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Chapter One The Fight

It was three years after the events at Wembley Stadium and Gaz and I were fighting again. I had woken up for too many days in a room that was a disaster so I got up, dressed, and started to clean the room. Gaz was out again probably singing and drinking so I was alone in the room when I started to clean. As soon as I got to where I could see a small section of the floor Gaz walked in and threw his jacket to the one spot on the floor that was clean. He went and sat on our mattress. I got annoyed by his actions and angry.

"Do you mind, Gaz, I am trying to clean this disaster that we live in up."

" No. I don't mind that your cleaning." he responded sarcastically, which was something he picked up from me.

After he said this I was furious so I went and picked his jacket up. "Clearly you don't because if you did you would not just come in here and throw this on the floor." I threw his jacket at him and it landed on his face. He pulled it off his face as I said, "Also you would be helping me with the cleaning instead of just sitting there doing nothing."

"Ah, Scara."

"No. Don't you 'Ah, Scara' me. Just get up off your lazy ass and help me clean up your mess!"

"But, you're doing so well by yourself Scara."

"Yeah well Gaz I am your girlfriend not you maid so if you will not help me fine you can do it by yourself because it is about time you learned how to clean anyhow. Actually everyone here needs to learn how to clean up because I am tired of doing all of the cleaning around here." When I finished yelling this at him I stormed out of the room and the Heartbreak. I just walked without any thought about anything including thinking about the Globalsoft Secret Police and how much they would love to capture me. I of course started to worry about them when they showed up and arrested me.

They clearly had no idea who I was because they only had one guy holding me. I hit him in the solar plexuses and he released me. Then two guys grabbed me but I was prepared for this and got both of them to let go of me. All of the male Bohemians had made fun of me for wanting them to help me to prepare for an attack by Globalsoft Secret Police if I was by myself. This grab and escape routine went on for ten minutes before all of them ganged up on me. If the guys would have seen me they would regret mocking me because all of my training came in handy. They restrained me tightly so that I could not attack them but that did not stop the insults from coming out of my mouth.

One of the leaders of this group finally gave up and said, "Somebody sedate her because I don't want to hear this all the way back to headquarters."

One of the officers pulled out a syringe, and injected me with it. A few seconds later I was passed out in the back of a Globalsoft van heading towards police headquarters.

After Scaramouche stormed off I got up off the mattress regretting what I had said to her. I began to pick everything up when Meat came in.

" What's up with Scaramouche? She just stormed passed me with out even a hi."

"We got into a fight."

"About what, hen."

"This room and cleaning it up."


"I came in while she was cleaning, threw my jacket down , and sat on the mattress. She yelled at me for throwing my jacket down and for not helping her clean up my mess."

"Ah see."

"Yeah, I regret the argument so I am cleaning the room to make it up to her. I was thinking about asking her to marry me but I can't do that when she is mad at me so I'll surprise her with the clean room first."

"Okay well Ah'll leave you to it." Meat said as she left the room.

I started cleaning again. When I had three quarters of the room cleaned I was interrupted again.

"What now?" I yelled without knowing who had come in. I turned and saw Pop standing in the doorway out of breath.

"What is it Pop?" I asked irritated.

"Scaramouche… Police… fought… ten minutes… captured."

I dropped everything that I had in my hands and ran towards the bar so that I could talk with Big Macca.