Thank you to whoever wrote in as Maryland!

H-hi New York,

I know your probably too busy to answer my letter...but I just wanted to say hi and ask you two things.

One: Do you hate me? Virgina and Delaware has been tell me that I'm a pointless state, and I'm not a really Jones, because me and Georgia only look like each other out of all the original colonies. I-is that true?

Two: H-how do you get the attention of a capital. He's from another country, and kinda sweet, but I know compared to other states I'm kind of dull, and maybe little too tomboyish, and I thought since your so cool and fashionable t-that maybe you could help. Also I-i'd like to apologize, for talking to much, I know it's weird because I normally keep to myself, b-but i-if you could help that would be... Wonderful.

Your sister, Marydel Jones (Maryland)


Chicka, I'm never to busy.

Hate you! No, I could never hate you! Don't listen to them. You're not pointless, and you ARE a real Jones! It doesn't matter who you look like, you're one of us original 13, and you're our sister. By blood or not, you're a state, and that's all that matters.

How to get the attention of a capital? Hum...who is it? Then I can help you out better. And don't apologize for talking! It's nice to hear your voice.

love and roses,

Elena "New York" Jones