Title: Family & Secrets Author: Kellie E-mail: kjm_20181 .au Disclaimer: I don't own any Roswell characters. If I did Brendan would live in Melbourne, Australia with me, the show would still be going and Liz and Michael will be together forever! Rating: PG/M for language (for the moment) Category: UC-Mi/L Summary: A familiar face from the past returns. Spoilers: Majority takes place after The Departure - with flash backs to other episodes. Distribution: ask and you'll probably receive Notes: I moved the story forward a year, so Liz was shot in 2000 instead of 1999, the Aliens emerged from their pods in 1990 instead of 1989. Also their will be a small crossover with the WWE at some stage, I'm just not sure when.

Prologue 1 (After VIVA LAS VEGAS.)

Liz packed her bags after Sheriff Valenti left with Kyle & Tess, ready to leave for the airport. Looking at her watch, she saw that there was a couple of hours before they had to leave, so she went for a walk.

With no destination in mind Liz ended up outside the Elvis Chapel. Wondering inside she tried to imagine what her wedding to Max would have been like. She couldn't believe that Max had a flash of them getting out of a taxi together after their wedding. When they had been dancing earlier, she had almost told him all about Future Max, but luckily Maria had stopped singing & the moment was broken.

The sound of someone cleaning his throat in front of her bought her back to reality. Looking up she saw Alex standing there.

"Why are you crying?" he asked

"It's nothing" Liz replied wiping her eyes, "I guess everything just caught up with me"

"Your lying to me. Don't forget Don't you remember, the terrible trio don't lie to each other. You need to tell me what's going on."

Liz sighed.

"Well it all started when we went to see Madame Vivian."


1 hour later Alex was sitting in shock. "I can't believe Max would have done that to you. I mean the Future Max"

"From what he said, I think that I, well future Liz Evans insisted that he do it. There's nothing I can do now, its over, he's never gonna trust me again, & believe it or not, last night while we were dancing, for the first time, I felt that I really made the right decision. It was never gonna work anyway right, come on he's the leader of another planet."

"Shit happens, & life goes on." answers Alex

"I've never heard you speak like that before"

"I get it from Callee. I was talking to her the other day & she asked me if I could find out anything about her mother. You know, in all the years I've known her, I've never heard her ramble until the other night. She just went on & on, I think she even mentioned something about stupid aliens, then she went all strange & started asking who she was talking to. I figured she was just getting into character. Actresses are strange"

Liz nodded. She had been keeping in contact with Ava, & knew exactly where she was and what was going on.

"But" Alex continued, "It looks like we're gonna hafta call her & get her to come back. She'll make everything right. She'll even kick Max's arse for you, & I'll be right behind her."

"I know, & your right when we get home, we'll call her. Nancy won't be happy about it, you know how she feel about her neice"

"Yeah, well Nancy can go fuck her self. We should go now, they are probably worrying about us."

As Alex & Liz left, neither of them saw the 3 pairs of eyes watching them.