faded away, it was replaced by a heavy silence. Some of the owls appeared deep in thought, and a few others would glance at Blu and Jewel with sorrowful expressions.

After a reasonable wait, she announced, "Have all of you come to your decisions?"

A sonorous shout of "Yes, Your Highness," filled the room, and the two macaws clenched their talons tightly around their perch. Before they started, Soren announced that he and Pelli had both agreed to allow them to stay, and Blu and Jewel felt that they were off to a good start.

The king then gazed at the first owl on the right arm of the branch, a tall, slender one with menacing ear tufts and golden eyes, and said, "You first, Matthias."

The owl responded with a surprisingly mellow, "I am in favor of having these two macaws stay."

The blazingly white female next in line declared, "I must disagree with Matthias. I feel that they are simply too different to fit in among us."

The third member, a male Northern Saw-Whet who was dwarfed by the Snowy Owl before him, declared, "I also feel the same as Lydia. That is my vote."

"Thank you, Flynn. Your thoughts, Rita?" The female Short-Eared Owl adjacent to Flynn said, "I wish for these two birds to stay, Your Majesty. They only way that they shall make it back home is if they fulfill the prophecy."

The birds on the right arm had all voted, and Blu made a mental note of the standings so far: That's one...two...three...four in favor, and two against. This looks promising! There are only three owls left.

Pelli now turned to the three remaining owls on the left branch. She motioned for the chocolate brown owl closest to her to cast her vote.

The female Masked Owl declared, "I have voted against keeping these two macaws here."

The next owl resembled the blacksmith that they had chanced upon earlier, and in a deep voice, he said, "I have also voted against the notion of allowing them to stay. I fear that the tree will not appreciate having such...foreign creatures living among them."

Jewel winced at the word "foreign," and she thought: It's not like we can help it! Wait, the vote is tied four to four! Oh, please let the last owl vote for us! Please! Everything depends on it!

She turned to Blu, and she noticed that he had also kept track of the vote. A terror-filled light shone in his hazel eyes, and he was doing his best not to tremble.

They turned back to face the king and queen, and Soren said, "We now have a tie vote. It is up to Ashton to break it."

The two macaws fixed their gaze upon the Barn Owl, and he intoned, "Your Majesty, I have decided that,"

Blu and Jewelboth held their proverbial breaths, and Ashton concluded "I see no harm in allowing these two macaws to stay. In fact, they, as well as the tree, could only benefit. That is my vote."

Blu and Jewel had to resist the crushing urge to fly up to the Barn Owl and hug him over and over again. They smiled widely at the Barn Owl, and he met their elated gazes with a smile and a wink.

"The vote stands five to four, in favor of Blu and Jewel. We thank you all for giving us your feedback. Would our two guests like to add any final words?"

Blu was at a loss for words, and thus it was Jewel who accepted Soren's offer.

"We thank you enormously for siding with us. For those of you that didn't, we want to assure you that we felt no disrespect from your choices. Every creature has their own way of thinking, and that is what keeps the world turning.

Although you do not understand our native language, I would like to say, "Obrigado muito. That means 'thank you very much.'"

Soren replied, "You are most welcome. We are all excited that you will be able to live with us and learn our ways. We will do our best to make your stay here as comfortable as possible, in the hopes that you will be able to return to your own world one day."

His mate added, "We have other business to attend to now, so we are asking you kindly to leave. If you are tired, ask Cleve to escort you to our hollow, and tell him that you have our permission. Sleep well and rest your minds, the both of you. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day."

Blu and Jewel gave a final nod to the monarchs and walked towards the door. They knocked gently on it, and it promptly opened for them, courtesy of Cleve.

He slid it shut behind them, and he queried, "Well, how did it go?"

They smiled back at the Spotted Owl and exclaimed, "We have been allowed to stay!"

Cleve flashed a genuine smile and replied, "Wonderful! I had a feeling in my gizzard that things would turn out for the better. Would you like me to lead you to the hollow from yesterday? You both look very drained."

"Uh, actually, Pelli told us that we could sleep in her and Soren's hollow tonight. The hollow that the monarchs took us to yesterday was already taken, believe it or not!"

His face immediately grew serious as he took in Blu's words.

"Oh, I do apologize, Blu! Did everything go okay despite the fact?"

"Uh, yeah! He just wanted to know how we came here and such."

Just a tiny lie. What he doesn't know won't hurt him, anyways.

"Okay then! Shall we head on down to the monarchs' hollow?"

"Lead the way, Cleve!" shouted Jewel.

The trip back down to their hollow was short, being as it was nestled beneath the Parliament Hollow. Once they had arrived, Cleve bid them a good night's rest, and he made sure that they had settled down in the sizable nest before departing.

They found it hard to fall asleep, due to the excited buzzing in their heads.

"Can you believe it, Blu! We will one day become Guardians, just like the other owls themselves! Maybe that has something to do with completing the prophecy."

"I can believe it now, honey. That is a day that I will be looking forward to dearly! Maybe, just maybe, becoming Guardians will be our ticket home."

"Is this the part where you tell me to hope?"

"Você está correto, meu amor," chided Blu with a smirk.

"Anyways, how about we try to fall asleep? I can only imagine what Soren and Pelli have planned for us tomorrow. Oh, and about that, I think we should try to gradually alter our sleep cycle."

"Oh, so that we can wake up at night and fall asleep during the day? Is that even biologically possible?"

"I have a good feeling that it is, Jewel. It will take us about a good two or three weeks, but it should work. We will never be able to train effectively given our current sleeping habits."

"Good point, Blu! Now, what did you say about falling asleep?"

"Oh, right. I will shut my beak now. Good night, honey."

"Good night, handsome. Sweet dreams..."

The two sapphire birds nestled against each other and finally managed to succumb to unconsciousness. Though their minds still hummed with the implications that the future would bring, they did so in a reduced state.

The iconic feeling of hope had been planted firmly inside them, much like a tiny seed, and it would soon sprout and grow in the days, weeks, and months to come.

It would be their own private Ga'Hoole tree, encouraging them to keep moving forwards toward their ultimate destiny: to escape this realm and return back to their own.


Você pode dizer isso de novo, Jewel. Para cada um na sua...=You can say that again, Jewel. To each his own...

Nenhum argumento aqui. Mostre o caminho!=No argument here. Lead the way!

Sinto muito!= I am sorry!

Você acha?=You think?

Esqueça o vento!=Forget about the wind!

Bem, podemos sempre perguntar a alguém.=Well, we could always ask someone.

Você está correto, meu amor.=You are correct, my love.