Title: Family & Secrets Author: Kellie E-mail: kjm_20181 .au Disclaimer: I don't own any Roswell characters. If I did Brendan would live in Melbourne, Australia with me, the show would still be going and Liz and Michael will be together forever! Rating: PG/M for language (for the moment) Category: UC-Mi/L Summary: A familiar face from the past returns. Spoilers: Majority takes place after The Departure - with flash backs to other episodes. Distribution: ask and you'll probably receive Notes: I moved the story forward a year, so Liz was shot in 2000 instead of 1999, the Aliens emerged from their pods in 1990 instead of 1989. Also their will be a small crossover with the WWE at some stage, I'm just not sure when.

Chapter 4

Callee glanced over to where Liz & Michael were watching, & gave them a wink. Turning back to Max, she found his gaze had once more fallen on to Liz.

"Hey yo dipshit eyes on me when I talkn' to you." When that didn't get his attention, she tried a different attack, "Hey Max, Tess is coming"

"Huh, what, Tess?" Max spluttered.

"Just getting your attention. Now, I have several things to say to you, & I would appreciate it, if you wouldn't interrupt me. Firstly what is the single worst thing you can do to your girlfriend? No answer, ok how's this, kiss another girl in front of her. Now I know that you are going to say that that kiss last year meant nothing to you, but once you add the whole crock of shit 'destiny' into the mix, and you have one very upset Parker, and I'm the one who had to deal with her in Florida, and stop her from doing something stupid, like getting back together with you. But then you went and chased her, in hope that she would get back with you, and well we all know how that turned out, though how you could honestly think that she would sleep with Kyle Valenti, I mean come on that boy is just uggg, now if it had of been Matt Hardy or Shane Helms, I'd understand it." Looking up at Max, Callee saw that she had completely lost him. "Ok, so how you thought that was completely beyond me because you and I both know that Liz was, in all honestly, saving herself for you. You are an idiot you know that. Then you went and invited her to the prom, as friends, and I thought, good, maybe he won't doing anything to stupid, WRONG, because while at the prom, you and Tess got all hot and heavy, to be honest, I don't care if it was some memory retrieval technique, or you where just being the arse that I think you are, but you DO NOT take one girl to the prom and them makeout with your former wife, or what ever the hell Tess is. What happened to the condom you had in your wallet around the time of the Gomez concert? I mean, come on, any male your age is supposed to have the 'ring of hope' imbedded into their wallet, & why the hell didn't you use it, or any when you fucked Tess? I know you're a smart boy, or what ever, but common sense, you moron"

"It was a spontaneous."

"Finish that sentence and I'll castrate you, because lets face it, sex is never a spontaneous thing for males of your age, species or whatever. It is a known fact that males between the ages of 15 and 100 will always expect sex, it's like in your DNA."


From where Liz and Michael were sitting, they could see that Max hadn't gotten more that 5 word in, and he was looking a little worried.

"What do you think she's saying to him?" Michael asked.

"I have no idea. But I have the feeling that she's giving him a very large piece of her mind, she very opinionated. She knows about His Royal pain in the arse and Future Max thing. Oops"

"What Future Max?" Michael asked.



In reality, Max was more surprised than scared, that a girl like this was even related to his sweet and innocent Liz.

"Now Max, I want you to listen very carefully to what I have to say now. I have no idea how Liz feels about you, but she needs to have time away from you to sort out her feelings. So I'm gonna make this really easy for you, If I find out that you have followed, harassed or hurt her in anyway, shape of form, I will personally slice off your crown jewels, & kick your arse all the way back to Antar. Got it?"

Max slowly nodded, the color slowly draining from his face.

"Good, well I guess I'll see you round." Callee said as she got out of the booth, "Just remember what I said" she added before going over to Liz & Michael.

"Mission accomplished" she announced. "I threatened his balls, I don't think he'll be around as much. Now, who wants a special Callee creation" she asked as she made her way behind the counter. "By the way, Liz where are Nancy & Jeff?"

"On their way home from Texas."


Max just sat there staring at the space where Callee had just left. He didn't even notice when Isabel came & sat down beside him.

"Hey Max" Isabel sighed. "You know, that coming in here everyday isn't going to make Liz come back to you any quicker."

When Max didn't reply, Isabel looked at him. "Hey Max?" she asked. Max continued to stare into space. Isabel slapped him on the back of the head.

"Owww" he cried out. "What was that for?"

"You where staring again, but this time not at Liz." Isabel noticed that Max's face fell a bit when she mentioned Liz. "Ok, what happened?"

"Liz's cousin came over to speak to me, told me to stay away from her"

Isabel glanced over to where Liz, Michael & Callee were sitting, they seemed to be thumb wrestling.

"Since when do you listen to anyone when it comes to Liz?" Isabel asked.

"Since, I should have know that she wouldn't have slept with Kyle. Plus her cousin threatened me."

"Spit it out Max"

"She threatened my." Max said, casting his eyes downwards.

Isabel stifled a giggle. "You mean your."

"YES" Max almost yelled.

"Who the hell is this chick?" Isabel said, getting out of the booth.


Liz, who was back behind the counter, watched as Isabel got out of the booth, & started to make her way over to where Callee & Michael arguing.

"Face it Guerin, you can't beat me" Callee said.

"I'm only losing 3-0."

"Face it Michael, I have far superior thumbs"

"Incoming Ice Princess" Liz muttered.

Callee & Michael continued to argue even though out of the corner of her eye, Callee could see Isabel standing there.

After Isabel had cleared her throat for the third time, Callee looked up at her, she said "Your Isabel right?"

Isabel nodded. "I was wondering, what exactly gives you the right to talk to Max that way?"

"It's quite simple, I swore to Liz before I left, that nobody would ever hurt her, but ever since Max came into her life, he has done nothing but hurt her, & now that I'm back I plan on seeing that it never ever happens again."

Isabel looked at the brunette in front of her. "I think Liz & Max are old enough to look after themselves. Don't you think?"

"Oh, I have no doubt in my mind that Liz is, not sure about Max."

"I'd argue with you, but I think you are probably right" Isabel turned to leave.

"Wait, you and I need to talk, hey Liz, can we use your apartment?"

"Sure, just go up."


Callee and Isabel sat opposite each other in the parker's living room.

"I'm about as subtle as a sledge hammer apparently, so I'm just going com right out and ask, did you honestly love Alex?"

"What did you say?"

"I asked if you loved Alex"

"What business is that of yours?" Isabel asked.

"I was then one at the other end of the telephone line who had to listen to him go on, & on, & on about you & how fantastic you where. I just wanted to know if you felt the same way."

Isabel sniffed, tear where forming in her eyes. "Yes I did, I honestly loved him."

"Why didn't you tell him, because all he wanted was for you to love him, & he died not knowing that you loved him."

"I was scared ok. I've never felt that way before"

Callee reached into her bag & pulled out an envelope. She handed Isabel the envelope. "It's from Alex, he knew what was happening to him, what Tess was using him for, he sent me this email just before he died, asked me to give it to you when I came back to Roswell. He knew that our sister would not accept that he committed suicide. He did what he thought was the best for everyone at the time."

"How did you know that I knew about you, Alex and Liz"

"Gut instinct, I've learnt that you should always trust your gut." Callee shrugged. "I don't care if you know, Liz doesn't know, but Alex did, and Nancy and Jeff where supposed to have told Liz already. Anyway, I suggest you go and read this letter, go somewhere private. Then come and see me. This is my address" Callee said handing Isabel a business card. "If I'm not there, just let yourself in."