Disclaimer: I do not own any Naruto Characters.

Explanations/Rant: There probably won't be any type of pairings so don't ask. I've decided to try my hands on a horror, drama, suspense story. I do not know how this will go.

Summary: None (If I gave the summary it would probably reveal everything which is bad)

Italics: Invitation
Bold: Place and Name

Warnings: AU, OOC, Character Deaths
Warnings: None



You my dear, are invited to 'The Den'.It is up to you however if you wish to go or not. If you do, please bring this invite with you to the location written at the bottom of this invite at 12AM sharp. Along with this invite, you should have received a package. This package has the outfit you are to wear, a mask and the name you shall go by if you decide to go. Do NOT say your real name! Use the name that was given to you whether you like it or not. If you choose to not go, BAR, the invite. Do not speak of the invite to anyone or there shall be a penalty.

Sincerly Your Host,


- BAR:
Burn After Reading
- The Den: info should be revealed next chapter
- Ruby: Owner of The Den