Chapter Two The Idiot

"Hey Big Macca. We have got a problem."

"What else is new kid? You always have some sort of a problem and it's usually related to one thing."


"Yep that's it. What is it this time?"

"Scaramouche has been captured by the GlobalSoft Police." I said slowly.

"How did this happen?"

"I do not really know the whole story of how it happened. What I do know is that we got into a fight and she stormed off. Apparently she stormed off outside. After that I only know she fought them for ten minutes before being captured. Pop might know more."


"Scaramouche stormed out and just sat there trying to calm down. The police came over the hill, saw her and one guy tried to arrest her. She hit him in the side of the stomach and got away. Then two of these guys got her and she escaped from them easily just like she always did when we were training her. She was caught and escaped many times over the next two minutes. In the end about thirty of them grabbed her and she could not get away. That didn't stop her from trying or from insulting them."

"What did she say to them?" Big Macca asked.

"She said 'You all are pigs! You are all weak! What one of you big guys couldn't take a hit from a girl? Not very good for you! I mean really it took what thirty of you to finally capture me! That is just pathetic!' Then they sedated her and put her in the back of the van."

"Yah that sounds like Scaramouche and the only way to get her to shut up when she gets into one of her rants. You either let her go until she is done or you sedate her." I said.

"What the hell? You damn pigs. Oh and look at who is coming this way. If it is not the biggest pig of them all."

"Now you really should calm down and be nicer miss because we are only trying to help you." said Khashoggi.

"Help me . Ha! You do not want to help me. You want to destroy me and turn me into a mindless GaGa, but I do not think so! No! You would have to kill me first!"

"With that stubbornness we may just have to send you to the Seven Seas of Rhye."

" Oh, so now not only are you a bleeding arse. You also are a stupid idiot."

"Now how do you figure that miss?"

"First of all do you even know who I am?"

"No! I do not know your name but I do know that you need some help."

"Help from you not bloody likely. You would mess my life up instead of helping me with anything. I on the other hand will have fun getting away from you again."

"Now miss you need not worry about getting away because no one has ever escaped GlobalSoft before. So therefore you will remain here safely until you are better."

"Oh, really no one has ever escaped GlobalSoft. What about those two teens Galileo and Scaramouche? Didn't they escape from you guys? Didn't they also free those that you had sent to the Seven Seas of Rhye?"

"Yes, butā€¦"

"So you admit that two people have escaped GlobalSoft before. That means therefore that it is possible for me to do it as well you pig."

"The flaws that were in existence then have been corrected so that it is impossible for it to happen again."

"Well, I guess I will just have to find another flaw in your plan."

"Guards get this insolent girl out of my face. While you are at it see if she can tell you where Galileo and Scaramouche are?"

One of the guards came up and sedated me while another brought a gurney.