Ziva drove along the road the radio was playing a pop song.

She wasn't paying attention to it, it was just background noise she was trying to drown out that voice in her head.

Large drops of water fell from the sky, slowly dotting the windshield she set her wipers on. Looking up, breaking her attention she noticed the sun had gone away, the clouds had come in and the sky turned dark.

A small smile crept across her face, Tony's voice echoed in her mind. 'It's going to rain' he kept saying to her.

At a stop light, her cell phone rang, picking it up without looking away, she answered.

"David" she announced into the piece as she watched traffic fly by her in the opposite direction.

"Hey it's me" the friendly female voice greeted.

"Hi Abby" she responded as the light turned green and she stepped on the gas.

"I didn't get to ask you, because well, you left before I could see you…"

"What is it Abby?" she asked as she hit the turn signal and turned the corner.

" I wanted to ask you wanted to come out with the guys and I, are going for some drinks" the female invited, even though each time she knew Ziva would say no, she kept on trying.

"I'm almost home now, I have a few things to do, call me a little later and tell me where you are, I might join you, ok?"

It was another excuse, all she wanted to do was go home, be alone.

"Ok, Ziva" Abby sighed. "I'll call you later, bye"

"Goodbye Abby" Ziva pressed 'end call' and put the cell down on the passenger seat.

Pulling into her parking spot outside her apartment. Ziva made her way into her apartment.

Unlocking the door and stepping in she locked the door behind her. Sliding off her shoes and dropping her purse on the couch she made her way into the kitchen.

Opening the cupboard she reached for a wine glass then went to the fridge to pour herself some red wine.

Taking a sip she walked towards her room with it in hand. As she entered the room she began to shed her clothes. She replaced them with, a clean shirt and jogging pants.

Making her way back to the kitchen she retrieved some take-out orders and decided to order dinner, she didn't feel like cooking, in fact she didn't feel like doing that much right now.

Ray had come into her life, walked out then came back with a promise, a false hope. Ziva never thought she would be the person who would be fooled into thinking that it was true, that it was real. But it wasn't, and she hated him, she hated herself for letting her heart take the place of her judgement.

That night she was at Ray's after he came back from wherever 'secret' location he was summoned too, she will never know he wouldn't tell, even if she had asked.

He had in fact confided in her that he was, helping her father. A few angry words were exchanged and Ziva walked away.

The betrayal of the man that she thought she loved, had went behind her back he was dealing with the devil, as known as Eli David. Director of Mossad and her father.

Her emotions were running wild, as she ran to her car tears were falling from her eyes, she was in shock she couldn't believe it. She wanted to scream, yell. "Why does my father always ruin a good thing" she asked herself.

As she felt for her keys in her pocket of her jacket her cell phone started to ring. Not realizing the bitterness that resonated in her she had answered it. "Hello"

"Hey" Tony's cheerful tone flowed through the piece.

Ziva rubbed her eye as her voice fell "hi" there was a pause on both ends as Ziva climbed into her car put the keys in the ignition and left it there.

"Zi" Tony spoke worried. "Yes" Ziva sat there staring straight out the windshield in front of her.

"Are you ok?" he questioned as he muted the TV and put the remote down on his lap.

"Fine" Ziva sniffled as she placed her seat belt on. Turning the key, "are you driving?" he could hear the car start up.

"I'm going home" she put the car in drive and pulled away from the curb. "From where?" he looked out his window, thinking about where she could be.

"God, Tony what's with all the questions" her voice became frustrated. "From where" he asked her the question again.

"Rays" her voice cracked and she started to cry again. She tried to hide it but he could hear it.

"Come over" he invited. "Tony I..." she started to say as he cut her off, "come over, or I will come to you" he insisted.

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