"All right, kids," sighed Kamek as he led the Koopalings out to the Mostly Harmless Forest. "Think of this as fun game! You're digging for treasure! Yes, treasure!"

Each of the Koopalings held a shovel. They were about to search for Bowser.

"Hey, guys," said a voice. The Koopas turned around…and screamed.

There stood Bowser, only he was missing something. His skin. Bowser was in his "Dry Bowser" form-he was nothing but a skeleton.

"What happened to you?" cried Kamek in alarm.

"I was 'washed' downstream in that stupid lava river and it singed my skin off. Magikoopa standing there…just gimmie my skin back."

With a zap from his wand, Kamek restored Bowser to his old scaly self.

"Thanks," said Bowser. "So I've been thinking. I was going about this all wrong. I can't kill Peach. That's the wrong thing to do. Plus, she and Mario are freaking insane! No, I have a better idea of how I can be the most powerful being…by learning to love like she does! Give me a hug, kids!"

The Koopalings and Kamek screamed again and ran off, with Bowser following them.