Here, we go with this Ita-Saku fic, I have prepared this story a year before, but now being represented, I hope you enjoy this. Well this would be a long one, but a pure love story, what can I do? It's in the air….XD

Sakura need to see beyond sasuke, being in the forced marriage, can sakura see the true itachi behind his darkness mask, but, can itachi learn to accept sakura?

We Are Family

"Life is never perfect, because, in life, things are not still- there's always sometime moon so, sometime sun."

-self written

Chapter 1: Perfect Life

Sakura's POV…XD

My naked form, roll in the bed sheet in the arms of my raven haired hero- sasuke. He's still asleep, I could see his chest rise and fall, and in his sleep he looked so innocent. I want, right now just stare him, and stare him, so to compensate all the times, he wasn't with me, he was in dark, in his revenge, in the hands of Orochimaru, but then after he killed him, but we caught him with team Hebi, all other member died by the hands of Akatsuki, we also found sasuke in not so good condition, but then we were there, sasuke fought Deidra killed him, and saved my sasuke, we brought him back to konha, here sasuke show him, teach him, life, sun, and love… and here we are know- sasuke was asked to let down being shinobi, which he unexpectedly accepted but is the part of council and his experience in Otougakuro let him in legislature of konha government, and I also let down being a nin from medic nin…. But still I'm a medic, I worked in hospital and now after- 2 years, 3months, and 11 days, I'm with sasuke in his arms with a platinum band and a small diamond embedded in it was shinning on my ring finger.

I came out of my past and glared out of the window, sun was beeping brightly, birds were chirping their beautiful song, clouds were in their beautiful shape and continue on their journey and- I felt something, someone perching my cheeks, and a smile passed my lips, and my face turn slightly in opposite direction to hide my blush.

"Sasuke…" I said blushingly in my polite tone.

"You look much beautiful, when you blush, I don't know why Hinata didn't have a complex from you"

"So you are up," I embedded my head in his chest and he embraced me kissed my hair.

"I don't talk in sleep so basically….Yes" sasuke voice is still much emotionless but not cold.

"Naruto has been an influence on you" I realized "one word sasuke has change to such romantic dialogue, I'm impressed"

"Hn" he was in the mood of taunting me, he did this purposely.

And we both laughed to it. "Sasuke you have seriously changed"

"It's for you" was his simple reply as he was letting something of his past.

"Sasuke you need not to change for me, I'll always accept you the way you are" I'm being a teacher-full lecture mood.

"Sakura, because I want to change… how can I tell you… how my dark is…. and being out of it is difficult… I can't easily forget- the thing I was my whole life after….. To go like this way." He was serious and he was talking of Itachi for sure. "Sakura the sun…it's so bright, I'm afraid sakura to lose it, you have been my sun, if you…if I lose you…I'll left with nothing…nothing this time… I'll broke me if you too go far from me…." His grip tightens, he had actually changed a lot…..and this change came so soon he also requires time to think, to accept it.

"sasuke, you won't sasuke anything is not forever- I'm for sure wants to be with your every darkness and sunshine but for god grace, if anything happen to me- you'll live…'ll find your way…I can't see you die…...not for you….but for me…'ll live…..promise me…promise me…." I hold up his hands to promise me. We both were staring at each other; I could see the pain in his eyes and on same time faith and hope to live.

"Promise" he nodded with his eyes.

"You know what you are much romantic then Edward in twilight, my vampire."

"There is still a weak, for you to call me yours…. Wedding is next Wednesday"

"It's Wednesday...or Tuesday….I don't care…you'll always stay mine…because you can't love anyone else….."

"Really, really….yes….. Ok….I can love someone else…I don't that's my innocence…"

"I don't want a bet, because I know when it comes to you I'll lose, I always loose from you…...and this time I don't want to….."

And sasuke took me near and kissed me, it was the wet one, my tongue roamed his mouth, searching, tasting him every bit. And I lost him …..Forever…..


"So how's you Millee" asked a pink cherry blossom in white coat.

"I'm fine…..Dr. Ni-Chan" replied a 7 year old brunette which has a bandage covered her eyes.

"Does the new medicine work?" she interrogated with the brunette.

"Yes, my eyes are not itching…but there is still darkness" She said in very hopeless tone.

"Millee, then I thing I'll continue your treatment with the same procedure, is it all right with you." the certain cherry blossom ruffled the hair of her little patient.

"Dr. Ni Chan, would I'll be able to ever see with my eyes?" The girl said in the very faithful voice as she believed her to say 'yes'.

"Millee, I want you to accept it, you can't see with your eyes, listen, please listen, but I'm here, you accepted me as your ni-Chan then believe me" sakura words were comforting.

The little brunette didn't said a word, she was looking down, bowed head, sakura could feel her cry, her sob, and as soon as she realized she embraced her, she embraced her from hearts

"Stop, I'm, here see Millee, and see I'm here, I'm here to help you, I'll be your eyes, and I'll help you see through your darkness, Millee…."

"I trust you ni- Chan, you were my only left, and if I won't believe you then to whom I'll believe, I lost my family and my eyes in the battle b/w wind and clouds village…now I don't want to lose you" she started crying hardly. I kissed her head and embrace her even tighter. "Never leave me."

"I won't ever" as the wetness scrambled my eyes.

This beautiful moment broke as door opened and enter tsunade.

"Ohh, tsunade-sama" I was little surprised with her unexpected presence.

"Seem, you two have mixed well, so….umm….how's you mille" she greeted Millee.

"Millee, from now on Dr. Shizune will be taking charge of you"

"Dr. Shizune, will ni- Chan, won't be there,"

"Of course she'll be there, but Shizune will be the one teaching you to sense things so you can live …this way, sakura will always be there, when you'll ask"


"I do…." lady tsunade commanded Shizune to enter."SHIZUNE"

"Yes, tsunade-Sama," replied Shizune.

"Take Millee to the garden, she require some fresh air"

We waited them to exit, tsunade-Sama wanted to talk to me and that was clear to me.

"Tsunade-Sama, you wanted something." I asked tsunade-Sama seeing her concerned.

She took a deep sigh and keeping her hands on her hips taking support of the table.

"First of all – Congratulation, it's good to hear of you and sasuke."

"Thank you tsunade- Sama"

"But it wasn't the thing I wanted to know" seeing her brow tighten.

"I think I have guessed that." and my sweat dropped which was giving me sensation it was about sasuke.

"Fine then coming to the point, how's sasuke, I'm seeing drastic changes in him….."

"well, I myself is too concerned with it, he's changing, he is not the sasuke I know, he is scared, scared of his past, we have we able to relive him from his revenge and past but still he is not moving on, he's trying, but…I don't know, he's not happy, not sad to, it seems like he's broken…..I don't know….I don't know what to do" and a drop fall from my eyes.

"Sakura you need not to tense yourself, what he need is time, time is the best treatment for him now, and take care of yourself sakura…"

"Sensei, I know but what I'm more concerned is that his, attitude, his change is not original, it's not him"

"Sakura this time you are wrong, sasuke is this only, check beneath his eyes, he's the same 7 year old boy, who faked himself from then, but this boy is living again …"

"But he's afraid, scared, I saw an insensible pain and fear beneath it, which surely tells, if this time, something or other happen, he'll brake…he'll die, he'll die forever"

"Revenge has its bad affect in them, sakura; still, he's not after itachi and not going to scare his life after him. He takes nothing from him, and that what matter, and that is the truth,"

"But, this change"

"This change is for good sakura, and this is not for sasuke but for you this time you had to accept him" and she smiled at me, and I accept it well.


"I always liked to see the sun setting down, it gives me coolness, it gives me relief and hopeful "I said to sasuke as we both were glancing at the setting sun.

We were resting at the garden, it was our usual routine, we both were generally free at this time if didn't got any emergency, our 9-5 working duties were perfect, then we have talk and little, walk of the silent garden. I always loved nature, and sasuke was silent admirer.

"Today, I talked to tsunade-Sama." I was looking at the sun set; my tone was genuine but holds much truth.

"So what she told"

"Umm…let's walk"


We started our journey around the garden in the orbital form, we loved to do that.

"So you were telling something" sasuke raised the topic again.

"Ya, I was telling about my talk with tsunade-Sama…..and…..sasuke do you require time, our marriage, the can be held, mean till you are comfortable."

"Sakura, I 'm comfortable round you, I loved being around you, when I am with you, I forget everything, I front of me remain is present you, you are precious to me and I want to, I want to save you for ever."

"Sasuke…" I looked at the ground, unable to meet his eyes.

"No, sakura….. Not this time, I accept I want time, but that time with you, you are road, which help me to my destination, this time I won't loose you. No matter happens what" sasuke seem little angry with my suggestion and I know why.

"Naruto influence" I tried to change the topic

"On what? My one word theory or no matter what attitude"

I ruffle his hair, but remain silent. He like mine doing this which gave smile on his face, and I giggle. It seemed good, perfect.

"You know what, it's perfect, my life's perfect, and I know it will be perfect forever"

"Sakura there's nothing like this perfect."

"There is….I seemed, perfect is you, perfect is our love, and perfect is us" I was in total arguing mood.

"Sakura….." he declines the quarrel, because it's not very easy to change my decision and attitude.

We were interrupted, by Shizune and overexcited Millee.

"ni- Chan" shouted Millee.

"Millee" I ran to her and embrace her.

"sakura my duty is over, now days she lives with you, as your sister so it would be better you take her home, it's not good for her, from whole day, she's jumping and skipping, and it's not good for her, her treatment is on and she had to rest" Shizune explained me whole as she was a great doctor and I don't even known a bit of it, but I'll not criticize her, Millee has grown too close to us, she's been a part of our family.

"Ok madam, I'll follow you and taking her home"

"Bye, tomorrow 8:30, don't forget"

"Bye….lets go sasuke" Shizune waved her hand and left

"Ok let's go and Millee will you prefer an ice-cream"

"Yes" shouted Millee

"Sasuke, she never says to ice-cream" I taunted as I gazed towards the blind girl.


"Sasuke is good… you'll be marrying him" Millee asked a genuine question as I undone her bandage over her eyes.

"Yes next week, Wednesday"

"So you love him?"

"Yes I do….."

"But how do you know…?"

"Sweetie, because, I accept him, I care him, he make me laugh, he make me cry, he's my nightmare, but he let me dream….he's my life….and same is with him….he's mine….and that's why….. I love sasuke" as I complete bandaging her.

"Ohh…..that sound nostalgic" a deep dark voice interrupted from back, I heard this sound before and this is actually not a good signal, I don't want to hear that voice ever again.

"Itachi." My body was shaking.

He walked towards us, and step just beside me. I was still stunned. He ruffled the hair of Millee.

"Ohh… such a sweet girl" he was indicating to blind.

"Who are you?" asked Millee as he accepted him well.

Before Itachi reacted I griped her back of me, "what you want, Itachi" my voice was strict and warning.

"Ni-Chan as what is happening…..Ni Chan" Millee was little too scared and unaware with her situation and my attitude, she never saw me or heard me in a rude or rage effort. "Ni Chan"

"Seems your sister- like girl is afraid" he was glancing at me with his sharingan as he indicated and at next he tried to move towards Millee "nothing, seems sakura, don't won't me to be here"

Before he can make his next step, I blocked his way "stay away from her"

And we both glanced at each other; I was full of rage and fear at same time. And before any how anyone could understand, I force my chakra in my hand and tried to punch him, but as expected he dodged and griped my hand turned me. He was in embrace as he used my hand to block me.

"This was something you shouldn't have done" and before I could react he knocked me out. And the last thing I heard was the voice of Millee

"Ni- CHAN"

And world around me darkened.

Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy. ~Robert Anthony

So here was the 1st chappie… I know, I know my readers first complain would be that sasuke is oc. Well this is true, and I wanted him to be this way, I shown him he was scared and much of changed and reason I have explained in this chapter well. Millee is my own character and has an important role…and for other details…..wait for another chapter which is due for next Thursday…

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