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It took another 2 hours to finally convince me that I was a witch. Then another hour for me to realize that Harry Potter and Ginny W-, well I guess Potter were my parents. I had always known that I wasn't related to the Stuart's, because I do not look like them at all, and also the fact that I came out of the fireplace the firs time they saw me.

Anyways, I was walking in Diagon Ally (We had flooed over) with Miss. Rionna, getting all my supplies. Diagon Ally was spectacular. It was even better than it looked in the movies. Dad had given me money so I could buy all my school supplies. We went to Flouris and Blotts, and got all my books. Then we went to get the rest of the equipment. Thirdly, we went to Mme. Malkins. She told me that I was so lucky to be 7 years old, and that she wished she could be my age again. I told her I was 10, and she had turned as red as my hair, telling me that I would grow soon enough. After that embarrasing trip, we went to Ollivander's.

I opened the door, and stepped in making the door whine, and the floor to creak.

"Hello?" I called out, cautiously walking up towards the desk. Suddenly a ladder whizzed past me, and Mr. Ollivander jumped off.

"Why, hello Miss. Potter. How do you do?"

"I'm fine thanks, but how do you know my name?" I asked frowning slightly.

"I know everybody, Miss. Potter. Is that an American accent I detect?"

"Umm... Yeah, I live there."

"Odd. Odd." he murmured. He looked at me straight in the eyes. "Let's find you a wand shall we?" He walked off, seaching through the mountain of wand boxes. I shivered slightly. Not only was it cold, but that man was also very strange. Mr. Ollivander returned, with a measuring tape.

"Wand arm?" he asked.


"Which arm do you write with?"

"Oh, right." He measured my skinny, short arm. He then took the box he had in his other hand, opened it, took out the wand and gave it to me. I took it.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Flick it." he said, slightly impatient. I flicked it, and the boxes behind him tumbled to the floor. "Nope." He said grabbing it and putting it away. He gave me another wand, and that one also didn't work. Neither did the one after that, and after that, and after the next hundred. Finally after what felt like a day, he pulled out a green box with dust on it. He took out the wand and passed it to me. It was a dark ash wood. I flicked it, and warmth spread all around me.

Mr. Ollivander took the wand, and studied it.

"Hmm.. interesting. 7 and a 1/2 inches, with Veela hair, Unicorn hair, ancd a Pheonix feather. An odd and completely original combination. I have never seen a wand with three objects in it. Maybe it's the American way." I frowned, as he put the wand back in the box, and cleaned the fluff off the box. I then payed him 10 galleons and went off to the pet shop, followed by Miss. Rionna. Miss. Rionna had hardly spoken the whole trip. When we got in the store, I immeadiately went to the cat section. I found the one right away. She was a very small kitten, and she was a red tabby. Her fur was soft and silky, and her eyes were green like mine. I fell in love with her. She came right up to me and purred softly jumping onto my lap. I bought her without another thought.

"But wouldn't you want an owl?" Miss. Rionna asked. "So you can write to your family?"

"That's what cell phones are for." I said.

She looked at me curiously. "What are cell phons?"

"Cell phonEs, Miss Rionna." Then I ended up explaining what they were. I then flooed back to my house. I was kind of excited to go to Hogwarts. I was actually hoping to get into Slytherin. It sounded like a cool place.