My take on what the female love interests are going through once their heroes run off into battle.

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Jane Foster paced back and forth unknowingly biting her thumb nail. It was the first time that Thor had taken off with the Avengers to battle the evil that dared attack the world. She didn't like this feeling, this uneasy-ness that was building up inside of her as every minute passed by. It was to be expected, he was a man who had godly powers, of course he would use them for the good of mankind. However she hadn't expected it to be so soon. Sighing heavily she dropped her hands to her side and looked out the window of the tall building, her forehead resting on the cool glass.

The TV had been turned off due to it's uselessness in calming her nerves. The scenes of the wreckage was something she couldn't stand to watch, not yet. Jane had been so caught up in her own little world of terrible worry that she hadn't seen or heard another female entering the room.

"You know, I used to be just like you." The voice made Jane spin around to see who had caught her being a worry wort. Upon her recognition Jane sighed in relief, Miss Pepper Pots had entered the room and was currently at the coffee maker.

"I'm sorry, what?" Jane asked a bit confused.

"I used to worry about him just as much as you are doing now." Pepper said nonchalantly as she hit the brew button. She turned around and gave the other woman a soft smile. "It doesn't do you any good really. Just let it happen, your heart will be in a much better condition that way."

"I'm not worried..." Jane lied, horribly, as she moved away from the window and closer to the woman who on a daily basis dealt with Tony Stark.

Of course Pepper knew the woman was lying. If she wanted to convince her, Pepper Pots, that she wasn't worried she'd have to learn to lie better. Tony had fooled her only once or twice but she knew how to read him like an open book. That of course made everyone else and open childrens book.

"You know, Tony used to come back all beat up and it would make me flutter around him like the other women did... However, I found that he took too much pleasure in that and I then decided I wasn't going to give him that satisfaction." Pepper said as she pulled down to cups and began to fix them both a cup.

"How do you deal with it? Does it get any better?" Jane asked finally wondering just how she was going to deal with this. She had already gone through so much with Thor, she didn't want to give in in the near future because of the stress it could cause.

Pepper smiled softly and shook her head. "It doesn't." She said bluntly as she poured the coffee into her cup carefully. She stopped to glance back at the now quiet Jane and smiled softly at the woman's crestfallen face. "But you learn to cope with it. You just got to have faith in him."

She had been in that woman's exact position once before, and though she didn't show it as much as the scientist did, she had worried about the man in the iron suit. After she had poured the next cup, Pepper moved over towards the round table and set the cup in front of Jane and shrugged. The brunette took it graciously and sipped on it. "Besides the sex after wards is great."

This made Jane nearly spew out her coffee and caused Pepper to laugh at the sight of the woman's red face as she nearly choked on the warm liquid. Handing the woman a napkin she still couldn't control her giggles but sipped at her coffee anyways. Of course Pepper hadn't really meant that sort of thing to come out, but if it would help the other woman get her mind off of the battle their lovers had been dealing with, it was totally worth it.

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