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Chapter Three Jerks

When I woke up I was wrapped in gauze in several different locations on my body. I also was strapped to a bed in a room that was white and bright. I was the only person in the room for the moment. I took advantage of the time alone and became familiar with the layout of the room. There were three doors that I could see. There was a set of windows above the door in front of me. I assumed that it is an observation room but I could not tell yet. I started to wonder what the jerks had done to me this time. The first time I had woken up in GlobalSoft Headquarters wrapped in gauze they had put a bug in my head. I did not expect it to be much different this time. This time I could blame Gaz for getting me into this situation.

"My goodness that boy gets me into more trouble than I got myself into the jerk." Now of course I used to get myself into a lot of trouble. With not conforming to the GaGa's while in school, becoming a bohemian saving the World with the power of Rock.

"That idiot of mine had better try and help me get out of here."

"Oh, good. You're awake."

"Wow! You must be a genius to be able to look down here and see that I am awake. This is great that you shared that with me because I would not have known that I was awake."

"Shut up. Where are Scaramouche and Galileo Figero?"

"I do not know where they are so why do you keep asking me?"

"You lie."

After he said this I felt an electrical jolt.

"What was that for you jerk?"

"Where are they?"

"I told you I don't know!"

I felt another electrical jolt. This question answer and electrical jolt went on until I passed out.

"Okay so we know that Scaramouche was taken to GlobalSoft. Now how are we going to get her back from them?" I asked.

"Well, you know how Scaramouche always wanted to be prepared for any kind of issue that could come up." Said Pop.

"Yeah." We all said.

"Well she prepared for if someone would be captured by GlobalSoft. She made each of us a bag with a GlobalSoft identification. We also each should be able to get a job at GlobalSoft. So who is going to go?" asked Pop.

"I will go because it is kind of my fault that she is there and she would not let me live it down that it is my fault she is in there but if I help get her out she won't give me as much trouble for it." I said. Pop pulled out the bag that was set up for me.

The other people that volunteered were Meat, Big Macca, Charlotte, and Bob. After all of us had received our bags we went into the back room of the bar and looked though our bags.

"How did she get all of this done from out here?" I asked when Pop came in.

"Well, you know how good Scaramouche is with electrical equipment and technology. She went out and found all of these parts for a computer. She then put it together. When GlobalSoft came to power again she hacked into their system and got these Ids and ordered the clothes. She had her clothes delivered at night to that house that is just of our land and went to get it in the dark. After she had them she went to the stores and picked up all of the rest in her new clothes. She brought it all back and asked me to keep each of the bags safe until they were needed." Pop said.

"Okay so now we just need to get jobs which will be easy once we gain access to a computer." I said.