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Title: Family & Secrets Author: Kellie E-mail: kjm_20181 .au Disclaimer: I don't own any Roswell characters. If I did Brendan would live in Melbourne, Australia with me, the show would still be going and Liz and Michael will be together forever! Rating: PG/M for language (for the moment) Category: UC-Mi/L Summary: A familiar face from the past returns. Spoilers: Majority takes place after The Departure - with flash backs to other episodes. Distribution: ask and you'll probably receive Notes: I moved the story forward a year, so Liz was shot in 2000 instead of 1999, the Aliens emerged from their pods in 1990 instead of 1989. Also their will be a small crossover with the WWE at some stage, I'm just not sure when.

Chapter 5

After Isabel left the Crashdown, Max took off after her & Caley made an important phone call.

"Alex? Hi, it's me, I just gave Is your letter. She knows about you, me & Liz. Fucked if I know how, but I'm guessing that eavesdropping is very popular in Roswell. Whateva, is Ava there? She's not, ok, can you have Lonnie ready for transport within the next couple of hours, I'll do Isabel first, I think that she might have the most to deal with, then I'll do Max & Michael after we get back from picking you up. So send Zan & Rath over tomorrow, & I'll pick them up then. Yes I promise that I will be careful with Is. I know she is the love of your life, blah, blah, blah. Ha, ha. When are your tickets for? So you'll arrive in LA in a week & a half, cool- that will give me enough time to get up there, see Shane & work out some of that WWE crap. Yes, I'll see if Liz will come with me. Has Adalie contacted you yet? No, well when she does let her know that I have spoken to the Royal Guard & his family, everything this is fine, except, for that whole Tess/Nacedo drama. I've gotta go, I have a list of things to do a mile long, starting with Liz, Michael, Isabel, Jim, Amy, Kyle, Maria and finally Max, plus I have to pick up my boy, he's getting to know his aunt and uncle Whitman. Love you, bye."


Isabel went out to the pod chambers to read her letter from Alex. She noted that it was only dated 3 days ago.

"Dearest Isabel, Well, I guess that you can probably guess from the date at the top of this letter, that I can't possibly be dead. These last few months since the accident have been so hard on me; because I couldn't get to you and tell you I was all right, tell you how much I love you. But the future of our home planet was at stake. We weren't willing to let Tess and Nacedo's plan go though, because it would have given Kivar complete power on Antar, and your mother Adalie's hard work would have gone straight down the tube, along with the work of those on earth who have fought so hard to keep you alive and save. I know you have a lot of questions right about now, especially after I have said things like our planet, but unfortunately I cannot give you the answers in this letter, just like I can't say where or when I will be come home. Or how we are going to change some memories, but my sister can, find her and she will answer everything for you. I love you, and I'm coming home. Alex"

Isabel sat there in shock, Alex was still alive, and her mother was fighting for them on Antar, all of this was overwhelming. Isabel curled herself into a ball and cried herself to sleep.


Meanwhile back at the Crashdown Michael and Liz where congratulating Callee for the way she handled Max.

"It was brilliant, I have never seen our fearless leader look so scared." Michael smirked.

"Yeah," Liz chimed in, "I think he might have even gotten the message about leaving me alone"

Callee highly doubted Max was going to give up so easily. "I hate to burst you bubble Liz, but I really don't think he is going to give up that easily, I think we might just have to bring in the big guns. And it just so happens they are flying in from Australia in a couple of days, plus I have some very large, muscly wrestling men types meeting me in LA. We could get some of them to come back with me to beat him up."

Michael looked a little pissed of, "You just got here and your leaving again?"

"For a week or 2, geeze take a chill pill. I'll be back, got important stuff to do here." Looking at her watch, "Listen, what time do you two finish tonight?"

"I'm closing" answered Liz

"I've already finished" said Michael.

"Can we talk Michael? Its kinda important?"

"Sure, where?"

"We'll go back to my place, Liz can you come by after you finish here?"

"Ok", Liz answered. She had a fair idea what Callee was going to talk to her about.

"Cool, here's my address" Callee said handing her a business card, "just come over when your finished I'll be up." Turning to Michael, she said, "I'll meet you there in about 15 minutes. I have to go pick up my son Mikhail. He's at the Whitman's. See you soon" Callee handed a stunned Michael her business card and left the Crashdown.

Liz looked at Michael, "Hello? Michael"

He turned to look at her, "She named her son Mikhail"

"I know, his name is Mikhail, spelt M-I-K-H-A-I-L Taren Morse, don't know where she got the Taren from."

Taren, Michael thought, that sounds so familiar.


Michael was waiting at Callee's house by the time she got back there.

"Nice house" he said as she got out of her car. Moving around to the backseat before picking up a sleeping bundle of child.

"It's to big for us. This is the house I grew up in, before we moved to the Trailer Park. Anyway, Michael, this is my son Mikhail. The Whitman's tired him out, do you think you could open the door for us?"

"Sure" Michael moved up to the front door before swiping he hand over the lock, and opening the door.

"Make yourself comfortable, I'm just going to put him in my room."

Callee walked off in one direction, and Michael went in another, he came to what appeared to be the kitchen.

"Ok" Callee said entering the kitchen, "First things first, come here" she said opening her arms to Michael. "Give me a hug" Michael closed the distance between them, taking the smaller woman in his arms, "I've missed you"

"Me too baby, me too. OK do you want anything to drink?"

"No thanks I'm ok"

"Follow me." Calle said leading Michael to the lounge room. "Your probably gonna need to sit down for this."

Michael sat, with a slightly worried look on his face.

"Don't look so worried, its good news." Callee reached for a folder on the table in front of her, opening it she took out a piece of paper, "this is for you."

Michael took the paper and started reading it. About half way down the page his eyes bulged out of his head. "Is this right?"

"Keep reading"

His eyes bulged again. "7.5 million dollars, are you sure?"

"Yep, each of dad's children got 2 million dollars after he died, and then after my grandfather died he added 5.5 million to it."

"But your father is not my father"

"I know that, but he always thought of you as his son, he was devastated that we couldn't take you to Australia. Liz, Alex, you and I will all get 7.5 million upon our 25th birthday's. Plus I want you to come and live here with Mikhail and I."

Michael was stunned.

"Mummy?" came a voice from behind

Callee turned to her son, hey baby, when did you wake up?"

"Just before, hello uncle Michael," he said waving tiredly to Michael.

Michael looked at the small brunette boy as he walked over to Callee and climbed in her lap.

"You can call me Mickey M, that's what Uncle Alex and Aunty Ava call me all the time."

Michael looked at Callee, Alex was alive, and she had Ava?