A short one shot which the original idea came when my mum banned me form writing so I'd get round to studying. I've actually had this in my notebook for while now but I finally got round to typing it up and finishing it off. On a side not this is actually my first fic that isn't AU.

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C.E. 75

Kira Yamato gazed out over the ocean watching the sun melt into the horizon as it set the skies ablaze.

Beside him, with here head rested against his shoulder, stood Lacus Clyne his girlfriend of the last few years and current plant supreme chairwoman.

Despite the beautiful and romantic scene the brunette pilot was inwardly berating himself. The scene was perfect and a small black case sat ready in his pocket.

Yet he couldn't find the courage to say what he wanted. Just four words. A single question. It was laughable really he'd fought evil men, won against near impossible odds and helped save the world twice.

Yet he couldn't find it in him to say those four words to the girl he loved.

Deciding to end the chain of thought he looked over at the other couple sharing the spectacle a short distance away. The woman, a brunette with hair down to her waist, was possessively hugging the mans arm.

As he watched the man said something scratching his blond head nervously with his free hand. Reluctantly the woman released her man allowing to take a step back and go down on one knee.

The four words left the young woman momentarily stunned. Only for her to leap on he boyfriend with a yelled "Yes!" that carried even over the distance and stiff evening breeze.

The shout brought Lacus' attention to the newly engaged couple. Causing her smile to widen at the sight.

Kira couldn't help but smile as well. It was as cute as it was cliché. Briefly he glanced at Lacus only to notice the longing in her eyes.

That's when it hit him she wanted to hear those four words from him. To experience the sort of moment that the other couple just had. She wanted to be truly his and him truly hers.

Returning his gaze to the other couple Kira found the man looking straight at them his cheeks flushed from his first kiss as fiancés. Kira could just make out the words he mouthed at them. "Go for it."

He felt Lacus shift on his shoulder. "What did he mean by that?" She asked.

Kira stepped back a huge grin on his face. "He's telling me to get on with what I intended to do. Though it has taken me a while to work up the courage."

"Courage to…" Lacus trailed off as Kira dropped to one knee.

"You've probably been waiting for me to say this but Lacus Clyne. Will you marry me?"

Lacus just stood there, eyes shimmering with tears as she smiled at him.

"Yes, yes a thousand times yes! Of course I'll marry you." She shouted joyously, leaping into his arms.

Kira relaxed, everything worked perfectly. He really shouldn't have worried and asked her earlier with those four words. However what is done is done.

Slipping the amethyst and crystal studded engagement ring on her hand he leant in to claim her lips with his own.

Breaking apart they found the brunette woman staring at them mouth agape obviously having just realized who they are. While her fiancé laughed loudly having known all along. The girl swiped at him playfully only for her man to dodge, stick his tongue and continue laughing.

Kira and Lacus continued to watch the couples amusing antics until the man beckoned them over much to his fiancés embarrassment. Eventually the two couples walked home together talking and laughing like old friends.

Later that year they were guests at each other's weddings.

There you go the end may seem a bit short but I wanted it to be like that.

As for the other couple they are of course My OC's Matthias and Riyu having found each other along a much easier path in the Cannon SEED universe.

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