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Chapter Nine Hanging Out with the New Girls


When I woke up I went straight to my computers after getting dressed. It did not take nearly as long to get around in the room since Gaz had finally cleaned up our room. I made a mental note to show him how much I appreciated the fact that he finally listened to me. The two new ids did not take me long so I was soon back on my way to the Heartbreak to spend time with the other Bohemians.

The first people I ran into were BriL and TayB. I started talking to them and noticed that we had a lot in common. At noon we all were hungry so we went to the bar to get some lunch and were joined by Gaz and Meat. The five of us talked and just hung out in general. That night Gaz and I took the stage together and began playing. BriL and TayB slowly began to realize that they could just be themselves around the others and joined the dancing.

Gaz and I were going to do one more song before taking a break to catch our breath and get something to drink when he reached turned to me.

"Scara you have been with me through so much. You put up with me being an idiot more often than not. You are the one who helped me bring an end to Killer Queen." After he said this he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small velvet box that when opened contained a beautiful ring. "I know you just got out of the hands of those GlobalSoft idiots but I love you babe and I want to be able to spend the rest of my life with you. So, will you marry me?" Gaz said.

Everyone was looking at me expectantly and I was shocked by what Gaz had said and in front of everyone. I looked at Pops and Meat and saw them smiling in a way that told me they had known and been in on the proposal to a certain extent. I then looked at my two new friends and they looked happy for me. I turned back to Gaz and opened my mouth to speak.


I woke up and realized Scara was not in the room with me. I got up and dressed so I could go find her and spend some time with her. Before I left I made sure I had the ring with me. I looked at the clock and saw it was just after noon so I went to the bar to get something to eat. On my way I ran into Meat and we both continued to the bar. Once we got there I saw Scara talking with the two new girls from the night before.

We joined them and I quickly learned that they also had mastered the same type of sarcasm that Scara uses. I could tell that they were becoming fast friends with Scara and I was happy for her. I was even considering them friends by the time Scara and I got up on stage to perform for a bit.

When we were getting ready to do one last song before a break I looked at Scara and decided it was a perfect time to propose to her so that is what I did. I saw her look out towards the crowed and noticed she looked at Pops and Meat before looking at BriL and TayB. I was nervous as to what her answer was going to be when she finally turned to me and opened her mouth to respond to my question.

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