A/N: This is a test to see if ff will allow me to upload my stories which I have not been able to do for some time now. It's an old story I had on my computer, one I used for an English creative writing piece. Just changed the names and a little bit of the story...

Based off 1x04 so spoilers for that (by far my favourite episode... don't know why.)

Fingers crossed this works! I've got a lot of stories I need to update! Especially Sexual Harassment for my mentor whom I miss so much!

We want to believe that is how it was, that there was a reason behind it all, that there was some way to justify the actions of the young male, whose life is no more...

As Mick Rawson descended the stairs from the roof, he looked across the room, not quite seeing what was in the room, his eyes heavy. He looked tired, defeated, older some how. Gina wanted to walked across to him and give him a hug, to take away his pain, to share the burden she knew he felt.

But she knew Mick, and he needed to be alone, at least for now. Tonight though, she would head across to his apartment, to make sure he had some company, that he really was okay. He could not be alone tonight.

Catching Gina's eye from across the room, Mick gave her a small shy smile, one that didn't reach his eyes, as he weaved his way in and out of the crowd towards the glass doors.

Eyes followed his progress, silence, within the enclosed doors, as everyone tried to take in what had happened, tried to comprehend what they'd seen and heard only moments ago - the actions one boy had taken to impress his deceased father and impress the FBI agent Mick Rawson.

"Mick," Sam's voice rang out through the crowd, but Mick walked directly past his boss, ignoring the older man and out onto the street.

Walking across the road deep in thought, Mick paused, looking back towards the scene, taking in the two uniformed officers pushing a now handcuffed Jason into the back of the police car.

Their eyes locked – time stood still. Two snipers, looking eye to eye - two snipers looking down the barrel at one another. Un-blinking, un-moving, time frozen in place, the two kept eye-contact, silently communicating to one another, a message that no one else was privy to – it was just the two of them - until Jason allowed a smile to grace his features, growing into that of a smirk. He had won. And he would not let the older man forget.

Helping himself into the car, Mick watched from across the street unable to do anything but watch the scene unfold. The squad car pulled away moments later, leaving Mick, standing on the side of the road in dead silence, leaving behind nothing by a sense of guilt, a dead, empty look in his eye.