Now it's time for Uchiha Sasuke to get started in his life, Life which has no Itachi no Sakura... His life... His family... Family where he lives with no regret, Family where he can share every pain with chortles...
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Chapter 15
Sung from the Heart

"Life, he realize, was much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it's in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile."
Nicholas Sparks

It must have been 6 am in the morning and I should have been at the temple listening to the village girl but here I am 15 minutes late. All thanks to Kiba and Lee and their stupid quarrel...

Jumping over the trees I was there, but no one was there at the temple. That nightingale had flown, but there was humming... She was at the well... I ran behind the temple there was the small well.
The Beauty in pink was there, humming and filling her pots from the well. She was in pink kurti-pajami (check the following link for the image- Just simply cut copy paste it in the link box i01. photo/v0/113561303/Designer_Salwar_Suit_Salwar_Kam eez_Ladies_ )

I have been following her the whole time we are here for the mission. Her long black hair maybe up till her mid back, flowing with her melody and playing with her face... Her eyes were Cyan and as deep as ocean... Her lips playing the lyrics of a song- Hindi song, a language unknown to me and it was the first time I regret it.

I wasn't in love with this village girl but her voice. The words are unknown to me yet too refreshing, something we called addiction. I forget everything just flows with the song- song I knew nothing about, song which I couldn't understand.

It is just like Solitary Reaper a poem written by a very notorious poet William Wordsworth, It was about a girl reaping fields and singing at the same time, just like me author couldn't understand the song just because of the language oblivious to him, he couldn't stop but guessing the theme of the song. He just went by and song was bumping in his heart even the words were heard no more.

Music always has an occulting effect on me. I am not musician neither I have much knowledge of music other than given to me in Land of sound. I just know one thing they have some mesmerizing power, they are hypnotizing... just like drug, but drug is much an antagonistic word... It is like magic, a heeling medicine.

But, I was late today and I was regretting it badly... As her song was over and her pots were brimming with water and now it was her time to return. I scowling turned to return but before my sharp sight caught some activity in the grasses... I focused it to find a snake that was just a few centimeters apart from the village girl obviously oblivious to this venomous creature.
It was just in seconds pulled ne kunai and hit the snake just a few centimeters from his head and the foot of that girl. The girl astounded step back from screamingly letting his pots wetting the grass. The snake got defensive and pulled together to attack the girl which leaves me no choice but to shoot another kunai for his head and the snake was bleeding and dead. The girl was horrified and get misbalanced and fell to the ground. I came out of the brushes to help this cuckoo bird.
Scared she asked "who are you?" Her voice was really sweet, as sweet as honey... Few people are really god gifted.
"I am Uchiha Sasuke, a shinobi from Konoha. I was just passing from here when I saw that snake that was almost going to bid you."
Umm... she got silent, I saw a tint of humor playing down her face and then she smiled, a dimple settled his place on her soft face.
"Thank you" as she brought her fingers to lock her strands behind her ear.
"And you are?" I questioned, at last I got o know the person I am following for a month... not exactly a person but a singer.
She hesitated but then she spoke "It's Mayuri, Mayuri Chawla"
I nodded.
"What does your name mean" a sugary voice again thumped my pinna.
"Excuse me?" I wasn't exactly listening to her...
"I asked the meaning of your name?" She repeated herself.

Well, umm... it's not a questioned asked daily. It refreshed my memory when I told my mother that I don't like my name much. She smiled and replied my name was kept by my father and suggestion was given by Itachi. She told me Sasuke is the beautiful name and it means help. So I should always help people.

I came out of my past and stretched my tongue to her answer "It Means help and assistance"
"Wow, that's so... Selfless" She smiled, this girl is definitely very chubby.
I tried to let this conversation keep going, that was very unlike me but it had been time I haven't had a chat with an intellectual and mature person.
"And what about yours" I questioned her. I just didn't realize I have the curiosity of knowing everything about her, esp. about her songs but don't think so that topic is going to arise soon.
"Mayuri means pea-hen, nothing so significant." She made a face.
"It suits you" complimented her, I actually complemented her, but I realize it was just a comment.
"Thanks" Her dimple gets more signified.
And there was silence. This conversation can't go on... First we were stranger and second I wasn't chatty.
My eyes laid upon something not usual... her hands were painted in red by Henna making a patter or design.
"Its mehndi, Bridal mehndi" She smiled and replied taking the notes of my eyes, bringing forward her hands- showing her mehndi.
(A/N: Check the link for the image- beautiful-mehendi-design-for-a-beautiful-bride_pho to_10489)
I recognize similar pattern on her feet also.
"It's applied when a girl is going to get married" she said, her voice deep, symbolizing it's signifying in the Indian marriage.
"So you are going to get married." I said giving a sigh.
"Yes, this Sunday" There was a kind of shyness in her voice, Indian girl effect.
"All the best" I replied, making my gap.
"So you know you should stop following me"
My eyes widened with her comment and she was doing nothing but smiling.

I sighed "So you knew" I hesitated.
She nodded "Always, you aren't very quiet for a ninja"
"I wasn't expecting you to be so sharp for a civilian" I put tit upon her at.
I can't believe I was reckless enough for a civilian girl to notice.
"So why didn't you say anything" I questioned her, obviously she looked to innocent to be kept in the category of a whore and I could sense no flirty-ness to make her settle I my fan club... she was just... Invading... just enjoying my company... exercising her freedom for the last time...
"I didn't find it important" I find the naughtiness dancing in her eyes "I can't stop anyone to visit temple and you seemed quite harmless"
"I wasn't following you" I cleared my name.
She raised her brow and folded her arms beneath her chest.
"No, I was just here, to listen to your song, you are a good singer"
I was explaining myself to a girl... I was explaining myself... It's too much for my own self, I hardened my voice
"I am saying anything but lie, I wasn't following you, I even have a daughter, I was just here to listen to your song, because it was soothing"
She was silent and eyeing and then suddenly "OK"
gosh, women! I was wrong saying any of them mature and intellectual.
"What's the meaning of your song" As the moment I got, I asked what I wanted to, can't escape myself from the words which were fugitive of her larynx.
"Come up again" he asked maybe not believing me... Or I was too straight forward, I accept the latter one.
"Your song- it's meaning" I brought myself again and tried to compose myself.
"Well... They were for praising lord Krishna, or Lord Krishna Prayers you can say." She was trying to explain me but a big question to it is,
"Lord Krishna?"
She was dumbstruck.
"Haven't you visited the temple?" She questioned getting an answer as a big no she continued "It's been whole of a month if not greater and you never thought of visiting the temple"
"I don't believe in him" seeing what he had stored in for me I don't even dare to believe in someone but me. People most close to me has betrayed so how could I believe in something I never saw...
"So, you even have a big ego that is not able to accept a power greater than him" She commented, sorry taunted me, looking quite displeased.
"I believe he doesn't exist" I am not giving any chance to this girl to think or stood against my thinking and concept.
"So that's it, you have gone through something unpleasant where someone betrayed you r no one was there but you to help yourself, right" She was making conclusions... And it struck me, it struck me ad because it was truth, it was nothing but truth.
I kept gawking at her so she knew she was correct but to which she smiled and said... "Bhagwan ke ghar daer hai, andhaer nahin"
It was Hindi which was definitely not penetrating my thick skull.
Then she translated "It means have patience, god will lighten your path, and we need to understand if there is sun, then there will be shadow too... In no one's life there can be only sun or only shadow... Believe in him and his power, believe in tomorrow."
I couldn't do anything but listen to her concepts.
"Come" I was in awe.
"What" I inquired, obviously...
"To temple, and I'll tell you about lord Krishna and the meaning of my prayers"
I can see a twinkling light in her eyes. An excitement of a kid, she was a big devotee of her lord Krishna...

I did no moments to accept; she scowled and then scolded me
"You and your big ego"
For god sake she wasn't my teacher, or my friend... Actually she wasn't mine anybody... she was just any stranger, who is indeed have a goddess in her throat.
Unexpectedly, she picks my hands and started her walk, sorry run to the temple.
Her touch was soft... That forms the difference between civilian girl and a Kunoichi... She is too delicate.
I could hear her laughter as she raced to the temple. She stopped in front of the temple. It was a small home designed structure made of peach stones... There were five steps and in between there was a slide with colored paintings in carved on the slide.
On the first step it was a small boy painted in blue and eating butter from the pot.
"He is lord Krishna, he likes butter a lot, and he usually steals it while he was a small kid, it was his most notorious acts and there are a lot of prayers" There was softness in her eyes,

We stepped on the second step and adjacent to it was a woman may be her mother kissing the forehead of the same boy.
"That's her mother Yashodha, Krishna never goes to sleep until her mother sings to him"

We stepped on the third step. Here there was the young boy may be 12 or above with all the cows around him. "He was nourished in the house of king, he was a prince, yet he a farm boy took all his cows for grazing. He had always loves her cows."

We stepped on the fourth step. Here there was a 16-17 year old boy with a girl hanging around his neck while there were some other girls dancing around them and that boy in blue has a flute.
"Krishna was a very good flute player and tha girl hanging on her was Radha, their love story was the best love story and the greatest of all times. But they didn't marry but still their love blossoms in the years ahead and will always blossom... the women around them are village girls commonly called Gopiyan who always flirts with him and make him dance and play flute for them"

We stepped on the last step, there was a boy of a 20 or so, not with flute but determination in his eyes.
"This is when lord Krishna has came out of his age of lover and childishness and had became a king and had took the responsibility of humanity and peace on his shoulder"
Knowing his life I came upon his statue and tere was a woman I remember her as Radha... Were there...
I faced the singing blossom to see she rung the bell hanging above and joined both his palms to the statue or her lord in front, she bowed her head her lips moved in an unknown prayer. She opened her eyes bowed again and then...

Voice came out of her throat... Voice I missed today was singing beside me, I couldn't do anything but to get lost in her noise. I closed my eyes and let the melody infiltrate me.

(A/N: a prayer song Achyutam Keshavam for Lord Krishna is following with translation, so enjoy)

Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram, Ram narayanam Janakivallabham,
(praising the Lord Krishna, with different names of Vishnu)

Kaun kehte hain Bhagwan aate nahin Tum Meera ke jaise bulate nahin,
(Who says God does not come? You don't call Him with the devotion of Meera)

Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram, Ram narayanam Janakivallabham,
(praising the Lord Krishna, with different names of Vishnu)

Kaun kehte hain Bhagwan khaate nahi, Baer Shabri ke jaise khilate nahin,
(Who says God does not eat? You don't feed him berries like how Shabrifed him)

Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram, Ram narayanam Janakivallabham,
(praising the Lord Krishna, with different names of Vishnu)

Kaun kehte hai Bhagwan Sote nahin, Maa Yashodha ke jaise sulate nahin,
(Who says God does not sleep? You don't make him sleep like how Mother Yashodha did)

Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram, Ram narayanam Janakivallabham,
(praising the Lord Krishna, with different names of Vishnu)

Kaun kehte hai Bhagwan naachte nahin, Gopiyan ki tarah tum nachaate nahin,
(Who says God does not dance? You don't make him dance like how village girls did)

Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram, Ram narayanam Janakivallabham,
(praising the Lord Krishna, with different names of Vishnu)

I opened my eyes as her song terminated with her humming.
"Let's go" she said politely as she bowed again and ring the bell on our way back.
We walked back to the well, silent.
I because, I was still grasping the words I don't know, My mind still encore the voice which is head no more,
"It's late, I need to go" She picked her pot again and restart her process of filling it.
"Let me help you" I asked and get my hold on the pulley rope.
"Hmm... signifying the meaning of your name" and then she giggled on her own joke.
I just pull the rope and pour the water from the well's bucket in her pot and hand her the same.
"Thank you and it was nice meeting you" she smiled and makes her way to her home.
I just couldn't do anything but smile... I would definitely want to remember this small, chatty and unexpected meeting.

One thing I will miss of this beautiful Suraj valley is this enigmatic girl and her abstruse song.

I stir the boiled rice in the sugar dissolved milk. Eklavya is big enough to walk his canine on some solid or semi solid stuff; it's time I work upon him to have something else than milk. I remember at the ends of 6 months when I have decided to stop his breast feeding and starting to make up with bottle. He used to cry and refuses bottle, even in sight of it, He used to cry... It really took me days to make him comfortable with his milk bottle. It would be a lie to say, it is as difficult, I tried it before with Semolina/rava and milk and response was nice, it was easy to feed him, so I thought to try Milk and rice, hope he responses well to it.

Sometimes I think, I have spilt him, he will only try something new, like diapers instead of cotton cloth, Semolina/rava and milk, Bottle milk when Diva is there with me. After his first try to walk, I make him walk with support but he needs Itachi, when I try to make him form words with his tongue, He needs Itachi, when I scolds him He cry and didn't stop until Itachi has him in his arms. I think I spoilt him but then I think he is too little to make his own decision and it's his age to get afraid and cry, He want comfort and secure that he gets when he is filled with people, people he know care about him- I Itachi and Diva, Kisame tries to be polite and ends up making him cry.
I made my way to the drawing room, but before end up meeting Itachi, he was returning from his Training.
I smiled at him and greeted him "Good morning"
His reply was stoic yet polite "Morning"
his eyes laid on the dish in my hand.
"Is it for Eklavya?" he asked me.
"Yes, Rice in milk" I answered stirring the small bowl in m hand.
The second I ended he questioned again "It is boiling" I can feel the concern and an angry note in his voice.
"Well, till the time we goanna make him ready to intake it goanna be fine" I smiled to which I got an answer- a smirk.
He really cared for Eklavya, taking care of small –small things which sometimes skip mine or even Diva's head.

He lifted his hand to greet me with the way; I nodded and take the lead...
We just exited the alley to the hall and I was petrified...

Eklavya had a kunai in his hand while Diva was busy arranging her scrolls I her bag. Obviously that Kunai was of Diva, she have been reckless to leave it like that for a child of 7 months to be playing with it.

I backed off t be falling on Itachi's chest, I- I-
"Eklavya" I Screamed.
Diva out of her work looked at me or us... totally unaware. Following my eyes, her sight drifted to Eklavya... He was playing with a kunai, her kunai.
"Oh shit" she let out and dashed to him but was defeated by Itachi as he took the kunai from his hand. Eklavya tried to reach to the 6 feet man, for his toy back, and god gracious defeated.
"Dubah-dubah" he demanded his toy back.
Itachi Picked his pom-pom and drive it to create noise which was enough for the infant to shift his mind and was now demanding for his toy...
Itachi gave his pom-pom to Eklavya back, and giggling Eklavya shifted again to play with his pom-pom, gleaming as the little object in his hands make abstruse voices.
Itachi ruffled his hair and Eklavya smiled happily as the dimple came across his right cheek.
Eklavya is the only one who is lucky enough to have Itachi's smile. Itachi just smile for Eklavya.
The relation between Eklavya and Itachi is bounder less. Eklavya complains and distort my words but never of Itachi, is he small enough yet he understands what a good person Itachi was. Eklavya has faith that whatever will happen Itachi always be tere to look after him, He won't let anything happen t him. We all have a lot to depend on him, how he works upon every expectation, still amazes me, how he is s selfless astonish me. Is it possible to have an angel as your friend, yes, it is Itachi is the person who never lives for himself but for other, His life was never a priority but peace was.

Now I think how would have I ever taken care of my child without Itachi.
"I-I am sorry, I just didn't notice" It war Diva.
Itachi didn't' said anything just gave her Kunai back.
"Just see, If you can make him ea this rice in sugar" Itachi directed the dish in my hand.
"Yeah sure" Diva's voice was low and guilty.
I forward the bowl and spoon to her, smiling fake... and make my way out to the balcony.

The morning was beautiful and bright. Sun was shining brightly in the sea color sky and cool breeze just embellish this beautiful weather.
Itachi came and stood next to me.
"Diva didn't do it intentionally, she was just... reckless"
Itachi knew I was a bit worried by the incident but didn't have the reason correct.
"I know, We all are learning and we all make mistake, I know she won't do anything to harm Eklavya ever" I sided with diva, as I know how much she care for him, how much she got baffled by the incident.
"We are over here, and kunai haven't hurt him and I think it will be clear, no one is going to same carelessness again" Itachi confronted
He don't get it.
"No, thing is not this, it is just... leave it"
I think, Itachi now get it where I was leading.
"It's fine, you can say what you want to" I looked at him, his face as emotionless as ever, eying the clear sky.
"I was afraid, for tomorrow, I don't want him to b a ruthless killer, so spend his life in vengeance or loathe, I just want I'm to e happy and live a peaceful life" Just because of the background he is I won't ever let him suffer what Sasuke or Itachi has gone through.
"This is how things is going to lead, you need not to worry, His tomorrow won't be like mine or Sasuke, he won't suffer the fate Uchiha's have suffered till now"
There was determination in his voice and I know he mean it, he too have the same opinion.
"And Madara, There wait a lot for him" I was still not impressed; there is lot he is not mentioning.
"We are there, and we will always be there to protect him, teach him and let him leave"
"but-" I was going to oppose him but Itachi got the idea and he answered it himself.
"He will have his own colors, I want to give him the choice I never had, I never wanted to be a shinobi, But I was forced into it, He will always have chooses, he will have his colors to fill his life... His life will only be his and not of anyone else"
I couldn't say anymore, I really am lucky to have Itachi as Eklavya's father.
"Thank you" my voice was just inaudible.
As we both stood and enjoyed the beauty of this morning.
His words were Music to my heart because whatever he said He meant every word and I know whatever happens he will fulfill it.

Itachi is standing next to me and it is enough for my coward heart to be filled with peace against Madara or such other ailments.

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
Albert Einstein

Love Riya